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  1. Utterly miserable - I loved everything, even though I think he went pretty easy on us this year. Brooker remains an astonishing writer.
  2. Atmosphere during "Hottest Mess" is electric.
  3. Legion is awesome, but MMO has become a dirty term, for some reason. There is definitely player manipulation and "skinner box" stuff going on, but if you want to exist in a populated fantasy world there are worse places to go than Azeroth. Runescape still has a popular following on twitch. Diablo and various "asian" MMOs come alive from time to time. A hardcore crowd keep PSO going in some form. "WoW 2" is not unthinkable. I've never played the likes of Destiny, but I've often found it strange when people lose their shit at mechanics us WoW players have taken for granted for years. Perhaps the thread necromancy is more appropriate than I give credit for, but I'm still enjoying my time in these online worlds. Add a VR element, and perhaps we will never leave...
  4. The death of the D-pad?
  5. Wooo! Tremendously excited for this long-awaited reveal. My only requirement is that it plays Nintendo games, but it would be fun if ALL the previous rumours and ideas turned out to be totally wrong. Now to clear my workload by 3pm...
  6. Three-hour 'fan edit' of flawed masterpiece DUNE. Might be of interest for a lazy weekend.
  7. Song is nice, pls ignore mandatory "we are in the matrix" reminder at 1:36.
  8. An amazing experience, and a wonderful film. I honestly thought it would be shit, but somehow they did the legend proud. Casting and performances overall were excellent, with Rey, Finn and Poe shining a little brighter than others (as they should as the presumed future of this new trilogy). Nitpicks would just be the same as have already been mentioned. A few too many echoes of the OT, Maz Kanata perhaps not fully realised, some emotional moments not really earned... But I'm all in for Episode VIII. The hype has awakened in this once-cynical fan.
  9. Old content referenced by Dan, I think, on this week's Bombcast. Made me curious, and ofc it's included on their fantastic youtube channel. I really don't understand how their business model works, but I'm glad it does.
  10. The deals aren't particularly great, but I splurged none the less. Axiom Verge Endless Legend Nuclear Throne Resident Evil Revelations 2 Alien Isolation £60ish, but it'll keep me going
  11. Ugh. I'm loathe to revisit this given my inept opening post performance, but I sense a certain custodial duty that drives me to at least mention that this whole damn affair is nearly over. At time of posting, they are 10 earth hours from the 'end of the kickstarter'. They want another, like, $1.1m to achieve full majesty, but given that we're talking Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt and a cast of the good and great of geek Hollywood... well, who could be interested in that? Mystery Science Theatre 3000! I don't even like it that much!
  12. I'm in! Looks awesome, and I have a bit of credit to use too. Exactly the sort of thing that deserves a bit of support.
  13. I'll look forward to seeing their first 'mailbag' in the new floor. I'm a sucker for that stuff.
  14. I feel like they've been moving offices for a month now. Nice work if you can get it. But I loved the entire team on the Bombcast, even if they mostly talked about Taco Bell.
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