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  1. Aargh, totally would have got one, but that's what I get for being a slovenly wastrel.
  2. Really difficult when you get right down to it, but I'll stand by this list. Until tomorrow anyway. 1. Kill Bill Vol 1 2. Aliens 3. Die Hard 4. Robocop 5. Predator 6. The Matrix 7. Highlander 8. Tango & Cash 9. Point Break 10. Hard Boiled
  3. What do you play at 2am? Hotline Miami, I guess.
  4. Loved Brooker and Stanhope. Liked Cunk, Shitpeas and Limmy. Hated Yapp. And it was cool when Trinity contacted Neo and led him to Morpheus.
  5. Started two new games today. Hotline Miami - the at-first baffling controls contribute towards the best use of learning curve in recent memory. First they break me, then I break them etc etc. Loving the ultraviolence, setting and soundtrack. The Stanley Parable - found what I think are most of the more easily discovered routes, yet the game leaves me in no doubt that I've only scratched the surface. So far, a fantastic, unique experience. Now back to the drinking-heavily-and-eating-recklessly game.
  6. That is a great price, and I don't really know what I'm expecting, but there is a certain buzz to be had out of waiting for games to be cheaper on Steam itself. Gabe loyalty? This is all new to me this year. And so fucking, fucking weird.
  7. Been on so many GOTY blog posts that I had to find out what all the fuss is about. A far cry from Robocop on the Speccy, or Street Fighter on the SNES, but I'm glad I'm getting back into Xmas gaming, albeit Communist-stylee. Got Hotline Miami and The Stanley Parable lined up too. Just Guacamelee on my wishlist now!
  8. I don't really understand those weird trading card things, but I took the plunge and put them all on sale for a penny under what that graph thing said. They all sold INSTANTLY, and it meant I had two quid to put towards an already heavily-discounted Papers, Please. Valve are pretty great, aren't they?
  9. So much to love in this IMPORTANT CULTURAL ARTIFACT (in 1080p). Can't find Electric Boogaloo on there, sadly. http://youtu.be/Mcn3ULXqRos
  10. I can see elements of every film he's ever made in this trailer. He's so dreamy
  11. I pirated the fuck out of Breaking Bad, but I'll be there day one for the Blu-Ray barrel-set. They can charge what they like. BEST. SHOW. EVER.
  12. This was wonderful! Random thoughts: I like badass Spock. I am constantly surprised by Karl Urban's actorial range. Kirk is... OKAY, really. I am jealous as fuck of Pegg's success, but he earns it here. He is really fucking good! Chekov and Sulu got kind of fucked, but whatever. I don't buy Uhuru just yet, but was willingly distracted by the physically impossible Alice Eve. Cumberbatch did what he was told, I feel. Perhaps the admittedly shit Lindelof was in charge of that character? I do not feel that TEAM ABRHAMS is the second coming, but this really came together for me in a non-Star-Trek-fan-way. Alice Eve's Dad was excellent and needs to do more of this kind of thing.
  13. Those old white cops in The Wire that just wanted to serve time, or fall down the stairs and get disability or something. Fuck those guys.
  14. On Film4 at 2250 tonight, i.e. SOON Think I would steer you wrong? That could never happen now with our behavioural inhibitors.
  15. Really love the TV series, but I've always felt it was missing something. If only the soundtrack could be improved in some way...
  16. This now looks like something I can get behind. Awesome trailer.
  17. Can you imagine the noise it will make?
  18. Sony stock is actually shooting upwards right now.
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