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  1. All are now available to watch on demand, so so good.
  2. I saw Albert Brooks is in this season, gotta be playing Funkmans brother surely?
  3. What a great show, we watched 5 in a row last night, great TV.
  4. Tell me yours still says 'sit tight'? Keep the dream alive..
  5. Ditto…Bruce Dern..JK Simmons…what a cast.
  6. Ordered the 512gb at 1812 and it’s showing Q1 2022.
  7. Just catching up, is it now possible to load and play PS5 games from external storage? If so what's the best one to get?
  8. Managed to acquire it and will watch tonight! Just finished hoop dreams which is also on iplayer, what a film.
  9. This is on BBC iplayer, a must watch.
  10. This has been bugging me for years! Remember seeing this as a kid back in the 90s and couldn't remember the name of the film!
  11. Anyone apart from me not had an Argos dispatch yet?
  12. yeah- Fantastic movie. Also surprising seeing a guy I used to work with have a cameo!
  13. Going to watch it tonight, 100% on RT...
  14. Just got a text from AO.com that they are refunding the £10 delivery charge.
  15. X is instock for delivery on release day Go Go Go. https://ao.com/product/rrt00007-xbox-series-x-console-black-79481-291.aspx
  16. Is anyone still awaiting the elite strap from oculus ?
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