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  1. HTTP download up but I'm still waiting for the Torrent...
  2. If you like Rise Against, then may I recommend The Lawrence Arms, Thrice, One Man Army, Billy Talent and Against Me!. All good band who may appeal to you.
  3. Expensive! You're lucky to find any GC titles here for less than 45 Euros.
  4. I live in Freiburg and here I think there's a fairly decent games presence. Ok, so there's no dedicated games shops, but most of the large department stores have a decent range of stuff on offer. Saturn is probably the place which has the most stuff, Mueller also has a big games selection, and then places like Karstadt and Galeria Kaufhof also stock games. Wiis are readily available from what I've seen this last few weeks, and unbelievably even the GameCube is still heavily supported.
  5. Or in German translates roughly as "without a centre". Nicely ambiguous, wouldn't you say?
  6. OneDvBmbr

    Cube titles

    Here in Germany there's still a healthy range of GC titles on the shelves, although the price is still rather high. That said, I always thought the UK prices were high even before the Wii came out. The prices just never dropped significantly.
  7. I agree about Walt's abilities not being explained, but letting Walt go seems easily explained to me. Michael made a deal with The Others to bring Jack, Kate and Sawyer to them, obviously needing Jack for the surgery and in return they let them both go. Would it not make sense that Ben valued his life more than that of Walt's? That said, once they had Jack I guess they didn't really have to honour their deal with Michael, but there you go...
  8. Surely the reason for taking the children and Walt included is pretty obvious? There is obviously some sort of fertility problem on the island, thus why they recruited Juliette to try and solve it. It would appear she hasn't been able to, and therefore they keep taking the children to bring up as their own to carry on whatever sinister research The Others are up to. Simple, isn't it?
  9. OneDvBmbr

    Brand New

    I only saw them in Munich, but apparently the setlist has changed massively since then. I've spoilered it in case you'd rather be surprised, but they're now playing:
  10. Is it just me or is Ronon Dex one of the most boring characters ever? Even Ford was better than this guy.
  11. "Next time you hear the beep, think of the fun you could be having....on Supermarket Sweep" camp.jpg
  12. Fuck...I'm Dead Smoking Popes
  13. Only half? Fucking get in there. While they're at it, can't they just do away with the back stories altogether for the exisiting characters? Tomorrow's back story may well have something of interest in it, it's Juliette's right?
  14. OneDvBmbr


    Hmmm, I'm worried. After the first four episodes, I was not bowled over, but I still had some decent expectations. Now, I'm really not so sure, I don't like where it's going at all.
  15. OneDvBmbr


    What are the chances of Mike Novick coming into the show as Vice President? That's my prediction for this season.
  16. OneDvBmbr

    Brand New

    Here we go, my write up of the gig from the other night in Munich. The setlist was: Sowing Season Guernica Jaws Theme Swimming Quiet Things Luca I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot Sic Transit Gloria The Shower Scene Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis No Seatbelt Song Jesus Christ Soco (Just Jesse Lacey - acoustic guitar) --------------- Degausser You Won't Know Tommy Gun (with a massively extended bridge) Play Crack The Sky (Just Jesse - electric guitar) I don't think Play Crack The Sky was originally part of the set list, but one girl screamed for it during the ENTIRE gig and at the end Jesse said he was playing it for her. I would have liked to have seen more of the newer stuff, but I think they called it right. I'm not sure if the album is readily available in mainland Europe and the new songs didn't seem to be as well known and so many more new songs might have not been received all that well. They probably balanced it just right. Plus, it was the first time I'd seen them anyway, so whatever they played was fine by me really. The Luca-Spin Light-Boy Who Blocked section of the show was probably the highlight for me, all three were performed to an unbelievably high standard and the crowd really got into them. The two songs performed solo by Jesse were also truly amazing, and he was really getting into it. In fact, the whole gig was really intimate, the venue must have been no bigger then 200-300 people and so it was all really personal. Jesse Lacey said he was carrying a bit of an illness (As he was in Germany, he assured us it must have been the French who gave it him!) and so wasn't sure if he 'had it in him' to sing Luca, yet it was one of my highlights of the night. Hopefully his minor illness won't affect the rest of the tour. Overall, I was completely blown away. I was very lucky to see them in such a small venue and it easily ranks as one of the best gigs I've ever seen.
  17. OneDvBmbr

    Brand New

    Just got back from Munich after seeing them last night, will do a full write-up later tonight or tomorrow. But in a word....WOW!
  18. OneDvBmbr

    Glassjaw Split

    Don't go resurrecting old topics and scaring me like that! Took me a while to realise this topic was over two years old. It went against what I knew because they're apparently working on their third record at the moment. I can't wait.
  19. OneDvBmbr

    Brand New

    So Luca's not bloody boring anymore then?
  20. This is a great point. I can't for the life of me work out why there's never been a great reduction of GC games. There must be so many sealed games out there in warehouses, but they'll never sell at the relatively high prices they still hold. If a lot of GC games were available for 10-15 quid there'd be so many more titles I'd be buying. It seems silly. On the point on availability though, it's a totally different issue here on the continent. GC games are still easily available in my town centre as are many accessories. The prices they command however are once again pretty high. Whatever happened to price being dictated by supply and demand?
  21. OneDvBmbr

    Brand New

    Got my Munich tickets through the post today. Will be seeing them in eight days. How excited am I? Incredibly so! Even the tickets themselves are bloody amazing, they're like made of plastic! As for the album itself, two months on and I'm still listening to it an awful lot. I think the only track that I really haven't got into yet is You Won't Know, but 11 out of 12 isn't bad, especially when the other 11 are so utterly fantastic. Anyone else seeing them this next month?
  22. As a self-confessed GC fanboy, I could go on forever, but I'll try to pick out just a few titles that were special for me. Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution - For me, this is still the most balanced and playable version of the series thus far. It controls like an absolute dream, and it being Winning Eleven has eaten so many hours of my life that I've lost count. Whilst later games have added positive features, such as the offside rule, I find some later versions a bit sloppy to control whereas WE6:FE has amazingly tight controls that always reward the better player. A classic. Super Monkey Ball - The standout launch title and something of a surprise at the time. It came out of nowhere really and I only bought it due to the launch being rather poor but this was a gem. Kept me occupied for countless hours in multiplayer and the satisfaction of finally completing THAT level in single player...well what can I say? It was raw emotion. Metroid Prime - My first ever foray into the Metroid universe and a fantastic one at that. A brilliant adventure game with continously impressive locations (notably Phenandra Drifts) and intuitive controls. I thought the difficulty was perfectly pitched and only Ridley stood in my way for longer than a boss should. But even then it wasn't impossible and with more thought on my part I finally progressed to the final showdown and it was very memorable, as was most of the game. Pikmin 2 - The single player improved on the original in every way, the Piklopedia was just a superb addition, but what I really want to rave about is the 2-player battle mode. It's unbelievably overlooked and I can't remember ever hearing anyone else praise it. Playing it with two people of similar standard offers so much and it really is a tense affair. Added so much to the longevity of the title. Resident Evil 4 - I've still not finished this yet, having been wary of giving it a go as someone who in the past has not enjoyed any of the previous Resi titles. I finally took the leap of faith and my, was I rewarded. Simply superb, the first hour or so sets the tone fantastically and I thought the Consolevania review summed it up perfectly...it's the best game.
  23. Only eight days until I see them live. I cannae wait.
  24. OneDvBmbr


    It was meant to be, but he was replaced by another actor. I can't remember the details, but Izzard's definitely not in it.
  25. Bayside Not exactly upbeat, but they do fit into the emo genre you could say, but not as 'scene' or as downright shit as Fallout Boy. Very good band. More shouts for Alkaline Trio and Brand New here. I'd disagree saying Trio are a mixed bag. Every album is top notch, even their latest somewhat over-polished record, Crimson. FHTI is probably the best album to start with, but hardly their best. Goddamnit and Good Mourning are albums everyone should own, if you can forgive my overexaggeration. Brand New are possibly my favourite band at the moment. I think they've got better with each album, but from your original post it'd probably be better to start with the first album, Your Favourite Weapon. Deja Entendu is pretty accessible too, and the whilst the latest album is my favourite, it does take quite a few listens to get into.
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