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  1. Rez Space Channel 5 Space Channel 5 pt2 Ikaruga Border Down Shinkigami No Shiro Bangaio (am I the only one who thinks this title is over-rated?) Grandia 2 Bleem - MGS+Tekken+Gran Turismo Psyvariar 2 Samba De Amigo
  2. "Game Over" should have a section dedicated to this as part of its new edition...
  3. Nintendo's president actually emphasised the need for the company to come up with a new mascot...
  4. One of the last games I bought was "Beyond Good and Evil". Quality game... If I may say so myself.
  5. Software, NOT hardware... It's like asking disney to release titles on its very own proprietry format. The market won't support it.
  6. The general consensus amongst the public is that nintendo games are designed for children... And please don't correct me with all the Eternal Darkness/MGS/RE/Metroid replies...
  7. Nintendo aren't in a position where they can only afford to cater for a "tiny niche" of the overall market, especially when the stakes are now so high. I've owned a GC for over a year and whilst I don't have any problems with Nintendo's (admittedly high) output, I can't see as to how their underperformance is going to bode well for future nintendo releases... Whether that be on the GC or on any other machine in fact. As boyatsea stated, Nintendo should stop relying on their forthcoming hardware and try to iron out their problems NOW. Because sooner or later, it really would be Bye Bye Boy. And
  8. Any company worth their salt cares about the image which it portrays to its consumers. How can you expect me to believe that most fanboys don't care about the marketing image of their beloved nintendo when we all know that it's becoming increasingly harder for company to remain competitve when their brand image "suffers" (ie here's another kiddy game). And I'm not pleased. I'm just tired of always being there and stating "I Told You So". Even I'm getting bored now...
  9. I'm not anti-Nintendo... I have my fair share of Nintendo games and many of them constitute as being in my all-time top 10 of all time... 10 best games of all time (in no particular order) ================================== Legend of Zelda: A link to the past (Nintendo) Super Mario Kart (Nintendo) Super Mario World (Nintendo) Super Mario 64 (Nintendo) Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo) Metal Gear Solid (Konami) Sensible Soccer (Mindiscape?) Speedball 2 (Bitmap Brothers) Radiant Silvergun (Treasure) Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sega) http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=66521&st=100 But I'
  10. And when the PSP really takes off... It'll be Bye Bye Boy! Don't ya just love it!
  11. Sorry... Got pipped to the post... (and no, I didn't see it)
  12. [04/01/05 12:39] Cube available in UK now for as little as £40... Games reduced to just over a fiver In what could mark the beginning of the end for Gamecube in the UK, major retailers such as Argos have started to sell the machine for as little as £39.99. Accessories and software are also being reduced across the board. Index, for instance, have been flogging Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for £9.99, Mario Sunshine for £6.99 and WrestleMania X8 for a mere £5.99, while Woolworths have been selling a selection of titles from the Players Choice range for £6.99. With both PlayStation 2 and Xbox having
  13. Nirvana - In Utero Sex Pistols - Nvermind the bollocks, here's the... "Mono" by The Icarus Line is a great album but not one of my favourite albums of all time (sorry... I currently love The Icarus Line).
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