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  1. Fuck me, they've only got ten minutes left.
  2. I'd trade the whole lot for RE8 VR mode but I can't see it happening.
  3. So, realistically- Returnal, R&C, Deathloop, Resi Village and a few PS4 bits and bobs, eg a couple of small VR things. I'd trade the whole lot for RE 8 VR mode but I can't see it happening.
  4. That's really off-putting for me - especially when you know that's coming right at the end. I don't have that sort of time these days and don't want to reach the end with that as my 'reward'.
  5. I'm fine with a wire if it means performance is rock solid. Playing world 3 of Astrobot last night made me very happy about this announcement as you just know the sequel is already probably well into production. Buying the headset the minute it goes up for pre-order.
  6. I'd love a remake of Snake Eater in the Fox Engine.
  7. I think Fusion and Zero Mission feel much better to play than Super Metroid.
  8. You take that back right now. It was utter shit
  9. Not alone - I haven't even finished BOTW. I liked it but it felt slightly hollow just collecting bloody seeds and fighting a differently coloured variation of an enemy. I loved the temples to start with but after a while I'd had my fill and was happy to move on. Like a lot of open world stuff, it felt a little bloated with fluff.
  10. Good job they landed the Stubbs deal, then.
  11. He did, they just left it out of the subtitles.
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