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  1. Gary Oldman Ben Mendelsohn Andy Serkis Mark Hamill
  2. It's an unprecedented 15-minute chat cooldown on twitch. (I can only send abuse 4 times an hour).
  3. Pequod comes in to 'Hot for Teacher' (custom soundtrack) and now I've lost all my GMP because
  4. AFAIK this is the current state of play: http://www.gamesradar.com/mgs-5-fans-are-trying-decode-secret-game-hidden-code/ But equally I could have gotten that link from earlier in this thread, so fuck knows. There does seem to be SOMETHING hidden, but I doubt it's the remaining part of the game.
  5. I have a lot more to see, judging by other lists, but this will do: The Sopranos The Wire The Simpsons Breaking Bad Justified Game of Thrones Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace Cowboy Bebop South Park I, Claudius Mad Men Borgen I’m Alan Partridge St. Elsewhere Miami Vice Lost Northern Exposure Rick and Morty The Kids in the Hall True Detective (S1 ONLY!)
  6. I'm 100% side ops, but 75% overall. I miss my other half. Other than conspiracy theories, I don't think there's any more story to see. Beginning to side with Konami, at this point. Kill me.
  7. Latest episode is incredible. Also:
  8. Incredible list, Fusty. Re-thinking mine as we speak. I must admit, it's surprising how much utter shit comes up when googling. Huge amounts of time spent in the mid-eighties / early-nineties watching utter crap, and it's just a fraction of the time I spent playing my Megadrive, for example. Where did it all go?
  9. Would be mind-blowing if he went with them, but I don't think he gets anything like the budget/creative control he gets with the other two. And despite his LA studio I think Japan is where his heart is. But I'm just drunk typing now, so goodnight
  10. Two main suitors for Kojima - Sony or Nintendo. If it's Sony, I hope they would make Konami an offer they can't refuse for the entire rights for the series, the Fox Engine, et al, and then provide an unlimited budget for MGS 6 with a huge, hand-picked team. But I include Nintendo, as the NX is still under development, and they could offer Kojima a chance to be in on the ground floor of hardware development. He loves fucking about with hardware (Mantis/Boktai are my main examples here - Snatcher and Policenauts FMV to a lesser extent). Just think of a MGS-style game on a control system that Kojima is actually in control of. Failing that he could kickstart an underfunded nightmare for say $15million, under an indie Kojima Productions, or head off to hang out with his Hollywood pals and become 'the guy that used to make those cool games back in the day'.
  11. Completed my final side ops this afternoon. Was much fun, but at the same time, I'm glad to be 'done' with them (some are repeatable, I guess?) 100 hours in, 70% complete. Have a huge amount of weapons to develop, and I need to 4/4 a couple of struts too. So next week looks like pokemoning the animals, doing all the 'extra' tasks in the main missions, and then trying to S-rank things until Kojima breaks me. Can't believe my humble PC brought me GTA V, MGS V, and presumably Fallout 4 this year. Great time to be a gamer.
  12. I threw an enemy in a shallow river and ordered him to 'Get Down'. He did as he was told, and a short while later... he drowned
  13. descriptor


    Super Metroid up next. Kill the animals? Save the animals?
  14. descriptor


    Feel like I'm seeing Ikaruga for the first time, despite many years of playing. How do you even build your game with that level of coordination in mind?
  15. descriptor


    Sorry for spam, but the legendary TASBot block is about to begin! http://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick #saturdaynight
  16. descriptor


    I'm having trouble linking to his twitter, for some reason (@carlsagan42) but in replies he says he's busy with his PhD (!) and planning to be back for AGDQ.
  17. descriptor


    The Super Metroid 4-way race is currently scheduled for 2 am uk time. Dunno what state I'll be in by then, but I aim to be watching.
  18. descriptor


    The traditional run of 'I wanna be the boshy' by witwix is coming up in about an hour. Always a highlight of these events, imo.
  19. After watching this, I’m not sure what I want to see more: Superman Lives, or a follow-up mockumentary about Jon Peters. What a character! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Peters
  20. Starfox, and whatever's good in the Steam winter sale. Merry Xmas, rllmuk.
  21. Opened with penises, closed with Domestos cocktail. Can't say fairer than that. 10/10.
  22. That was much more amusing than I thought it would be.
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