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  1. Programming and its application involves a serious amount of creative thinking alongside logical aptitude - it's not just something that anyone could do. Similarly, and conversely, design is something that can be learned - albeit through different means - like anything else. You're speaking in such broadly generalised terms that it barely warrants the time for a proper answer, to be honest. Are you asking these questions with regards to your own career choice?
  2. Personally I think your references to "most games journalists", "at least half their review", "most gaming podcasts" and "endless discussion about the games fiction" are all exaggerated. I don't think any of those thngs are particularly true for the most part. Besides I wasn't talking about how much attention journalists give to fiction, and neither was Cage in his comments I was referring to in the interview. I never implied that games "should" grow in only one particular direction - I'm a big advocate of games growing in all the directions they can, which I don't currently think they do. Games' growth into new areas is often hampered by what I was talking about in agreement with Cage - certain aspects of the games press and even the gaming community being resistant, dismissive and sometimes just plain ignorant to games that challenge the core values of what they already enjoy. The whole interactive storytelling, cinematic presentation, mature themes and narrative-driven (instead of challenge-driven) gameplay thing is big on the list of things I want games to do, yes, but don't just assume I'm so single-minded.
  3. Sounds like GT5's been kicked in the balls by the same team having to develop the PSP game in conjunction with it (which is pretty rare). Shame
  4. essell

    Put Here

    My first wacom painting in ages, of Chinese actress with sexy eyes, Maggie Cheung: Haven't got the eyes quite right, unfortunately, and don't even mention the ears that I couldn't be arsed with...
  5. Kudos to David Cage - whether his games and stories are a little flawed or not, the industry could do with more people like him. He's totally right about how the immature, closed-minded, cynical and often incompetent part of the games press - all the hacks letting the side down - are a damaging influence on the growth of games.
  6. Recently went on a very short trip to Warsaw:
  7. Indeed - GT5 Prologue outsold Forza 2 before it was even released, via pre-orders
  8. Yep At least for racing cars, it seems
  9. In case people here haven't seen it, a few tidbits of info have been creeping out recently, including confirmed lambos and the bugatti veyron, and a release date probably this year: http://www.gtplanet.net/
  10. Don't worry - this particular wallpaper was evil, and I've been told that cruelty to evil wallpaper is quite acceptable...
  11. At my brother's house with my sister, helping him steam his (very nice) bedroom wallpaper off today:
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