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  1. They should just show both, like 2Dand 3D. I suspect it will be having a short stay in most cinemas by the sound of it.
  2. Not to mention Cliff from Cheers, Mr Bronson from Grange Hill and Mr Waldorf salad from Fawlty Towes in ESB.
  3. Death Stranding still on the go followed by (yet to play) RE 2 and Astrobot.
  4. I never did really until the first Modern Warfare but the hours I sank into that were scary. Such incredible fun that I can't now imagine never having played.
  5. From the outset it felt rushed. If I remember correctly, the reason it's become a Christmas thing is that Abrams wanted more time for the story and they gave him an extra six months rather than looking at the long game and saying we go when it's right. You can't do that indefinitely, but six months for something they want to develop and grow was silly. Kathleen Kennedy gets the brunt of most of this, but Bob Iger was probably the root of the time issue, I'd wager.
  6. It's not required for the online element of this game.
  7. I've said this before but why did they not get Rogue One out first, which would have given everyone the nods and winks Disney seem exteremely fond of? That would have given them time to plot out the character arcs and fine tune the story. After that, having different directors may have not been that big a deal.
  8. I thought they were doing a remake with Trump as Twiki for a minute there.
  9. I can't wait to see Rose Tico tell Holdo " There's something out there, Admiral...and it ain't no man."
  10. It's an amazing experience in VR, keep going.
  11. I think he was having Padme over and Palpatine's gone and jizzed all over his bedroom again. He looks quite chuffed with the reaction he's got. If you look closely, there seems to be some sort of cybernetic wanking device over Palp's right shoulder.
  12. Not a big fan of these latest films, but for all those people banging on about bringing Lucas back, see above and remember.
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