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  1. Forgotten about that - yeah, that would seem the logical order.
  2. Looking like this could be their big spring release if they're getting this sort of thing rolling now.
  3. Bloody hell, this ruins cinematic mode for you by starting you in performance mode. There's no way I could play for any length of time in it now.
  4. I've just taken my time with 1-1 and am ready to start fresh with the boss tomorrow night. No deaths yet but a couple of arse clenchers when my timing was off. Bluepoint have done a fantastic job with this because it really must be a tightrope to walk. It's also a testament to the original team that they made a truly fantastic game that still holds up today.
  5. Probably say the reply to your complaint is on a Yodel truck and they'll get back to you with a tracking number at some point.
  6. I'm really looking forward to really getting down to this tonight. It's everything I hoped it would be in terms of presentation and feel.
  7. I think you may have had a vastly different experience had you known that. Knowing's the trick though.
  8. I always try to get endurance up quickly (as you can end up a sitting duck without it) and usually tend to value speed of movement over armour as I'd rather just not get hit versus getting hit with armour on. It's about what you're comfortable trading off.
  9. I always tried to be stealthy around them and then close the gap quickly. They have patterns, If I recall - played it a bit like MGS. Only got as far as the Nexus in this as I was too tired last night.
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