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  1. Well, apart from that Guardian thing coming across as circle-jerkery, whenever I look at any of this stuff I never really get the feeling that it's been done with benefit of the reader as its primary - that's very first - intention.
  2. That's.... that's.... Well. That's.... Mmmm. First I laughed, and then....
  3. The problem with New Games Journalism, I think, is that the people out there so self-consciously 'doing it' seem to be mostly in it in order to make names for themselves. And that's a really shit motivation for doing something.
  4. Didn't these things used to be called DJ Sack's Appreciation threads?
  5. The new-style Mr Biffo is brilliant! When it's funny. That's all there is to it really.
  6. *CLANG* *CRASH* *CLONG* "Shit? What's that?" "Don't worry, it's just that kerraig dropping names all over the place." Seriously though, kerraig, what do you get out of being such a name-dropper? I'm not trying to be offensive - I'm genuinely interested.
  7. It's not trolling, it's just having a laugh! You really have no sense of humour, do you?
  8. I only counted that twice. I did like the bit on the radio thingie where he swore and it didn't put it in the text, though. It was almost as if the person behind that bit was making some kind of stand against obscenity.
  9. I'm not really sure how to bring this up with you, Robert.... but you do know that we're living in the space year 2005, right?
  10. What are ya buyin'? What are ya sellin'?
  11. It got 7/10 didn't it? Anyway, that piece was my favourite bit in the mag along with the latest (final?) Biffovision.
  12. Wooh! There's a lot of Edge hate in this place. Personally I'm waiting for Gary Penn's column to.... get going. Mr Biffo was indeed fucking good this month though.
  13. Did you have some kind of special hi-res graphics add-on chip for your C64? (Oh, and also a piece of hardware that made the sprites turn into the doodlings of a six-year-old?)
  14. I always hate it when that happens.
  15. How's the commentary done then?
  16. Hmm. That may be pushing it a little, but I'm glad you're seeing sense now.
  17. The engine (on PS2 at least) is shit. See the other thread.
  18. I think you just prefer more fantasy-styled shit. Not that I don't think MP2 looks great (it does) but it's easy to create cool-looking environments (relatively speaking) whereas the characters, with their animation and everything, in Half Life 2 make it more of an achievement.
  19. And it's as jerky as assholes. On my PS2 at least.
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