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  1. Ridge Racer 6. I thought I'd 'rinsed' it 'back in the day' but only 45% explored, so I drift onwards once more.
  2. I'm not falling for that shit. ( )
  3. After watching the hands-on video, the gadget lust mysteriously kicked in... Reggie should have demo'd it at the conference and the initial reaction would have been much warmer.
  4. It's like when you used to hook up your GBA to your GC, except there are no wires, and the GBA is now an iPad/standard controller hybrid, and you shouldn't take it outside, and it's all part of one new HD console, and your wife can watch eastenders and you can still play on the controller and ignore your wife, and you can use your 3ds as well if you want, or something. If you don't have a wife, I'm not sure what happens.
  5. omgomgomg they're going to win big aren't they omgomgomg
  6. Feels like Microsoft's conference had nothing to do with gaming and everything to do with the US obesity crisis and military sign-ups.
  7. Re podcasts: Outlandish is by far my favourite. Three genuinely funny hosts, they seem to have been real-life friends since childhood so the dynamic really works, for me anyway. The most recent show doesn't cover WoW at all though, so you might want to go back one first. Another vote for the WoW Insider show, especially if you enjoy the lore. Matthew Rossi in particular, can go into scarily-detailed lore rants at any given moment. Not a fan of The Instance. And that egomaniac at Blue Plz seems to have lost any love he may have had for the game a long time ago. A brief mention for World of Warcast too, simply because I've been listening to it since forever. It's fairly inoffensive, and will probably help you get to sleep if you listen in bed.
  8. descriptor

    Yacht Rock

    Choppy waters out there tonight, fellas, but remember: good music comes from a place in the soul few dare to explore. I give you, Mr Bertie Higgins.
  9. I watched Capwn's video, then I pressed play on Machiavelli's video and scrolled down when Sir Legendary's post hit me. No videogame company in the world could match that. I love you rllmuk, you bastards.
  10. descriptor

    Akira The Don

    How's that for thread-necromancy? A veteran of the UK hip-hop scene, ATD has been giving away high-quality mixtapes for years now, and his latest dropped tonight. I follow him on twitter, and it's impossible not to warm to the guy. And now, little man [rllmuk], I give the watch [the link] to you. http://akirathedon.com/music/mixtapes/atd25/
  11. Watching on ITV4 with iTunes randomly playing during the ads, when The Darkness comes on. They MUST be made to reform to do soundtrack duties. I'm not totally against the remake, but not holding out much hope as there have been so many misfires in the past.
  12. Imperioli: When was the last time you rented Dances with Wolves? Great read, thanks for the link OP.
  13. I went back to this on Wii. I finally earned the Handcannon. Now I shoot fools in the face for a living.
  14. Video of new, um, housemate: Titan! http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother/video/2...e-house/play.c4
  15. If it can teach me Drunken Boxing, I may be interested.
  16. So far the best things have been Halo Reach and Super Tiger Stroke Park. Everything else is just not for me.
  17. I don't want to use my stupid hands.
  18. Pleased with Halo. Looks fun and slick.
  19. He's not your friend, Don. He's not your friend.
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