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  1. I just watched 15 million and would go so far as to say it had a powerful emotional effect on me, I could feel my heart breaking when the girl had to strip with all the viewers shouting encouragement. A powerful statement about the sexual bias of the media combined with crowd mentality. I saw a few parallels with Brave New World, openly commercialised and encouraged (rather than furtive) sex, obsession with constant activity, main character wanting to feel something 'real' instead of some packaged emotion. I'm very grateful to have some good thought provoking shows on TV recently.
  2. One thing that irks me in new game plus is that the counter prompts that appear over attackers also disappear in cutscenes, so I'm always trying to remember if I need to counter in the cutscene or not. I'm fine with it in combat though.
  3. Downloading now, i'll be playing it tomorrow. But do tell so I can read up on it before I get a chance to play.
  4. steam://install/57400 doesn't do anything for me, is that a command to set steam to download and install that's accepted by the windows prompt? I'm not too au fait with Steam to be honest.
  5. Same, it has disappeared for me too.
  6. I believe it is available for free online. (not pirated). Edit: found a link http://www.rockstargames.com/classics/
  7. Yep, another here that loves the fighting system. Makes you feel like you are controlling an agile and immensely strong character, which fits the Batman perfectly.
  8. The oppressive atmosphere really reminded me of "Cube". I liked it.
  9. I'm losing faith in this remake by the minute. Need to see James Marsden, if he manages to convey the sense of repression, timid anger boiling under the surface of the protagonist, then I'll probably like it anyway.
  10. I know the jingles have always been a running gag in A&Js show, but my god Adam's jingles are beginning to grate. Also there seems to be about ten different features in the show. Made up jokes should probably be put to death by now. Also I say this as one of Adam Buxton's most avid fans!
  11. Perhaps a bit like Kevin and Perry go large. That did well.
  12. In the four or so years I've been listening to Totalbiscuit he has appeared to actually embody his cynical, bitter and angry character. I find him very hard to listen to since he "made it". Also in the same way that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence his rants on raiding would require extraordinary experience of hardcore raiding. Still.. great show.
  13. Looks good, will watch now. Instantly thought of how difficult it would be to communicate with a race descended from humans if they took very few of our concepts of language into the future. You'd have to do something along the lines of Sagan and SETI and begin to communicate on the basis of mathematics etc.
  14. I have enjoyed 3d in a few films so far.. others not so much. Currently the technology is in a birthing period, there are going to be some hits and some misses. Also if it leads to holographic technology in anyway, I'll forgive all the useless 3d films released over the past year. If there's no holodeck by the time I'm 60 I will be pissed.
  15. I feel like I'm missing out on some massive in-joke! Space paedo did make me chortle though.
  16. It's definitely Flight of the Navigator! We accept no further entries!
  17. Thanks all! +1s all round!
  18. Hi all. I have a film stuck in my head that I want to watch again but can't for the life of me remember the title. I think it was released in 80s/ early 90s. About a kid that gets abducted by an alien ship, then they are somehow on the run together (the kid and the alien) from the government and the alien is some sort of benign robot. The alien ship carries the kid a mile up into the atmosphere to escape government officials. There's a scene where some sort of alien pet eats the kids cap off his head, and the ship has weird morphing steps.. Thanks all
  19. Watched it, some good shots, wasn't overly impressed. Mixed bag.
  20. I had assumed that being a much more recent movie it would be more gruesome, then again american production. Also the fly with jeff goldblum was a great remake, I just hope this one wont be crap like most. Changing the english villagers to rednecks is a pretty nice touch.
  21. Great thread, I've read great things about Sagan in the past, and his name was known to me. I'd also seen the "Blue Dot" video but this collection is fantastic and a great introduction.
  22. Leccy

    The Valve Thread

    I'm not up to speed on this, what does ARG stand for here?
  23. Leccy

    We Dare

    Still, a family newspaper featuring sexism on page 3 (and any other they can fit it into) is still fine. God I hate "The Sun".
  24. "Don't you ever, ever, EVER, EVER EVER...." I never thought we would get another dose of Alan Partridge as good as the old series.. now we have
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