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  1. Found out there was a new Synth Sisters album released last year, thanks thread!
  2. https://eiderdownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/vernalis https://thelock-in.bandcamp.com/
  3. I'm just praying to the nausea gods that it doesn't inherit whatever it was in Titanfall 2 that gave me brutal motion sickness. If I can get past that, I might even buy it full price, i've been looking for a new single player game.
  4. https://www.slashfilm.com/marc-maron-response-todd-phillips/ I’m glad he pushed back on Philips for that, and he’s right too. Anyone know on which episode of the podcast he did that on? I listen to a lot of WTF but not nearly every one. As for whether a lot of his part was cut, he always said he had a tiny role with minimal shooting time, so it might not have been. Who knows though.
  5. Even without the switching, it has handling I think I enjoyed more than any other racer. Terrific game.
  6. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP4461-CUSA15796_00-LLAMASOFTMARCADE @Monkeyspill
  7. Neal Adams reviews Joker: https://13thdimension.com/neal-adams-reviews-joker/
  8. Well, this was pretty wild. Quite a gripping couple of hours. I'd like to say I really enjoyed it, but that's not the right word. Time well spent though, and easily my favourite post Nolan DC film. Todd Philips is a bit of a clumsy director, he doesn't really trust the audience enough, but the film didn't suffer too much because of it. Joker stuff: On my post watch youtube travels I watched this doc on the history of the Joker. It's pretty good, but the best thing about is the absolute burn on Leto's Joker, at about 11:45:
  9. Don Rosco

    Apple Arcade

    I’m a third of the way through and loving it. It controls a bit like a 2D tony hawk game but at the pace of the skate series. Challenges are varied and numerous. That feeling of elation when nailing a line after many attempts is there. Definitely worth a go.
  10. I ditched TLOU a few hours in because I got so sick of opening fucking drawers looking for doodads. Nothing kills an atmosphere like having to run around the edge of every room you go into hammering the drawer-opening button.
  11. Hi Supernatural fans. I wonder could you do me a favour. My cousin had a small recurring role in this show for a while, and i'd like to take in an episode where she features. These are the ones she's in: Would you recommend any of them over the others? Thanks!
  12. This ending literally stopped buying monthly comics. I’d never read that much marvel comics but I bought into civil war and got loads of the different crossover titles. It was a good premise and had its moments, but they really fucked the ending. I just felt like such a chump. Knocked the whole habit on the head straight after. It’s a horrible way to buy comics anyway, I always lost track of what I was buying and what happened last month or whenever.
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