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  1. I think it's possible to watch both. He said he enjoyed BoBF despite its flaws, so why piss on his chips?
  2. What a wonderful series. So much going on. So many great performances. Such a long wait til next season. Wow.
  3. That was hilarious. I love tubes. Prediction for the finale - Marva's brick ends up somehow violently connecting with an imperial head, fulfilling her desire to rebel.
  4. Just a heads up on the imperial ship for those that didn't cop it, it was based on a design by Colin Cantwell, who also designed the x-wing, tie fighter and more: https://www.starwars.com/news/colin-cantwell
  5. That's a big one. I'm a fairweather Hawkwind fan, only seen them once and I have 3 or 4 records, but they deserve all the props they get. Proper counter culture. I love how they seemingly existed in a parallel universe to the usual story of Rock that everyone knows. Never looking to compete with Pink Floyd or whoever. Proto punks, really, but with proper psychedelic music.
  6. Also, this is generally the attitude of people that don't like the show, whereas there was a much higher proportion of cunts in the people that didn't like BoBF and Kenobi.
  7. I lurk in a good few online star wars places across various social media places. Andor is almost universally adored across them all. Of course there's people that don't like it (mostly because it's not Star Warsy enough), but the difference in reception for this and BOBF and Kenobi is quite something. It might not be picking up the casual viewers as much as other shows, but the online Star Wars fanbase is mostly loving it.
  8. You knew it was coming as soon as he started, but when it dropped...wow. Chills. That monologue really made things slot into place regarding his character for me. A bit like Andor and maybe Saw in Rogue One, he knows he's morally doomed, and he's going to accept his inevitable sacrifice. It's going to be a long wait until season 2 after these last two episodes.
  9. Here we go again. The legendary Kevin O'Neill died last week after a long illness. Such a unique talent. https://comicbook.com/comics/news/kevin-oneill-league-extraordinary-gentlemen-comics-dead-obituary/ Need to get that Kids Rule OK strip him and Garth Ennis did recently, turns out it was the last thing he worked on.
  10. Don Rosco

    Edge #378

    Good to see the ghost of Tom of Finland getting some cover work. That Guile
  11. So many killer moments in that video. He’s unbelievable.
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