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  1. Back in 2003 they had an issue where all the reviews included the score as a " ? out of 10 ". Seem to remember it not being that popular. The scores were still listed somewhere near the back of the mag so you could still check. I liked edge being my buyers guide as well as all the informative and high brow pieces they did. They even explicitly stated that their review of Matrix Reloaded was a buyer beware review. They did a dumbing down update in 2006 or so and I never bought it again. Back on topic. Only revolutionary games of course. I would probably exclude about 4 of them right away and stick in Goldeneye for good measure.
  2. Leccy

    We Dare

    "Wii finally breaks into attractive upmarket suburban swingers demographic shocker." Everything about this is creepy, there's a point where blondie looks at her boyfriend inches away from nibbling on the lips of brunette, and if you look really closely you can see her heart break in a rush of repressed insecurities and a wish for plain old missionary monogomy. The actress is amazing
  3. I feel left out, I didn't get most of Kid A, and I don't get most of this album either. I'll happily admit to being a cretin.
  4. Jesus Christ - society is doomed. Also +1
  5. Leccy

    TV Offal

    Remember watching these on late night telly in my youth, I remember almost crying with laughter. Victor Lewis Smith is incredibly funny, though he does tend to repeat his jokes rather a bit.
  6. Leccy

    Learning c++ ?

    There are so many programming languages, different development kits, different editors/ version control I think it's pretty brave of you to decide to learn outside of a degree.. as it still confuses the hell out of me. One thing you might want to learn about is how the different programming paradigms work and get a feel of what an Object Oriented design, Functional design, Prototype programming is by just going through some short examples you can find on the web or in textbooks. Learn a tiny bit about Java so you can see a bit about Objects since it's much easier than C++ and shares alot of the syntax, you can even start opening some windows without mucking about with graphic APIs. This will help you learn alot. Have a go at some Prolog to learn some about logic. Then go nuts on C++ and whatever else takes your fancy that the industry is currently raving about. Please do get a feel for all the different paradigms and you'll have a more wide view about programming and how developers design their stuff.
  7. /facepalm guess I'll be missing out on all the midnight madness. Oh well, nothing but fighting over mob spawns and a lot of lag.
  8. Pardon my noobness, but I thought the actual discs were only released on the 13th (tomorrow), or am I completely wrong as usual?
  9. Yes it's all very "diary in Resident Evil" isnt it? "Killed friend, cos he was ugly!"
  10. Fantastic world event! By now I've probably done more to spread the plague than the lich king himself. Even tried to infect Thrall. It didnt work.
  11. argh, I just sold my DS too, someone tell me it's shit.
  12. Going through a phase of playing sniper on this, it's fun to play a different class every now and again, and to progress from being constantly killed to finding all the strengths they have to take advantage of, though usually I just choose soldier for the crit rockets My steam id is Leccy, I'll probably be on nightly this week.
  13. I could never figure out the levelling system, the weird roulette wheel to add stats did my head in. This is good advice though, it's a difficult and counter-intuitive system, and confused me too much to continue after I worked around 8 hours in. What I did see was beautiful though.
  14. Laughing at the new tooltip for blind powder. Sigh. Why did I buy all that fadeleaf!? Edit: So I hear there's new pvp rewards? Better epic 70 items for honor points, or did I just imagine that? Where can I buy them?
  15. I guess i'm too used to hitting walls with my sword to find the bombable ones. I still don't think it was a good clue, I kept trying to bomb that weird floor, and dig it up.
  16. Brilliant game, in my opinion Ico can't touch it, but that's just me. Replayed it again twice since loving it back in 2003.
  17. Just finished, lovely, if somewhat short. Highlight: Lowlight:
  18. Soloed them as a same level rogue! Phear! </boast>
  19. The issues are certainly there, although you may not experience the Vanish problem, it's a latency issue apparantly, and unfixable (that is unless vanish was made to work like feign death or gave a brief moment of invulnerability -imba). When you vanish while taking hits from someone, you can lose stealth instantly. In combat log it looks something like "You perform vanish" "You gain stealth" "You lose stealth" I kid ye not, many reports all over the forums. It used to be classed as a bug, now "Working as intended", without any changes... Strange huh? From horde side, a feral druid will always have a higher stealth level than you (due to Night elf racial), 3 points in feral instincts to get "Apply Aura: Stealth Level Modifier 15". For the 5 points invested in Master of Deception you get exactly the same (Except you pay 2 extra talent points, and it isn't located in a viable tree). Some rogues don't like the fact that the stealth class will almost always have less stealth value than a hybrid class, I guess I dont mind that much. As for subtlety being "unviable", I don't like the tree as much, but the trend seems to be Combat Maces for Arena, Combat for PVE... so what's the point in going subtlety.. except to pick up a few accessory talents. I honestly don't care about it all that much, but the issues are there, and I know to avoid them. Anyway sorry for derailing, I hope you'll realise I'm talking about the same class in due course. Preferably a photograph of the look on your face when Vanish does nothing in the middle of a battleground.
  20. Ho hum, subtlety still isn't viable (Though still fun to play when all cooldowns are up), Vanish is still broken, and MOD still gives us less Stealth than a feral druid. </whine>
  21. Leccy

    Rogues & maces

    Seriously thinking of switching to maces, mutilate just doesn't seem to be cutting the mustard any more, and apparantly only combat mace rogues are valued in the arena (because resilience removes alot of the combo building and crits of assassination and subtlety trees).
  22. Thanks mate, I was about to edit my post though, after carefully rereading the thread, it seems it was mentioned earlier. Perhaps I'll post my interface here when im done configuring.
  23. what is the mod for a circular healthbar like that? it looks brilliant, and since all I do is pvp, could well be very useful.
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