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  1. How do I make this notification above the map go away, other than actually completing the objective? Cant figure out any way of getting rid of it and I find it too distracting. Even stays there when I’m in a race and not just in free roam mode.
  2. Have to say I’m loving this. It’s just an unfussy great shooter.
  3. I really need to watch Lower Decks season 2 before that vanishes.
  4. Thanks for organising this as always. Feel like my list is a tough one this year. So much good stuff I’ve listened to.
  5. Yeah I followed this after someone from Abbeydale shared something from one of the victims. Did you see the original collective statement from the various UK brewers though? Where they still planned to attend and then realised how bad it looked and had to back down and finally pull out a couple of days later. https://www.instagram.com/p/CU-FmrKqzsG/?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/CVA23TlNIpk/?utm_medium=copy_link Really disappointing from some of the big UK craft names. Think Kernel were the only ones who had already pulled out and didn’t put their name to it I think. Seems like there’s also information out there about similar issues at Wylam and Northern Monk which don’t seem to be being addressed either.
  6. Add me to the list of QoS apologists. As someone who is a fan of Bond films as their own thing, QoS is the most traditional of all the Craig films in terms of structure (despite it following on directly from Casino Royale). I like it has a short and zippy runtime unlike the other bloated Craig films. The action sequences do really hurt it with the quick cuts all over the place every half a second but it’s vastly underrated in my opinion. Skyfall is one I just cannot get on with as a Bond fan, but weirdly one that a lot of more general cinema-goers seemed to go nuts for. It just meanders all over the place and the final act is a big miss for me. Tried too hard to weave all these callbacks to the series and then obviously Spectre ramped it up to even more ridiculous levels although weirdly I still prefer it over Skyfall.
  7. I love doing a bit of digging into stuff like this. https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/mr-j-priday-v-elemental-digest-ltd-1400583-2020 He had an unsuccessful claim for unfair dismissal that he lost earlier this year and he was ordered to pay £37k costs. Not long after is when he resigned his directorships.
  8. Always focus on Asterius first in that fight. You can largely keep out of Theseus’s way and then handling him on his own is much easier.
  9. Thanks @cassidy @Jamie John - I do remember that now from before. However, I’m almost certain I do have one thing of that in my inventory but it doesn’t seem to let me offer it like I do with nectar.
  10. I’ve gone back to this on Switch with everyone talking about it again and enjoying it just as much. I only managed a couple of escapes before moving on to something else. A question on the nectar. I’ve got a few of the gods to one of those padlocked hearts, but I’m not then sure what to do to “deepen the relationship” and feel like the game hasn’t made it obvious to me (albeit I’m probably an idiot and missed something staring me in the face).
  11. Blackpool are back, baby! Just hoping for survival to be honest. Quite confident we can do it but still need one or two through the door who will strengthen us in a couple of areas.
  12. OneDvBmbr

    The Punk Thread

    Perhaps more at the emo end of things, but this Origami Angel record is the best punk-adjacent album I’ve heard for ages. Isopropyl Alchemy, Neutrogena Spector and Caught In The Moment are standouts but for a 20 song album it’s tight all the way through.
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