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  1. Has anyone said GAME OF THE YEAR, yet? Well, I suppose you have but still,
  2. I would agree about Jinpachi, but 4th dan Nina Williams is 200 times cheaper. Bitch! Slightly off-topic, but if nothing else, this game is amazing for bringing out swearwords you never knew existed...
  3. PS2: Tekken 5 (Arcade mode) and Shin Megami Tensei (though the candelabra maze thing is frustrating). Xbox: Revisiting Halo 2 and Burnout 3, and enjoying them much more than I did at Xmas last year. GC: Killer 7 (hmm, it hasn't clicked yet) DS: Polarium (level 32 anyone?)
  4. Agreed. I always hated her, until I saw this. I disagree. Well ok, I don't disagree that he pisses you off, but I think he's one of the finest comedy actors yet seen. I highly recommended this film, it's one of the few DVDs I watch on a regular basis, and no matter what your expectations, it will surpass them.
  5. Very nice. I hope this kind of creativity will be more apparent with the (wished for) Micro push.
  6. If I was doing Bridge Ball, I would use the golden ball to deflect the other balls back at the cannons and cross easily.
  7. At this point, I'd like to nominate myself for the "Best ever use of the search facility" award. This was awesome! I fondly remember being allowed to stay up late on Friday nights to watch this on ITV (STV back then), and then trying to copy the moves the next day. Sadly, the MST link above doesn't appear to work, and obviously there's fuck all DVDs of this. If anyone can hook me up, I'd be a most grateful ninja.
  8. "The freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at night..." Damn, I was expecting Tim Culley, John Tickle, and Kitten. Opportunity missed, CH4.
  9. And a cheer from the crowd to boot. There is hope!
  10. Nice topic. When firing up MAME recently, it's been for Shinobi, and nothing else.
  11. descriptor

    Tekken 5

    I've been playing/loving this for the past three hours. It is, in turns: Beautiful, Frustrating, Nostalgic, Technical, Unfair, Worth It. In short, buy it! Well done Namco, I look forward to SCIII.
  12. Yes, Kemal is double-faced! This is a great interview. He misses his fangina?
  13. Hurrah! I was disheartened by some of the J-comments in the latest EDGE regarding DS SHOOT-EM-UPS but this has got things back on track. What does the top screen do?
  14. Yup, they all know where they stand now, and it's fucking ruined it for me. Stupid public, were they saying boo or boo-urns?
  15. A great list, especially with the inclusion of the amazing Space Gun. Now to find a pump-action lightgun...
  16. The advert itself is ok, but that music is totally Anyone know where I can get more "J-crooning"?
  17. If I could be bothered I'd superimpose Cypher's features onto the J Allard pic above, and then perhaps you'd see things my way. Ok, I've never been (and maybe that's half my problem) but while I can see that great delight would be had by a group of rllmukers getting together for a pro evo tourney of an evening, are you arguing that this happy scene would be repeated across the globe to such a scale that "the casual gamer" would regularly tune in? And spend money for the privilege? I just don't see it.
  18. Well, no, but not exactly MS's key demographic, eh? Good point, me too. But how many others would be interested in hardcore/niche titles such as this? I beg to differ.
  19. Well now. Having watched Microsoft's E3 press conference, I can only assume their understanding of us is that we're desperate to log-on and pay the exorbitant subscription fees to watch Johnny American set an in-human lap time on PGR3. You see, our all-too-willing sponsors for the night have assured us it will be FUN, and their video inserts coercing me to GIVE THEM MY MONEY aren't TOO intrusive. Luckily, the omnipresence of the 360-branded headset and vidcam (to you, 60 quid the pair) ensure that not only can I hear the hollering and whooping that I have grown to love over the lifetime of the original Xbox, but I can actually now SEE the amazingly cool people responsible LIVE. And the fact that Johnny's little sister designed his logo, and that I can buy the image from her for 59 cents and attach to MY OWN VEHICLE, can surely only prolong our shared glory. Give over you jumped-up fools, no-one's prepared to waste their valuable life-hours WATCHING rather than PLAYING. I realise that gaming must change to accomodate the mass-market cash-cow, so that we'll reach our (hippy) ideal of all PLAYING and SHARING together, but, as Switch so aptly put it in The Matrix, "not like this". So, to reiterate, I hope it dies on it's arse. 1 BILLION!!!!!!11!!!!1!! e.t.c.
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