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  1. I’d let a bit of a stash build up at my local shop. Looking forward to tucking into this.
  2. Lincoln must be seething at that. Would have been exciting for it to go down to the final day if Lincoln had held on and won in midweek. As for us, play-offs almost secure although a defeat at home to Donny on Tuesday and it’ll get my arse twitching ahead of the final day where anything could happen even though we’ve got Bristol Rovers at home.
  3. I’m not expecting sweeping changes but I think you’re being a bit too cynical. It’s a first step and something unifying a lot of football and wider sport, so that’s a start. Some companies have said they are pulling paid ads from social media this weekend, so it has the effect of hitting these companies in the pocket which is ultimately what will drive change. Sure, there will be motives that are done in self-interest, but my opinion is it’s better than nothing.
  4. I certainly won’t be posting anything over the weekend and have moved my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter apps to a folder away from my main Home Screen to try and avoid the automatic reflex of opening them.
  5. I gave MLB The Show a try for the first time last night and will definitely try to give it a good go. I am a casual baseball fan having got family in the San Francisco area and going out there for work at least once a year (pre-Covid) sometimes taking in the odd ballgame. I found the pitching alright using I think the precision method but had no joy at all with the batting (think it was the directional method). Could not hit the ball for love nor money. Then again playing as the Giants, who are terrible, it put me up against the Dodgers, who are very not terrible, in the in
  6. I’ve got two of the Jack D’Or on save with my local bottle shop. Jealous of the glassware. Really need to get along to the brewery at some point being local.
  7. Sapienza free for limited time in Hitman 3. Edit - having loaded it up tonight, it’s not the main mission. The bonus mission instead.
  8. I did the Dartmoor Elusive Target last night. I was a bit too impatient to get Silent Assassin but still managed to take him out without anyone noticing and got the painting too. Feel like it’s the easiest ET I’ve done but perhaps helped by knowing that Dartmoor level so well and it being fairly small.
  9. New Lucy Dacus single for album coming out in June.
  10. I’m waiting for a deal on the first Hitman too (on Xbox). I think it was £8.99 at one point so hopefully it will bounce back to that again. Meanwhile I’m still getting lots out of the levels in 2 and 3 with still a fair few mission stories to complete. Hopefully by the time I’ve done that the first game will have been on sale.
  11. I got a bread maker last week, which was a late Xmas present from the parents as I’d not seen them since October. One of the entry level Panasonic ones I think. Did a whole meal loaf last week which was OK but did the first basic white loaf today and really pleased with how it came out. Tasted good too.
  12. That time again for another bottle shop run. Not finished the last batch yet either...oops.
  13. Talking of toilet roll, that’s the one thing my wife always used to buy a 4 pack every week without fail whether we were running low or not. I’d always complain and so in mid-February I actually counted how many we had...29! We had a wager and I said if she stopped buying we’d still have enough for months without running out. We settled on 1st April as the cut-off - she was sure it would be even earlier than that. As of today we still have about 13 left, so I should be doing double or quits for the 1st May and I’d still easily win.
  14. Yeah, only done the first two levels but this is great fun.
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