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  1. PS5 disc and Demons' Souls. Haven't played TLOU2 yet so will pick that up alongside Star Wars Squadrons to try out VR on it. One X with Gamepass and a still unplayed RE 2 remake will fill any gaps nicely. Might wait until Cyperpunk gets it's next gen upgrade to dive into that.
  2. Read that and Tina Turner's voice popped into my head. As for the games, they won't stay at that price when sales start to take a hit, physical versions at least.
  3. Yep, full fat and headphones, payment taken and done. Have a Shopto order so I'll see what happens supply-wise, but I suspect I've got one at GAME unless they get no consoles as their in-shop pre orders don't start until 8am tomorrow. I'll see who's offering the best price on games before laying down for DS.
  4. I genuinely thought I wasn't bothering this year after the presentation. - little details like that can make a difference.
  5. Yeah, I've still got my 1X and it's cool for GP and the odd blast on COD. Other than that, I see no reason to buy into next gen MS right now. I was hoping Halo would blow me away and get me on board. Hopefully they'll do that next year and I'll but the Series X. The Series S being relatively cheap just isn't a selling point (digital only is also a turn off). By the same token, if DS isn't a launch title, Sony haven't given me enough reason to jump in just yet. Otherwise, both would just be boxes sat in cupboards waiting for games I want to play on them.
  6. Sony: So if I'm hearing you right, you want more about Bugsnax and Godfall, yeah?
  7. Saw a MGS rumour last night. I'd love to think Sony have said, look, you tossers, here's a bag of cash to let you let us make some of your IPs this gen. Unless Konami have major plans to gear up/fund console game production in the near future, I don't see how they lose out.
  8. That wouldn't seem an odd thing for an actor to do at all, I'd have thought.
  9. Or they can't in good conscience recommend it any more as the Series S represents such good value for money and direct you to site for MS preorders.
  10. I'm curious to see if they explain how VR will continue for existing owners past 'it works'.
  11. Surely they could be a bit more vigilant and have someone look for black bits before they fry them.
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