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  1. I'm quite fortunate in that I only DJ one genre digitally: Footwork / Juke. Everything else is vinyl. So I don't have to mess about with genre tags. I do have some habits though: I have folders within serato with particular styles (Juke, footwork jungle, covers, widescreen etc) Usually folders per gig or radio show, which get dumped as sub folders once done I lean heavily on the pitch classification, if i'm playing something in 7a, I can filter by 7a, or 8a, or 6a to find a list of tracks I know won't clash Killer tracks get a colour, then I can get all my killers immediately by ordering by colour, either in the main folder or style folders. Any colour will do
  2. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    I felt bad for him until he picked up the player of the series award.
  3. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    Amazing innings from Stirling, just pushed it too far in the end. Plenty of wickets left thankfully!
  4. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    That’s what the numbers are saying anyway...lovely 100 for Balbirnie. He’s from the same school as I went to. We were shit at rugby but half decent at cricket.
  5. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    Well, England recovered well but this partnership is keeping us on track-ish with 9 wickets in hand.
  6. It's all the Lore stuff - Halsey's journal full of entries on Spartans, AI, the Covenant, the insurgency. Also a pouch of other bits, Halsey's personal effects - keycard, files, test results, loads of other gear that I have no idea what it is.
  7. I have two worthwhile ones. The GTA IV one with the bag and lockbox, both totally sweet. I used the bag until the zip broke (got a few years out of it), and the lock box will be coming in handy soon. Any day now. Also the Halo Reach Limited Edition with fancy box and loads of Halo Lore stuff (even though I actively reject any interest in the Halo story, this was too sweet to pass up): I got an Assassin's Creed something one as well, which was a bit shit.
  8. Don Rosco

    vinyl lovers

    It’s a different world alright. I’ve been doing it for years and I’m still getting to grips with it. The biggest plus is the instant cue. If you set just one cue point at the start of the record, you can get to it by pressing 1 on your keyboard (5 for the right deck). That was a huge thing for me and the one thing I miss when I’m back on vinyl. The worst thing is picking tunes. I’m so conditioned to flicking through a pile of records, looking at 1000+ digital tracks is overwhelming. The visual cues that records have are a lot more memorable than track names... The whine you’re hearing is the control vinyl sound from the needle. Put it on phono and you’ll hear it in all its glory. You’re stuck with it! As for the variance, it’s not the record, it’s the deck. It’s an imperfect analogue system, so there will always be a bit of wavering I think. If you played that control tone from a cd, it would be rock solid.
  9. This is the first time i've really cursed the corona virus. Would love to take the kids to this, but not this week or next...
  10. RIP. Resurrected this one for the kids a couple of years ago:
  11. Don Rosco


    I'm not toxic, but that's pretty much my view. Watchmen is a comic to its bones and just doesn't work as a moving picture, especially such a slavish, po-faced adaptation. The suspension of disbelief required for a film is a whole different level than a comic. The gaps are filled in and they suck. Also Ozymandias was woefully miscast, he's a charisma vacuum in this. Loved the TV series though.
  12. Fuck it to the hilt. Hate it. I couldn’t finish the last of us because I got so sick of opening fucking drawers. I hate most collectables though. And currencies. Basically anything that resembles a spreadsheet disguised as a game can fuck off.
  13. That's exactly what I needed, thanks @Calashnikov
  14. Yakuza fans, I need a steer. I’ve never played a Yakuza game and I bought 0. I don’t have 70 hours to do everything in the game - is there any side quests or activities that I really shouldn’t miss? Thanks!
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