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  1. Count me in, code in signature.
  2. OneDvBmbr


    64,280 but still only 15 rounds beaten.
  3. OneDvBmbr


    57,800 now. I just can't get past 15 rounds won though.
  4. OneDvBmbr


    55,180 15 rounds won
  5. I've been drinking a lot of Rothaus here in Germany. It's fantastic stuff, both the pils and the Hefewiezen. Another good German beer is Furstenberg. However, the local brewery here is called Ganter, and it's terrible. Problem is most places serve it purely because it is the local beer! But yeah, this is perfection:
  6. OneDvBmbr


    Well, it's up now on iTunes, I didn't have to wait long at all!
  7. OneDvBmbr


    What's the ETA on iTunes availability?
  8. 1. Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me 2. Bayside - The Walking Wounded 3. Ima Robot - Monument to the Masses
  9. Thanks for the games the other day kscheibl. I'm around now if anyone wants to play?
  10. I'm often around for a game. I invited you once and you rejected it! And what level German oral? I could probably give you a hand while giving you a thrashing, I'm living in Germany as part of my Uni course at the moment.
  11. On Yahoo: caw4000 Are we going to use a specific room? This Ameoba Lounge one?
  12. OneDvBmbr

    Wii Play

    I picked this up from Gamestation in Blackpool on Thursday. They also had it in stock at Woolies too.
  13. Bloody hell! Only just spent £29.99 on this! Oh well, hopefully it'll be money well spent regardless.
  14. Got mine from Amazon today and I can't stop grinning like an idiot. Had a few games of Wii Sports, after having created my Mii and I'm having a blast. It's all so brilliant, I love the interface, the Wiimote works really well and even my sceptical Mum was enjoying a bit of Tennis, despite being rather appalling at it. I'm just downloading the updates for it and then I'm right back on the Wii. I think I'll try Excite Truck next...
  15. Cheers. Ordered using forum affiliate link.
  16. Metroid Prime was my first foray into the Metroid universe and to be honest it blew me away. I kind of bought without reading any of the hype so the experience came even more as a shock. I thought the difficulty curve was pretty much spot on. I've never been the best at adventure games, and whilst it challenged me, I never thought any particular section was beyond me and the only thing that really tried my patience was Ridley, who took me a fair while to beat. Other than that though, I thought all the bosses were a joy to take on. I never really got to grips with Echoes though. I think I got to around 35% completion, and I just stopped playing, I can't even remember why. I'd struggle to remember anything from that game apart from the bloody annoying Dark Aether, which I didn't enjoy. I might go back to it at some point. Can someone convince me it's worth doing?
  17. I have a plethora of GameCube pads though, and at the moment I'm only planning on getting MK64 from the VC. I know the GC pads are compatible with the N64 games, but would I benefit more from a Classic Controller? I'll pick up a 2nd nunchuck at a later date however. I'll get one when there's a game that requires one. What about an SD card? Is there one in particular that people would recommend? I've ordered Excite Truck and the custom soundtrack sounds pretty appealing considering the reviews the default music has been getting. One more thing, where on earth is Wii Play available from? It seems impossible to get hold of online. I guess it means risking the streets of Blackpool later in the week.
  18. Ah, thanks for that. I wasn't aware of this. I've actually decided to hold off on Zelda for the time being. I'm heading back to Germany in a month until July and won't be able to take my Wii with me, so I'll hold on until the summer before immersing myself in an adventure game. As for the component cable, how much difference does it make? Is it compatible with all TVs? And as for an extra nunchuck, do I really not need one? I'm never likely to play more than 2-player, but I have one friend who I'm likely to be playing on the Wii a lot with? I know the nunchuck is used for Wii Boxing, it's used for SSX Blur too, right? I guess you're suggesting the nunchuck is not worth investing in just for 2-player Boxing? If that's the case I'll hold off until I pick up something that takes advantage of it.
  19. I managed to bag myself one from Amazon, finally! Now just a case of what to buy to go with it. I don't want to spend much more than £300 and definitely no more than £350. I'm thinking: Wii Play (mainly for the extra controller) Twilight Princess Excite Truck Extra Nunchuck Wii Points Card Anything else I should be looking at?
  20. WE6:FE on the GameCube, best football game in my opinion.
  21. I've also been using the wiipreorder.co.uk tab since Friday, but not managed to get hold of one yet. A few have come up, but only in some rather weak bundled packages. I guess I'll keep trying.
  22. Now this is what I wanted to hear. Burnout 2 has cost me many hours of my life, and by comparing Excite Truck to it, I'm now definitely going to buy this. Just the issue of trying to buy the blasted Wii itself now...
  23. Just tuned in for the repeat, and instead it's Best Of Top Gear, I'm guessing for two reasons. One because of the numbers of complaints the level crossing segment got on first air, and secondly because of the level crossing death this morning. I did see it the first time around, but thought I'd rewatch it as there was nothing else on. For those who missed it the first time, it wasn't the best episode so you didn't miss much.
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