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  1. I can't believe how much like a dog this looks.
  2. Call of Doody.
  3. I must get one of these TVs - they sound amazing! WHOOOP!
  4. Designed by Americans, for Americans.
  5. I feel the need to add this video, just in case cautious rllmukers are still in denial of the greatness of Jake Kaufman. Pay him what you can, kind sirs. The 80s depend on it. http://youtu.be/MmZmB_TAsBc
  6. Amazing episode. Various drunken nonsense:
  7. Catching up on this thread since last year. Link me to more Freddie Gibbs. It's like I'm young again.
  8. Just a heads-up. For some reason they are showing the Sky F1 Preview show on Pick TV (Freeview channel 11) at 10pm on Sunday night.
  9. Roger Ebert, via Twitter: 100 of my streaming Films of the Day that are current on Netflix, Hulu, etc. Posters and reviews. Click on "next." on.fb.me/yZM3Mo Presumably not all are on Netflix, but it might help anyone looking for a 'main feature' tonight. Can I also say, if you haven't seen I SAW THE DEVIL, then you probably should
  10. descriptor

    Yacht Rock

    Outstanding job, Art. I like drifting into this thread from time-to-time, but wasn’t expecting to find anything like that! Keep this up and, well, let’s just say... Admiral Vandelay?
  11. I doubt the devs themselves read forums, but I wouldn't be totally surprised if they had "people" who "did" this for them. It could be any one of us...
  12. Isaac Hayes. Hands down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtlhC5XOZ2E
  13. "Glad I didn't pay for that" *QI KLAXON*
  14. Ugly spectre of rematch on the horizon, but who would pay again? /sigh
  15. Neither fighter impressing much. Would agree that Klitschko slightly ahead. Haye needs to risk it.
  16. I WANT TO BELIEVE in Haye. He's fighting his way into it...
  17. Ukraine anthem based on "Go Compare" C'mon Haye!!
  18. "Enter Sandman" for my entrance. Played live preferably. "Ain't no stopping us now" is for the dancefloor, late on, at your daughter's wedding.
  19. Totally agree, but I can't help but feel it's crossing his mind during all this nonsense.
  20. What price Lennox getting back in the ring for real? He must be feeling it.
  21. Wow, a decent (ish) fight on at proper o'clock !?! Thanks again, rllmuk *hunts streams*
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