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  1. As someone who currently only owns a Switch and no other console, the Series S is a seriously enticing proposition at that kind of price. I’d probably just use it as a GamePass machine.
  2. Halt and Catch Fire is right up there for me. The way it changes every season really helps push the show forward and at only 4 seasons it’s not a huge commitment either.
  3. I got this last night and had a blast once I switched to L/R mode. For some reason though leaderboards would not work, said I had a network issue, which is strange considering I had just downloaded the game via the Switch’s internet and then played Tetris 99 after with no issues. Anyone else run into leaderboard problems?
  4. Bad news if you’ve already bought it but they’ve taken 10% off in the indie sale!
  5. I’d have preferred a delay to the year in which it’s going to be set.
  6. What a mess. Can’t see the season finishing.
  7. Absolutely typical that this is the one thing not delayed by COVID-19. Have we not suffered enough?
  8. I’ve just ordered another box from Thornbridge which seems like really good value - £40 inc free delivery for a mixed case of 18. I think they’re all beers I’ve had before (Untappd tells me I’ve had 40+ unique beers from them) but in my opinion they’re all solid or better. https://shop.thornbridgebrewery.co.uk/collections/mixed-cases/products/the-ultimate-summer-pack I promise I’m not on commission!
  9. I’m not a big lager drinker, but I got a mixed case from Thornbridge towards the start of lockdown which had 4 cans of Lukas in, and they were absolutely cracking BBQ beers. A really smooth and refreshing lager.
  10. I’m on hole 435 so far and no impossible ones. I did have one that I thought was impossible and took me about 30 shots, but yes I can imagine it’s frustrating when you do come across one that is obviously not possible.
  11. I’m loving Golf On Mars. I put countless hours into Desert Golfing and this is more of the same relaxing grind and the new spin feature works really well to make some very satisfying shots. Just lovely.
  12. My wish is for a period Bond film set in the 60s.
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