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  1. This is quite sad. Kelham Island were one of the pioneers of the real ale scene that helped kick off the craft beer revolution I would say, so it’s a shame they will be disappearing. We had all Kelham Island beers at our wedding as we got married around the corner and one of the first birthdays I had together with my wife she took us on the brewery tour day which has fond memories. Even now Pale Rider is a classic of the style, but I think they just haven’t adapted and they were maybe seen as being too old fashioned. I really don’t think their rebrand a couple of years ago did them any favours though. They tried to modernise the labels but I think it made them look a bit cheap and lost some of their identity. Sounds like the Fat Cat will be staying open thankfully, which is a pub I’ve spent a lot of time in over the years.
  2. I was kind of expecting the delay to be longer, so this is fine.
  3. I took the easy way out when I figured it was one of those words. Wordle 282 6/6
  4. We finished this last night. Overall I really enjoyed it, but perhaps not quite as strong a finish as I’d hoped. Well worthy of watching though.
  5. Possibly, but I’ve been tempted by some of the N64 stuff and this way I can get both.
  6. I think that looks better than I was expecting, so will definitely upgrade my Switch online for this I think.
  7. No you could have still had Lucky one for me today Wordle 270 6/6
  8. Wordle 265 6/6 Bit of a heart stopper this one with my streak at 48 going into this. Had to eliminate 3 out of 4 possible letters with guess 5.
  9. Wordle 251 5/6 Can see today’s tripping up a few people.
  10. Managed to get half an hour in just now before putting the little one down for a nap. Got chambara twice and one session of bowling which I went out narrowly in the first round of. Can’t see me playing much of chambara but I actually thought the motion controls worked pretty well. It felt responsive and fair. I didn’t get enough of the bowling to understand the controls as well as I’d have hoped. I kept releasing the trigger to let go of the ball as I was sure that’s how it worked on Wii, but not here. I didn’t necessarily feel like I had as much control over the angle and spin compared to Wii Bowling but with only 6 throws it was difficult to tell. Annoyed I didn’t get a chance to do the tennis, but it’ll still be a day one purchase.
  11. A shame this is hidden away on Starzplay because it’s fantastic in my opinion. Up to episode 5 now which I think was maybe the best yet, or certainly since the first. Wish I’d known it was weekly though which would have made me wait until it was all available and therefore only need to sub one month. Think I’ll get stung for 2 or even 3 and not much else on there I really want to watch.
  12. Got very lucky today because I was nowhere near and made some really stupid guesses using letters that couldn’t be there. Also guessing words I didn’t even think were words because I struggled to know what would fit. Wordle 244 6/6
  13. Panic deadline day signing?
  14. I still haven’t been able to do the skipping rope moon. Only one I’m missing. Even tried the exploit of moving the letter and couldn’t manage it.
  15. I finished this at the weekend and overall had a really good time with it. None of the later bosses gave me too much bother (on normal at least) and I thought everything from The Road onwards was actually great so not sure what some of the complaints were about there. The only section I felt was a real grind was the Nexus/Command Spire bit which was too much indoor time for me. Looking forward to getting back into the multiplayer now.
  16. I’m at The Road now. How much longer have I got? The last section I did was a bit of a grind and quite looking forward to getting it finished.
  17. There were 7. But the last two definitely a lot weaker.
  18. Getting my arse handed to me on the gondola sentinels section and I’m only playing on normal. Must have failed it at least five times last night. Is there something obvious I’m missing?
  19. Great work @ngchol Do you have a list where it excludes albums that only got one vote? Think you might have done this in past years but no worry if it’s a faff.
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