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  1. New Lucy Dacus single for album coming out in June.
  2. I’m waiting for a deal on the first Hitman too (on Xbox). I think it was £8.99 at one point so hopefully it will bounce back to that again. Meanwhile I’m still getting lots out of the levels in 2 and 3 with still a fair few mission stories to complete. Hopefully by the time I’ve done that the first game will have been on sale.
  3. I got a bread maker last week, which was a late Xmas present from the parents as I’d not seen them since October. One of the entry level Panasonic ones I think. Did a whole meal loaf last week which was OK but did the first basic white loaf today and really pleased with how it came out. Tasted good too.
  4. That time again for another bottle shop run. Not finished the last batch yet either...oops.
  5. Talking of toilet roll, that’s the one thing my wife always used to buy a 4 pack every week without fail whether we were running low or not. I’d always complain and so in mid-February I actually counted how many we had...29! We had a wager and I said if she stopped buying we’d still have enough for months without running out. We settled on 1st April as the cut-off - she was sure it would be even earlier than that. As of today we still have about 13 left, so I should be doing double or quits for the 1st May and I’d still easily win.
  6. Yeah, only done the first two levels but this is great fun.
  7. I’ve just had the Koel It Nectaron with my Friday night pizza and really enjoyed it. They just don’t miss. Such a great addition to the Sheffield scene where we already have a strong brewing market.
  8. I wouldn’t be so sure. I think my first escape was on attempt 35-40 but it took me until about 12 to beat Meg for the first time. The next boss is easier in my opinion so once you crack Meg you’ll feel like you’re making good progress.
  9. Today’s haul for me. Thought I’d only got 1 of each of the SMOD beers put aside, but wasn’t going to refuse a 2nd of each.
  10. Anyone dithering over picking this up before it gets removed from the shop? I assumed I would take the plunge but not sure I can be fussed now with the mixed response to the way it’s been put together. I never played 64 but did enjoy Sunshine at the time and only played probably 10 or so hours of Galaxy.
  11. @neoELITE You seem to have sunk a bit lately but we do have a habit of drawing lots of home games against midtable and lower half teams. I see Ryan Hardie seems to be out of the team again lately. I was a bit disappointed he never got a chance with us but we had a big turnover of the playing squad in the summer. Listened to an interview with your owner on the Athletic podcast a couple of weeks ago and he came across really well. Similar to our owner who also manages a hedge fund firm and originally local but now lives overseas (Hong Kong in our case).
  12. Blackpool are on the march! After our terrible start it’s taken us ages to get ourselves in the mix despite being good for most of the season. Set for an exciting run-in now.
  13. Wreckfest has been my Game Pass highlight as a new Xbox user. Fantastic for a quick blast and something I would never have bought separately.
  14. I gave up on the GameCube when it got to the Triforce shards. I understand they fixed that in the remaster, no? If so would be tempted to play this again on Switch.
  15. I wouldn’t say I preferred it but I did still really enjoy it as its own thing. Definitely got better after the first season too in my opinion but think some people had given up by that point.
  16. I’ve finally started a save box with a local bottle shop and I’ve got that Thornbridge/Beak collab as my first save. Looks like another 2 SMOD beers are due imminently too so they’ll get added as well. Have to say I wasn’t crazy about Mr Sisyphus but did still enjoy it.
  17. I know people were generally down on Treme because it wasn’t The Wire, but I loved the theme song, and the soundtrack in general.
  18. Even smaller than that I think. I actually found an old photo, which I’d put a rubbish Instagram filter on, and it’s hard to tell the scale. And looks like it was 17, not 18. I did say I had hazy memories... I remember it being pitched as one half being a “California” flight and the other half “Belgian” style.
  19. I had Biere de Mars last night and thought it was fantastic. If you close your eyes you can imagine being in a bar in Brussels.
  20. I’ve added you on Xbox Live. Might not be able to join tonight but would be up for joining other times to play this. Edit - cheers for adding us. Still very new to my Series X in terms of online and parties and had no clue what I was doing, plus had a nightmare with my daughter so couldn’t really come on mic. Tried joining the game but it said server full. Next time!
  21. Ooh, Russian River. Would need to get in on that. I visited the brewery in Santa Rosa a few years back with my cousin before I appreciated what a big deal Russian River are and attempted to do an 18 beer tasting paddle but fell short by a couple as there were some very strong beers included. Sadly it was before I was using Untappd so I have no record of what I drank and the memories are a little hazy. Great pizza at the brewery too.
  22. I remember when I was studying in Germany we had a house party and bought about 20 crates of an awful lager called Oettinger because it was so cheap. In fact I think you would often see it on those maps of “most popular beer in each country” representing Germany as it was just a student party staple.
  23. Playing on Series X last night and it would just not let me go into the online mode. 2nd time this has happened. Has anyone had this? Don’t feel like it’s any issues on my side. I just pressed A and...nothing.
  24. The online is annoying when you have to spectate a game that’s only just started, then have the 2 minute countdown for people to pick their car. I’m usually messing on my phone during all that, and then it starts very quickly once you get into the race and I’ve not realised until someone is ramming me from behind.
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