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  1. I don't agree with that, but I do agree that they did a great job on pc (random crashes aside of course), the general framerate and lack of slowdown I encountered were great compared to Arkham City.
  2. Yep, agree also, the gliding and grapnel boosting was one of the most satisfying parts of Arkham City, being able to dive and pull up into a soar, the fine level of control you have over your flight path, it's a forgiving mechanic that requires just about the right level of skill to traverse the city quickly, I loved it. The sound effects and feeling of momentum were just right and the parachuting way the cape unfurled after each grapnel boost is an effect I never get tired of.
  3. I'm really annoyed at the combat system now, in the middle of the and the fact you cannot cancel out of strikes into counters is making the whole thing just frustrating to play. I can't accept the fact that this was done on purpose, it just makes the game combat flow poorly and isn't fun. Exacerbated by the fact you spend almost all your time in the game in combat.
  4. This. The changes to the combat are baffling, and the only positive change I've noticed are the introduction of a few new enemy types. The introduction of a certain new gadget in combat that is used for crowd control is really weird, it seems to be incredibly ineffective and just make fights more confusing when used. Crowd control is redundant when the only thing you have to worry about is countering and most tough enemies are immune to this new gadget. They also retained (in my opinion) the worst aspect of Arkham City combat, the powered up freeflow gadgets.
  5. One thing I've noticed is that they seem to have swapped the usefulness of the two aerial attacks. The plain aerial attack is very quick in Origins, in AC it was very difficult to pull off without getting hit. The aerial attack redirect (where you bounce off one enemy onto another) is now very slow in origins and looks like a takedown, whereas in AC it was extremely quick and rarely ever got you into trouble in combat. Very odd how some attacks seem arbitrarily changed..
  6. Hmm, I'm disappointed, there are barely any new combat animations that weren't in Arkham City, and some of those looked cool as hell, I was hoping there would be a few new ones. Also from playing combat maps for ages in AC I notice that the counter system is way less forgiving, enemies seem to attack constantly and you have to counter right away. That's not inherently bad but I find myself constantly waiting to get out of massive counter repetition before I can continue to actually attack. Got it set on hard as I played AC so much, I don't know if that is affecting how the counter has such a comparitively small window of opportunity.
  7. The action scenes towards the end are very reminiscent of Akira indeed. It's not a bad film at all, I agree. Not an awful lot to it but it held me attention and the special effects were great at parts.
  8. I believe Coogan was 27 or so in The Day Today, or not far off. So you're now in Partridge territory age wise
  9. It's good to play in 60fps, but don't forget it disables a lot of ( or possibly all, I can't remember ) online features that really contribute to the game. Not just invasions and co op, but also the messages on the floor. If It's your first run through then consider 30fps. edit: this is regarding dark souls.
  10. Yep, got to New game +2, I'm pretty sure that's the limit of how far I can get in the game. Definitely a fine experience.
  11. Started New Game + tonight, and it is destroying me. Level 150 and I can barely survive two or three hits.
  12. What a game, bought it last Saturday and have had a cracking time with it so far.
  13. Good video, definitely made me think more about the issue. I believe it has been touched upon, but suppose that the unconscious expression of sexism is the element that requires fixing. If we accept that many people agreeing on something does not make it true, and there is no formal logical way of asserting morality in this, surely an attempt to correct it however well intentioned or however many people are in favour of it could be rejected? Even if it is true that a large number of people were offended or annoyed, the person accused would be able to claim the right to rebuke any attempt of correction out of hand, or for that matter so could anyone who sympathised with those premises and arguments? tbh at this point I'm mostly playing devils advocate as I'm trying to get a bit more educated on this.
  14. Fair enough, I probably misused the word crime to be honest, I'm not too hot on these issues. I think why some get so annoyed at this is because they fear an accusation ( condemnation in general, not just law ) over something which to them is innocent. It's an issue that will provoke a strong response.
  15. Alex I see where you're coming from with this, but I believe that is a false analogy, the situation you propose and the the words makes it too different to successfully assert that if one is wrong then both should be wrong. Having watched the clip, I thought it sounded slightly creepy, but I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt. If you whip up hatred and judgement for issues like this, as a society we'll pay for the rope that hangs ourselves. A society which is constantly self censoring, and indicting other people in crimes of speech that are entirely unintentional is not one which I would feel happy in. I'm not too certain on all the implications of the situation though, the fact that so many people are offended and interested in is certainly something that we should be thinking about carefully. I may be wrong on these thoughts though, I'm reading this thread and learning a lot about perception of stereotypes.
  16. I don't think I could stomach being a proponent of his to be honest he doesn't deserve defence, especially since I may be misinterpreting him.
  17. Yeah Thunderfoot makes some valid criticisms, but then goes full stupid. I think he's approaching the videos from a completely different angle, particularly the parts where he alludes to her thinking being unscientific ( which I don't believe is valid ) and the assumption that she is making specific claims rather than draw attention to repeated story problems.
  18. Do you mean playable role? The Boss from mgs3 is probably one of my favourite characters of all time, and consequently also my favourite female character of all time.
  19. Yep, I too am enthralled with these sort of combat games. If they tack on a few more bells and whistles, some advanced combos or specific moves to take down specific enemies then I'm sold.
  20. Upgrade the shield and weapon as much as possible, then armour. I am currently running with a two hand zweihander and grass cress shield which gives faster stamina regen. Since I stopped levelling my strength from 16 I just use the shield for the status effect.
  21. I have Bioshock (original) key, if there's anyone who doesn't already have it still in existence, pm me.
  22. You can't farm the gold pine resin until much later in the game, from some mushrooms in the forest. Not sure if you can buy it anywhere.
  23. I'm not sure I'd accept that definition of misogyny although I can see where you're coming from. The maxim I would apply would be "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." Some people don't notice problems, and some that notice don't work against it. I infer from that statement: someone who does not propagate sexism but doesn't work against it is a misogynist. Which is a problem as there is no set of definitions for sexism. Personally - despite reading about feminism and broadly agreeing with feminist movements over the past ten years I would reject many of "Tropes vs Women in video games" definitions of sexism. I'd also like to point out at this point that this is a sensitive topic, and I'm just trying to become more educated in this, I don't know if I'm right or if I'm wrong.
  24. Thanks, for me that will be a good method so I'm not being distracted. I'll still have to scrounge a bit to get ammo and money for upgrades though so it's good that I can turn it back on to save me the time playing the boring bits.
  25. Ultimately the looting for ammo and food doesn't fatally harm what is otherwise a cracking story and good game, however, it is often a waste of time. I think I spent about 30% of my time looking round environments at barrels and desks to get money, almost as a compulsion. That doesn't need to be in this game, I should be compelled to look at the stunning architecture and details, not at a loot window. And any argument that you don't need to be constantly looting falls flat as the game seems determined to make objects shiny and attract player's attention away from everything else. I watched my girlfriend play this for about an hour yesterday and she was looting corpses in the middle of battles with bullets flying around her. Having spent the last hour of intro running around environments and being trained to do so it seems like that sort of player behaviour will happen. Hopefully they'll integrate a better ammo/ health /money system in the next dlc or next game
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