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  1. Before I complete my tedious bragging, here’s a pic of me, my mate DJ welfare and Mala in Galway after we played on the mighty Rootical sound system, one of Ireland’s greatest Reggae sounds. I’m in the Harrington.
  2. Wow, that was a nostalgia rush for sure. I got the artist on 7 of them, but the track name on only about three, and I own 5 or 6 of the records. I've DJed with half the participants in the video, and 6 of the producers of the records. Imagine Mala saying he didn't think he would hear one of his own records! Towards the end I was only buying dubstep records so i'd have something to mix Mala records into. He was head and shoulders above everyone. I never went to dubstep forum much, but I was deep in that scene until it fell apart musically. Being in Ireland, it was non-existent apart
  3. Probably Halo Reach and Skate 3
  4. I've been using mine for the first time in donkey's this week as well, before the Series X takes its spot under the telly. Mostly Skate 2 but i'm trying to finish Quantum Conundrum as well. I should really have a few spins of Outrun before the plug gets pulled...
  5. From this video review that @gospvg posted, i've hopefully linked to the card based upgrade system bit: WHY? Why would they put this in a driving game? I could maybe understand if it was optional, but you have to use this randomised, arcane system of RPG leveling for cars to actually progress in the game? This kind of thing drives me crazy.
  6. That heatsink! You could kill a man with it.
  7. Some really nice design touches in there. Dust catchers to hoover, and the screw for the stand fitting in to the stand, and the wee hole cover.
  8. What the fuck. Is that man really tiny?
  9. My daughter is the same, she says her class is 90% Liverpool fans. She’s gonna milk this one. My younger son, who previously displayed only a token interest in the Villa, asked could we now watch every game they’re in.
  10. Absolutely bananas couple of games, they were. The IPL seems to have cranked up the intensity a bit more than usual this year. I will say though, Kevin Pietersen is one annoying commentator.
  11. our first go at a weekly night was on a Thursday as it goes, in the funnel. Attendance was mediocre on a good night.
  12. I bought the pitches from Jesse dean in the US and got the local DJ shop to fit them and the lights. I was testing them out with Serato tonight, seems like the pitches don’t have the same curve, they’re slightly different speeds in different spots. Not the end of the world but not ideal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Record player news! Got new pitches and cables put on my 1210s. It's like having new decks. The poxy zero notch is gone! Also new guide lights, which I bought from Ebay. I'd had the lights for ages and I went and checked when I bought them...2008! That is some proper procrastination.
  14. I love that kind of thing. My copy of one of my all time favourite albums (Get up with it by Miles) has a giant WALTER M right in the middle of Miles' forehead. I bought it in a very dusty second hand shop in New Orleans and idly daydream about what kind of scrapes Walter might have got up to in the 70s.
  15. I would so loved to have gone to this. I didn't know it ran on a Thursday. Funny how a lot of the really influential DnB nights weren't on Friday and Saturday nights: Rage on Thursday, Metalheadz on a Sunday at the Blue Note, Speed / Swerve on a Thursday IIRC, Movement also on a Thursday. Also related, FWD was on a Wednesday or Thursday I think?
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