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  1. I certainly hope he is. Murphy could easily make the comeback, but Adam Sandler? WTF? Not even Tarantino could interest me in that no-trick-pony. But I digress...
  2. For the record, there were: 500 Starfox Assault Posters - 1500 stars 500 Pac-Pix DS Styli - 1500 stars 100 Starfox Assault games - 4500 stars 100 Pac- Pix games - 4000 stars 100 Yoshi's Universal Gravitation games - 4000 stars 10 GameCubes - 9000 stars 10 Nintendo DS's - 10000 stars 10 Silver GBA SP's - 7500 stars Really generous this time I thought...
  3. 10,000 stars, and years of collecting. I feel special.
  4. I'm mostly here to brag that I GOT THE LAST DS , but there's still some other cool stuff left: Good luck! EDIT - all the good stuff has now gone.
  5. Playing loads, addicted to nothing : Xbox - Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath PS2 - Killzone GC - RE4 (5th time through) DS - Yoshi & Electroplankton GBA - Advance Wars 2 (specifically the Bounty River map) PC - TEH E3 COVERAGE!!!11!!!!!1!
  6. That'll be me then. Hello! Well, I just played it today (and can't get past the first level) but hey, smacking people in the face SEGA-style is my bag, baby. I think it's a grower, but wait for a price drop everyone.
  7. Why does it need to be online, if you want to be in your house alone? With stuff? Are you planning to do tours? I don't know, er, wait for Animal Crossing DS? Glad to have been of help.
  8. Awesome. My "idea" is Touch Crisis, based on the Namco lightgun games, and inspired by the Bulls level in Project Rub. Perhaps it would be too easy to complete, but would be a lot of fun IMO.
  9. Worst "Next gen = Sex-on-a-stick" thread ever! And
  10. Utter genius. It has inspired me to buy a suit.
  11. What the hell is going on? No DVD, repeat episodes mysteriously vanishing from the schedules... It's the best british comedy for years, complete with a devout army of fans ready to buy whatever merchandise is released - despite all this, someone (or something) is keeping us from re-living the hilarity. I repeat, what the hell is going on? Anyone...?
  12. I can't believe I'm going to be the first to mention Sin & Punishment in a Treasure thread. N64's finest moment. No question.
  13. Ok, maybe this is too far out, but I want to test the waters... I would go for: Tales Of Brave Ulysses (originally by eric clapton's CREAM) and the rapper would be J-Live.
  14. A whole five minutes and only you jumped.
  15. Hi there, Now I know, there have been many character assassinations of this man during/since the J-Lo episode (most recently occurring in the hilarious Team America send-up song "The End Of An Act"), but in his defence let me offer the following: - Withdrawal symptoms from that ass would drive anyone crazy - Motherfucking Good Will Hunting (and for that matter, Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season) - er, case closed That said, what does our hero need for a riotous 2005 tour-de-force comeback? How would you cast Ben to make this happen? Come on Ben-fans, let's focus on the positive. Yeah!
  16. In times of transition, I always go back to the old shit. Ten from my iPod in no particular order: Da Mystery of Chessboxing - Wu Tang Clan What I'm After - Lords Of The Underground The Bridge Is Over - Boogie Down Productions Me Myself and I - De La Soul My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me - Geto Boyz Going in Circles - The Delfonics B) Fuck Tha Police - NWA also: Speech Cobras - Jedi Mind Tricks Big Shot - Joe Budden Atari 2600 - Little Brother That said, I'm new to the downloading scene - any good sites anyone?
  17. Sorry, could you explain? I wasn't aware of any incidents
  18. Resident Evil 4 Metal Gear Solid 3 Starfox 2 Killer 7 Okami (And the new handhelds, and Zelda, and Nagoshi's next project, and the next-gen announcements, and and and).
  19. Does anyone remember the gangland-inspired gem that was "Dodgy Geezers" on the Spectrum? Recruit a gang of east-end gangster types and pull a job, all the while trying to avoid the dreaded guy in the gucci shoes. Best of all if you got stuck you could turn the tape over and listen to the theme song by Chas and Dave, which would give you clues on how to proceed. Now that was a text adventure.
  20. Last time I checked, in Glasgow, we have the choice of Initial D, Derby Owners Club (?) or...er.... Prove me wrong!
  21. Y'know, the ol' white text thing....ah, forget it.
  22. Sure they didn't do the ol' white text thing? Maybe it was a SECRET MESSAGE...
  23. Yes, a stylus surely. Or a fucking mouse.
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