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  1. Chills at the StarFox stuff. Looks much better than it did.
  2. I don't know what to tell ya, mdn2.
  3. Joel (for it is he) wants at least 2 million of your earth dollars for a crack at relaunching this glorious show, rising to $5.5m for a 12-episode season. As I understand it, it would be an all-new cast. No Joel, and definitely no Mike. What say you, rllmuk? A welcome chance to relive our nerd youth, or um wtf Joel? More info, no doubt, here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mst3k/bringbackmst3k
  4. I love Nintendo Directs. Setting mind and heart to OPEN.
  5. Enjoyed O'Dwyer on the Bombcast. For one, they actually spoke critically of Destiny. For another, I dunno, Jeff seemed to wake up a bit. There was some added bite from him, more synapses firing. That sort of thing.
  6. ENHANCED (no idea) version of CITIZEN CON (geddit?) 2015. Open wine before watching.
  7. descriptor


    Been doing an hour every night or so since it came out. It's wonderfully written, and there seems to be all sorts of replay value. Very much some kind of Earthbound // Space Funeral // To The Moon hybrid, but still doing it's own thing. My only problem so far is believing that one dude (toby fox) could do all of this. Created such memorable characters? Composed that fucking soundtrack!?! It's a conspiracy waiting to happen. (also the Steam cards sell pretty well, value fans)
  8. Chris Roberts is strangely compelling. I actually like him. He showed fuck all of anything that could be described a game. I'm sorry I did this, I'll never post again
  9. 66 day shoot "longer than any film I've ever done" There's a big cake.
  10. glitch-a-rama Chris cuts in now and again to express how great everything is. Rhona Mitra Nothing but cutscenes so far. And we're back in the room with Chris. "Nothing is close to final"
  11. a scotsman takes us on a tour of the umm, space hangar?
  12. Some generic original xbox cutscenes are playing.
  13. He's incredibly persuasive, and has a large gut. There is hope for me yet.
  14. mo-cap showcase :/ is ian duncan someone? he's 'the player'. mark strong oldman describes chris as george lucas liam cunningham
  15. Chris Roberts is dressed in various shades of chocolate. He seems confident and impervious.
  16. Someone is explaining gary oldman's face in maya or something. It looks really good.
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