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  1. I believe the developers have stated you have one mission with the ships that is mandatory, after which you can pleasantly ignore it. Despite the whole thing looking very cool, that's probably what I'll do, I hate side missions that aren't in keeping with the whole stabby stealthy core of the game.
  2. Can't wait to play this on Pc, don't have an Xbox or I'd be playing it right now.
  3. Thanks very much for drawing attention to this, just watched it and it was fantastic. I think it lies in a weird area between brass eye, the thick of it, and possibly facejacker in terms of comedy. Utterly brilliant.
  4. I used to love Disgaea (the first one) until I met its online community. I believe I was lambasted by them for referring to the demon girl as Etna when her Japanese name was Etona. The game calls her Etna though! After that I swore myself to a life of lurking.
  5. I've set everything to minimum or off except for vsync (though I did try that with medium settings to no avail) physx is off. 1920x1080. Not sure what's going on. I can't recall the settings it was at for the hd5770 ( a vastly inferior graphics card) but I seem to recall them being set pretty high and it was still playable. I shall try the GPU settings and then call it a night.
  6. PC Master Race talk inc: Just got a GTX 560 ti upgrade from my trusty old Radeon HD 5770, tried to take it for a spin with arkham city but surprisingly noticed a massive framerate drop to about 13 fps whereas before it would be around 30 most of the time with 1920x1080 resolution. Any tips for optimising? A quick search to see if there were any issues with the game and graphics card combo turned up nothing
  7. I've really been enjoying it, I was crushingly disappointed with Civ V Vanilla, this feels more like the kind of game I expected. Still runs like a turd though, even on a well specced pc.
  8. I still prefer Curse of Monkey Island to the previous games in the series. Glad I got that off my chest
  9. If any of you are following the game's development, you probably saw a lot of the recent footage from Ubisoft at E3. Starting with a simply gorgeous trailer http://youtu.be/-pUhraVG7Ow and a nice gameplay demo http://youtu.be/gZrklEy9ohQ There was also a trailer for some marketplace bollocking about on the WiiU http://youtu.be/3AgcKKjxDME And to me at least a perplexing video of some ship action. http://youtu.be/TpBL-g9-Ss4 To me it looks very atmospheric so far. They seem to be maintaining the usual high standard of graphics and immersion. Stylistically the main character completely fits with the landscape and era while still maintaining the Assassin look. The combat system still looks awful, if you are dispatching anything other than grunts with the ease at which the gameplay trailer shows then I will be very unimpressed, as 2 and Brotherhood (but admittedly not so much in Revelations) gave very little reason to engage in actual stealth and hiding mechanics when you can take out entire platoons with little trouble. I do like the idea of having to survive firing lines before attempting to melee, could add a nice dynamic to the game with some fast decision making to get into cover. Couldn't care less about being ON A BOAT, side mission or not, it looks impressive but exceedingly dull to me. If they pull the usual Ubi crap with having me buying up towns and micromanaging assassins/ships, or having to spend more time on horseback and boats than actual stealth kills then I will probably demote this series to the part of my brain labelled "forget if you like". Also I don't know how to embed videos, so if someone could point me in the direction to learn that, i'd be most obliged.
  10. I'm really looking forward to this. It's PTA after all.
  11. Thanks for that, it looks pretty good on normal settings (for a ps2 era game) I did however have to get pinnacle game profiler for control mapping, a program I recommend to anyone trying to get an old game working on an xbox 360 controller on pc.
  12. I really can't stress this enough. They made Robin bad-ass in Arkham city. I've never seen a cooler incarnation of Robin, he's just enough different from Batman in the dlc fights and stealth challenges to be really enjoyable. Also you can punt thugs off ledges with your shield. If they have a few of his gadgets used intelligently (Rocksteady don't let me down!) then i'd consider it an essential purchase.
  13. I just got Prince of Persia (SOT) and am looking forward to basking in some nostalgia. Was going to buy a new ps2 after my last one knackered, so this is a bonus!
  14. I find Bane's new voice extremely unsettling with a great haunting quality too. I liked the first version of the voice also, but the adjustment doesn't seem to have affected it for the worse (from the very limited amount I have heard). There's potential for this to become a truly memorable villain in terms of the Batman movies.. really looking forward to seeing it.
  15. Scan have always been very good on returns in my experience.
  16. Got this on Steam today, 3 hours or so in, I like it so far. The den defence was ok, but I don't really want to repeat it in a hurry. I like the hookblade alot, seems like it could be fun to master. It struck me while playing it how damn lucky Ubisoft got when they made the Ezio character, pretty much the most compelling reason for me playing this game is to see how his life has panned out. I love the assassinations and climbing obviously but a lot of the other features seem like fluff. Seems like very little reason to bugger around with bombs when you can get almost everything done with the hidden blade. Also the control scheme has been improved alot since ac:b, separating ranged weapons from the melee weapon button is a godsend.
  17. I also have ac rev coupons available, I've used one for myself, I think there are many floating about.
  18. I watched "It" when I was eight or so, and still have the image of Pennywise in the sewer biting towards the camera burned into my brain. Thankfully I never developed a fear for clowns.
  19. Many of the agents lines in Serenity are favourites of mine. "This is a good death.. there's no shame in this..." I think for such a simple line, the delivery was inch perfect.
  20. During the stealth sections is it still possible to pull thugs off ledges using the batclaw like in arkham asylum? I've tried it a few times with no luck, except it seemed to pull them into the rail and temp stun them.
  21. Just re watched that part, yes you are right, perhaps I was looking for a redeeming feature.
  22. I'm not sure If I remember it correctly, but at the point where a tear rolls down the girls face as the audition ends, did the judge also have a tear running down her face? Perhaps I didn't see correctly.
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