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  1. I find this guy absolutely fascinating. I bought the album when it came out as I have way more Indian Classical records than classic house and techno records. It's really good and really conforms to its title, they are (to my amateur ears) properly explored ragas, just using an 808 and a 303 instead of tabla and sitar. Not a fourtet or aphex expert, but from what i've heard, they would not be able to play like Charanjit did. He was tracked down by a journalist and the interview was very revealing. The journo was obviously a huge classic house and techno head. Singh really just came across as a jobbing session musician who got some new gear in the 80s, banged out an album to no great success and moved on. He had no real clue what anyone else did with them. When the journo played some chicago acid, he basically did a partridge shrug: The context he was making them in was all about exploring the Raga, basically playing with the melody using years of learning and experience. Whereas all the old house tracks were about simple repetition, unusual sounds and timbres but not necessarily any complex use of melody. So he didn't get much out of them. It was all just a giant cosmic coincidence. Really cool thing though. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2011/may/10/charanjit-singh-acid-house-ten-ragas
  2. They’re both definitely worth watching. There’s some decent episode guides out there. They’re most definitely kids cartoons so can lay on a bit of cringe sometimes but there’s some great moments and stories. Fairly heavy on the lore as well.
  3. Very true about Superman, there's plenty of mileage there. And while Snyder really stank the place out, he did understand the concept of Superman in as far as his real weakness is the people he is close to, and his love of humanity in general. That's why Batman's secret "weapon" against the resurrected Supes in Justice League was Lois Lane.
  4. They are pretty hard to manage, your best bet was what you did in creating a new post
  5. Users can't unhide their posts? You learn something new every day. It's all yours again.
  6. Luke in The Last Jedi is maybe the greatest acting performance in a Star Wars anything. Whether Mark Hamill liked the arc or not, what he was given to work with was juicy (especially compared to his cameo in ROS) and he nailed it hard. I thought it was great.
  7. I walked out of a cinema once when the trailer for this came on, and another time I made sure I had isolating earbuds in and ready to go to mask the sound. I remember a trailer for TLJ when I had my fingers in my ears and heard "It's time for the Jedi to end". Raging I was.
  8. There was also a couple of shots where they kind of fluffed it, felt like they should have had another take. I’m thinking particularly of I can understand it though, I can’t imagine bringing a film this dense together under time pressure. A gargantuan task.
  9. That Kylo Ren theme is some banger though. BAAAM BAM BAM BAM BAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM
  10. If anyone comes across any good podcasts discussing this film, link us up in here. Slim pickings so far.
  11. Star Wars stuff ^^^ I went into this completely cold, no trailers. Really glad I did so. The tenet prologue in Imax was INSANE. There was bass at one point which was the most intense thing I’ve heard in a cinema. Looks like a fairly crappy film but I’m glad I saw that in the cinema.
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