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  1. Yakuza and Rez VR, and the rest has already been forgotten by my ancient brain.
  2. I think we are SUPPOSED to be losing our minds right now. But this is nothing I want.
  3. rumours on twitter of a VR reveal... highly highly doubt it tho
  4. she's been hungry haaa.... haaaaa
  5. Yes, the Team Ninja thing is right up my street.
  6. Yakuza hype. This is basically all I wanted to see.
  7. I feel like double fine is dying
  8. Some possibly nice things from, umm, adult swim.
  9. i'm glad they went into a street fighter thing. i was beginning to feel old.
  10. hopefully a japanese language option for ffvii then
  11. I feel compelled to say the words 'crash bandicoot'
  12. Best thing on Netflix (UK) by far. I'm eight episodes to the good, and getting those Goodfellas / Sopranos chills. Take a free month, or resub and treat yourself, it's soooooooo fucking good!
  13. They were very clearly saying "new Zelda for Wii U". And the amiibo data for Twilight Princess HD will carry across to the new Wii U Zelda? That bit I don't understand.
  14. StarFox, TP HD, Fast Racing Neo, and ofc Xenoblade were the main takeaways for me. No real surprises, but a fairly entertaining show. Really wondering about E3 2016 now though...
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