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  1. I went to see Diva but, frankly, she scared me a little. However Sly was crafting and he's awesome
  2. No, but I have Lionel and he's a keeper. Grumpy, posh old lion
  3. Does anybody want a spare Jail Bar recipie? It doesn't seem to come up much so thought I'd offer before consigning it to the pile.
  4. Sorry, missed this last night. Pesky real life. No worries about the statue but I'll add your friend request
  5. I'll take the fake Tremendous Statue if it's still going? Not sure if you're on my friends list though?
  6. Bellville has Celeste trapped on the beach next to the airport if anyone needs a recipie. Please water my flowers outside the airport
  7. On my way! Grabbed the Flowery Painting, I need it but you can have it if you need it?
  8. Bellville is open with Redd if anyone wants some fake tat. Please water my flowers outside the airport Redd has; Fake Quaint Painting Fake Moving Painting Fake Motherly Statue He is also selling; Corby Trouser Press (not disassembled) Throwback Container (green/yellow)
  9. Once or twice, usually with all fake shit. Or that seems to be most people's experience
  10. I keep getting a three note chirp interacting with some villagers, is this when you've maxed out their friendship stat?
  11. Open to friends, Hippeaux is crafting Golden Casket. Please water flowers outside airport
  12. I have Celeste if anyone still needs a recipie today, she's trapped on the SW beach. Please water outside the airport if you visit
  13. Oh yes, a visit from the AntiRedd would be marvellous. My last visit from the real one was four fakes again.
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