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  1. Had they been naughty dogs?
  2. Yep, I may not have my finger on the pulse but, Suicide Squad? Eh? Can't wait for all the 'kooky' and 'sassy' one liners.
  3. Mid - nineties Surrey. Come on, Nintendo.
  4. Not to mention the Vita owners who felt screwed over by Sony's less than enthusiastic support of the thing before abandoning it. Try selling that again. They've made a really convincing start with VR and the catalogue of games is superb. Keep growing that and leave the handheld thing to Nintendo. Everyone wins that way.
  5. I'd imagine PS5 will be hugely successful and I'd want them to focus their time on games for that and getting a spangly new VR headset up and running. I'm in the minority, but I've not used my Switch since finishing Mario Odyssey.
  6. So it begins... glad I waited now.
  7. Open world games that are primarily interested in telling you a story rather than you having fun playing a game. MGSV got this absolutely right, in my opinion, with a big world that wasn't needlessly huge and more toys and ways of approaching things than you could shake a stick at. Things like RDR2 where having to stand in the exact spot to start a sequence the Housers want you experience felt old and dull and as soon as you deviated from their plan, you failed.
  8. This and Raiders of the Lost Ark on the 2600 earlier in the year which had taken since Christmas 1982 to complete. I can still also hear the sound effects of Jetpac, Manic Miner, Cookie, Pssst! and Attic Attack in my head.
  9. First thing I saw him in was his Napoleon in Time Bandits. Seeing him in Alien on VHS about a year later freaked me out.
  10. The Last of Our Summer Wine II
  11. Red Five standing by... a Wendy house.
  12. There's something quite sinister about that image.
  13. I'd be guessing next spring for this at the earliest.
  14. Only got PSVR, unfortunately.
  15. I just want a Death Star trench run in VR.
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