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  1. My PC is packed away as I live in a tiny flat. I double dipped ACC on XBOX, it looks nice enough and it is great not to worry about anything other than the game. I guess even as a console player (for now) I will find this thread interesting to follow. If any of you play AC or ACC on XBOX feel free to send me a xbox friend request. I just have a T150 Hopefully this week I will be getting my foldable stand from https://www.wheelstandpro.com/
  2. THere is only one thing that made me sell my S to a forumite to get a X. Although the compatibility is being upgraded constantly by default you will play the XBOX ONE games as S on the series S, that means that you will play games under 1080p. Depending on the TV that might look kinda bad. But other than that it is an amazing machine and very well designed. I kinda miss mine. The X is a bit like a scary monolith in my room.
  3. And I was thinking... Xbox does not need any fps boost it needs a fighting games boost
  4. Ok im finally getting my Series X today. The S is really nice and neat but runs most Xbone games as "S" and I'm too old for 900p or less
  5. I am playing Ori now, the combat is so so. With the main weapon being kinda random and enemies throwing tiny projectiles at you. It feels like an old sega game with more style than substance. But it is still a very enjoyable experience. God bless gamepass lol. Shame gato roboto is gone I might get it after all.
  6. I have just ordered a financed series X through 4gadget. It went through and it said my order will be with me in 3 days so I guess they have stock
  7. daifuco

    It Takes Two

    If you are looking for a review to show someone else the game (maybe the potential game partner). I seriously doubt there is a better video than this review.
  8. As much as I love my Series S I guess the X suits me more. More than sheer power it's the better xbox one backward compatibility what am after. The Series S/X stock alert looks pretty dead. Is there any queue about when there will be some availability? Of course I'm not in a rush at all. But looking forward an upgrade.
  9. There is some logic with using the S as a dedicated gamepass console I must admit if I had to purchase Dirt 5 now to play it on the S... I would be slightly annoyed because it looks a bit too blury (just a bit). And paying full next gen price to play the blurier version, it is not ideal. That being said I'm really enjoying my time with it on gamepass. If I buy any game on the Xbox, will the game show up on my PC? I was surprised to see Forza Horizon 3 and Killer Instinct on the list of Xbox purchased games both bought on windows store.
  10. I started Yakuza Kiwami on PC last year and I feel like restarting it on my new SS but, ... the jaggies are gigantic! Up to the point they are distracting. I think the main flaw of the SS is that it runs xbox one games like a one s. Also I think the upscaler of the SS and i guess SX is pretty horrible. here is the offender...
  11. Last week I went to my local Argos and pick a Series S as a impulse purchase , I did not even notice there was a shortage. Series S is great to cure my PC gaming snobbery. Less is more sometimes.
  12. I never though I was going to like my series S so much. First XBOX since an early 360. I am so shocked at the experience that I am getting rid of the gaming pc. I am saving my last years 5700XT and putting it in a external enclosure so I can always boost my laptop for some steam gaming.
  13. Maybe now Bethesda is in a good position to make a game with no legacy, expectations or fan service.
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