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  1. That seems to be them all then. 1. Josie 2. Steve 3. Ben 4. Rachael 5. Nathan 6. Dave 7. Caiomhe [Keeva] 8. Govan [Joe-Van] 9. Shabby 10. Ife [iffy] 11. John James 12. Sunshine 13. Corin 14. Mario (chosen as the MOLE) I'm not sure what to think yet Time will tell.
  2. I'd probably start with NMH2. It will be sexy and fun and more of the same. And you probably can't quite shake the feeling that you're going to get a 'Psycho Mantis' moment any minute now. I get the feeling that Blur is one of *those* games that nobody really plays. Until it's £7.99 in the 2012 Jan sales. Then suddenly it's fucking amazing and we should all buy it. Could be wrong, like. *EDIT* Oh, and like, you've already fucking started. Oh well.
  3. Stupid teen crap. I'm so disappointed. After all the word-of-mouth I was expecting something... well, I dunno, SOMETHING. Depressingly, I found myself falling into the young-girl-dishing-out-and-receiving-mega-violence-does-not-sit-well camp. It had its (mostly Nic Cage-related) moments, but I'm willing to bet that was just the source material shining through. I don't even know why I'm posting this in such an otherwise positive thread, perhaps I'm just too old for this shit. I was so up for it, but now I'm just so disappointed. Stupid teen crap.
  4. American Cheeseburger might as well be called SuperGherkin - it achieves that very well indeed. One packet is all anyone would need. German Bratwurst was pretty good, but hinted at a kind of cremated-supermarket-sausage taste every now and then, which was off-putting and delightful in equal measure. I'm buggered if I can even remember the third and final flavour I tried. Let's face it, we've discovered all the 'classic' flavours. Salt and Vinegar, Cheese and Onion, Smokey Bacon, Prawn Cocktail. It's unlikely a 'modern' flavour will surpass these.
  5. Owned a copy since launch, played a few hours, but for WHATEVER REASON it's only this week that this bloody game has clicked with me. I thought VATS was shit. It's not. I thought the quests were dull, and the dialogue choices patronising. Turns out the quests are multi-faceted, and the discussions within are deep and insightful. I thought the world was brown and bland and devoid of life. Nah, it's rich and bleak and joyous, and therefore profoundly human. I thought I was too old to ever feel the addiction of a videogame again. "Oh, fuck, it's 4am." On becoming a fan, I went back and read a few early pages of the thread and someone (forgive me) coined the phrase "Deus Ex good". They were fucking, fucking, fucking right. If you still have any doubts, or you gave it as short a shrift as me the first time around, then go back and PLAY THIS GAME! And I haven't even SEEN
  6. Huge pace change in that ep. Feel we're sprinting at a zillion mph, to... who knows where. Don't get the tearful reactions. Believed none of the deaths. Smoke and mirrors, indeed. It's gonna be you, Jack.
  7. descriptor

    Yacht Rock

    Well, it's been a long, harsh winter, but it's all behind us now. I hereby declare sailing season open, so get out there and feel the power of truly smooth music.
  8. 2am, I reckons. Or, "tomorrow" in my own personal timezone.
  9. Good decision. Awful contest.
  10. Extremely odd comments from Danni. Seems incredibly strange that on such a tightly choreographed and emotionally manipulative show such as X Factor, that something so... bizarre should be allowed to happen. This is gonna be bigger than AntonDuBekeGate!
  11. This is all set for a Kandy Rain exit so far. Louis's attempt at a JohnEdward hairstyle will subliminally influence voters throughout the night.
  12. Great trick! I'll be watching on Friday for sure.
  13. WTB autographed Marcus photo!
  14. Marcus has been 100% right in all he has said in tonight's episode. The "London media wankers" of the BB production team are showing just how out of touch they are, imo. On a more general note, great series so far. Freddie is a star!
  15. Yeeeee, and if I may say, Haaaaaaaa! I'll just be coming out of my traditional post-Christmas coma by that time, and to think I'll be sharing it with Jack, Kate, and Iain Lee, is all too much right now! 2009 FTW
  16. What egos on these American fools to think that they could improve, or even attempt to match, what is simply *THE* greatest revenge film ever made. The Fresh Prince doing the hammer fight in the corridor. Good god, as someone else said on these forums recently, these truly are the end days.
  17. Ruth, JSL, and Diana Knickers in the final. You heard it here first. B)
  18. Agreed, but bottom 2 again. I'm scared :S
  19. From what I've been reading, there's a lot more BoE stuff from crafting and even raid bosses in Wotlk. But for mid-to-end game raiding, who knows what will be best? My Priest is sticking with Alchemy/Enchanting, until I know more
  20. Given the chance, I switch to EASY these days. I want to see everything on the disc, and feel that I've had my money's worth. There's more than enough games on my shelf that I've spent £30+ on, and just have no hope of completing, be it due to boredom, or frustrating bosses, or just RL time constraints. That said, it's all a bit subjective. If I can just breeze through a new purchase in a couple of hours, then that's no use either.
  21. Aye, the Producer's stealing the show, for sure. I hope he survives, with the female of his choice, all ready for Dead Set 2. Top stuff. DVD sales +1.
  22. Enjoyed tonight's, but this half-hour thing is really going to hurt it, I reckon. Would have been far better as two feature-length episodes. Glad that the woman with the rifle showed up - any decent zombie film needs to have guns, imo. It will be interesting to see how else Mr Brooker "tools them up", if you know what I mean.
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