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  1. Couple I've watched recently, both I'd rate 5/5 'Dave not coming back'. available on Sky. About a diver that goes to retrieve the body of a fellow diver who perished 10 years previously, best to go in without reading too much about it. 'Radium City'. currently available to rent on Vimeo for 60 odd p. About young women who got hired in the 20s to paint clock numbers with radium and what happened to them, the doc if from the 1980s so interviews those who recall what happened, utterly shocking.
  2. Yeah we are loving it, highlight has to be Naveen Andrews as Sunny.
  3. Two doctors I know both say Cardiac Arrest is the most realistic portrayal if that's available anywhere.
  4. All are now available to watch on demand, so so good.
  5. I saw Albert Brooks is in this season, gotta be playing Funkmans brother surely?
  6. What a great show, we watched 5 in a row last night, great TV.
  7. Tell me yours still says 'sit tight'? Keep the dream alive..
  8. Ditto…Bruce Dern..JK Simmons…what a cast.
  9. Just catching up, is it now possible to load and play PS5 games from external storage? If so what's the best one to get?
  10. Managed to acquire it and will watch tonight! Just finished hoop dreams which is also on iplayer, what a film.
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