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  1. Anyhoo, Grace, Lea, Nikki and Spiral I say. Would have loved Shebaz, but some things just aren't meant to be.
  2. Use the forceps, Luke.
  3. Is someone holding a gun to your head? If the answer is "no", then wait for Dead Rising. Otherwise, sharply kick your assailant's arm to the side, and run for it. Currently playing: DS - Animal Crossing: WW PC - World Of Warcraft PS2 - Metal Gear Solid 2 PS1 - Ridge Racer
  4. descriptor


    It's still to come. You fools.
  5. *raises hand* But to be fair Lumines, Ridge and MG Acid are timeless classics
  6. Yay, finally the list thread to end all list threads. In half-remembered, probably-horribly-wrong, chronological order: (Acorn Electron) (Sinclair Spectrum +2A) Megadrive SNES Playstation GameBoy (stolen (from me)) 2nd GameBoy GameBoy Colour 2nd Playstation N64 Dreamcast Playstation 2 GameBoy Advance 3rd Playstation Gamecube GameBoy Advance [Afterburner] GameBoy Advance SP Xbox Slimline PStwo DS 2nd Xbox 2nd Gamecube 2nd DS (from Stars Catalogue) PSP GBA Micro (Famicom edition) Thankyou, it's been a journey.
  7. I'm bumping this because: i) After reading the EDGE preview I concluded that there's not nearly enough love on the forum for this title ii) "the Club Sega amusement centre [is] freely accessible" iii) It's Nagoshi! He gave us SMB and F-Zero GX/AX! This is going to be special!
  8. Bleh, pickup groups suck full stop. Experienced a bit of verbal tonight, starting with whispered abuse (which I ignored), and quickly spilled into a full-scale character assassination on general chat. Thankfully most of the peeps on there saw it for what it was, but still it's not nice to think of what some Swedish 13-yr-old's temper tantrum could do to your reputation. Bloody Thunderhorn server
  9. "It's as if he's been practising for weeks" Well, yes.
  10. But she didn't even flinch. If the others had to put up with that you would have seen tears. There's your winner, public, there's your winner.
  11. Fair play to her. She looks stunning. (Makosi that is).
  12. If the blue thing is where the disc goes, I think we're looking at a radical re-think on the "3 DVD cases" prototype.
  13. I usually spend £200-£300 a month, depending on what's out, but I'll be buying a new laptop this month, so I'll attempt to cut down for a while after that. Incidentally, you know that thread at the start of the year where people were saying they would only buy one game a month? Did anyone actually manage to stick to it?
  14. Whoa there. In the cold light of day my initial throwaway post seems a bit harsh, and (now that I’ve read it) certainly not in keeping with the rest of the thread. However, I still stand by what I meant. Of course the three films I mentioned are completely different, but they’re linked in my mind because I saw them all in the same month, they all deal with the human condition and they all left me feeling let down after reading some encouraging reviews which had led me to believe they were going to be my kind of thing. Yes, but sadly it’s the best I can do. It’s the same feeling I get when I flick on to an episode of Friends by mistake. I’m not against touchy-feelyness (or culture Crispin!) in general. I love American Beauty, Eternal Sunshine, The Royal Tenenbaums, but I suppose those films dealt with relationships in, as I see it, a more mature way that I could identify with, whereas Mr Braff’s flick did not. But hey, it’s his first film, and I’m obviously in the minority, so good luck to him.
  15. Haven’t read the thread (excuse me), but I’ve seen the film and it is full of what I can only describe as American wankiness. I’ve recognised this trend from such other films as that Huckabees thing and Sideways, and can only hope it crawls back up whatever hole it came from as soon as fuck. Thankyou.
  16. Oh for god's sake, it's O - R - L - A - I - T - H you idiot public. At this rate, she'll fucking win.
  17. Sounds like a heavy case of bad translation to me. I know Kojima's the man, but would he really have the clout to offer someone such a well-respected franchise, just like that?. Hmm. Hope it's true though.
  18. "I'm Science, he's Technology" Dare I say, Eugene to win...
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