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  1. Not worth it at all. I got a brand new 128g last December for £250.
  2. Down the well in the Capital.
  3. I thought it was a Mr Benn game with that YT play icon overlay.
  4. 108 hours on the clock and the game just kept expanding and getting better/more interesting as I played last night. Astonishing depth and breadth - how the hell do they follow this up?
  5. I went in at 90 and it felt ok. Those knights are annoying but just don't aggro more than one and they're fine.
  6. Loved the Capital so far - downed a couple of bosses without much hassle but I think I've got a fair bit to push through still. Just hit the 100 hr mark and I've still got so many places I've discovered to return to, let alone what else is out there. At my current pace, I think the credits will be a couple more months at least.
  7. Resi VII is waiting,,, best not dawdle.
  8. Which version of the patch blocked it off?
  9. I've no intention of buying one at any point, so disappointment isn't an issue but I remember trying to play the GBA on a train or outside and it was pretty much pointless most of the time. The fact that they announced it doesn't make it a smart decision.
  10. No backlight? Brings back memories of the original shitty GBA screen - seems like a pretty crucial oversight in a device that you can take anywhere.
  11. He's linked to a quest, if he's the one I'm thinking of.
  12. Those first few lines about something being eloooosive did it for me. He just looks constipated a lot of the time.
  13. I want them to buy Metal Gear and ask Kojima to make one for them every gen and give him whatever he needs to do it. I'd love to see how he'd iterate on the foundation of Phantom Pain.
  14. Not on my bloody PS5, they haven't.
  15. I accidentally found out last night when looking up the area I'm currently in that I've triggered something else by resting in an area I'd found earlier. I think you may have possibly done the same thing (or not). The resulting option (or lack thereof) felt like "How the fuck would anyone, bar the devs, know that?"
  16. Hit seventy-three hours last night and I think I've rinsed enough to go into the Academy tonight. There are just so many structures in The Lakes that I can't seem to reach at the moment, so I guess this is where I have to go next.
  17. I think Valve actually stepped in and got it running at a locked 30fps by tweaking a few things.
  18. Thanks, dude - hadn't written in the cards (totally forgot) All is now well.
  19. It happens in a few places - you will hear it eventually. The first instance for me was on the WP on some cliffs.
  20. Just finished Season 3 - leave it there and it's perfect. Best telly since The Wire.
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