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  1. Up to chapter 9 in Like a Dragon, Returnal is next. This and Metroid are for Christmas.
  2. Very are doing them for £249 (Pay full price and account credited with £50 on dispatch). Oculus get!
  3. While not new, the experience you can now have at home with an affordable VR headset boggled my mind. The first time you experience using your hands to knock and fire an arrow and have it just work in Skyrim is something else - not to mention that you are (virtually) in the world as well.
  4. Nearly bought one in Currys this morning - must..wait..for..Black..Friday.
  5. That's what happens when you start a mission before knowing the area.
  6. This made me smile as well confirming to me my MP days are long gone.
  7. To be fair, they've been busy driving Fallout into the dirt.
  8. I'm in, but have decided to wait for Black Friday because I'll likely be seething if I don't.
  9. Yeah, the first one was a nice little game at the time. In 2021 - is anyone genuinely fussed?
  10. I bet it will be easily as good as all the new Predator and Alien films they make these days.
  11. Which version of the Quest 2 do you guys have, memory-wise?
  12. Fuck off, will you? I can afford it, that's the problem.
  13. Really not helping my willpower with posts like this.
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