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  1. I generally hate stickies, but it's only for a day so why not. If anyone can remind me to unsticky tomorrow, i'd be much obliged.
  2. So did anyone else with a Series X buy the Ultimate Edition in a sale, and then wait for the SX enhanced version to come out, and THEN play the standard edition with no enhancements to completion? No? I did! I had an inkling as I couldn't find the toggle between performance and graphics mode, but to be honest I was enjoying the game so much I didn't really care when I was playing. Even the standard edition is a great looking game. Kind of miffed now though, as I can't play the DLC and tidy up the side missions on the fancy edition. I think I might wait a while and go through it again, I don't
  3. BIG NEWS https://variety.com/2021/film/news/the-flash-ron-livingston-henry-allen-1234935705/ Ok, it may be just the actress, but frankly WB would be wise to hitch their wagon to the Derry Girls juggernaut...just think of the super villain possibilities.
  4. *crosses legs tightly* You know the Rampage director will be all over the slow motion disembowelling.
  5. https://www.slashfilm.com/sniper-elite-movie/ I love this game series, but I can't say i'm too optimistic about this. Still, you never know and it is good to see Rebellion start churning out films.
  6. I think most people in the thread that didn’t like the new version have this in common.
  7. Whatever its merits as a game, as a storyline, I fucking hated it.
  8. Didn't know that Extreme and The Rood Project were women. Got a few of those two on the shelves, and loads of the others.
  9. Watched this over the last two nights. It's ok. It's at least coherent, which is obviously a big improvement on the other one. It's fairly watchable really. Even Jared Leto manages to not embarrass himself too much. It could still be so much tighter, but it's clear Snyder just decided to leave everything in, I guess as he thought it was his last shot at a DC film. He is just a non-stop bad idea generator though. Cyborg's suit looks awful, same with Steppenwolf for the same reasons, the dialogue in places is just horrendously undercooked (WW exchange with the schoolgir
  10. Though I counted many goths and cureheads among my friends, I was never remotely that way inclined aesthetically. If you were to tell me the premise of Sandman, I would have been actively disinterested. But I read it anyway, and though I remember almost nothing about it, I do remember absolutely loving it. Gaiman is just a great writer, when he can squeeze it between being a talking head on documentaries. Not sure it will translate to TV, but i'll give it a go.
  11. Rebellion have spoken about this, they put a public request for developers to get in touch with ideas for licensed games a year or more ago. I get the impression they're not all that interested in making 2000AD games at this point. The video games part of Rebellion are mostly concentrating on original IP, the comics section is still cranking out 2000AD and also now own a huge archive of other british comics, and of course now they're looking to become a film and TV studio. That's not to detract from the original post, of course. There's endless possibilities for 2000AD games. I'd
  12. I call things like this Paul Weller's Haircuts. Taken in isolation, they are bold and interesting, but so many of the things influenced by them are truly awful. FWIW, I think DKR and KJ are both great, and so is All Star Superman.
  13. Rumours that Hera Syndullah is going to take over from Cara Dune in rangers of the new republic. Here’s the source, but there’s no other details whatsoever there: https://lrmonline.com/news/hera-syndulla-to-replace-cara-dune-on-rangers-of-the-new-republic-exclusive/ not sure how I feel - obviously Hera is a great character but she’s not a space cop, she’s a pilot. See what happens I suppose.
  14. That whole stance of Kent Sr is so stupid. It's the kind of bad idea that should have been considered and discarded immediately. And then he goes and defies his dying father's wishes by becoming superman anyway! So ridiculous.
  15. Baby Park! Purest mario kart, just drifting and murder.
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