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  1. Sorry for the misinformation guys. More waiting now, I guess!
  2. It seems Episode 7 may be 'out there'. In the process of grabbing it so can't confirm at this moment in time however.
  3. This won't ever touch Burnout 2. Never will a track be designed as perfect as Big Surf - it's just perfection.
  4. OneDvBmbr


    I'm just re-watching Season 5 in preparation for the new season. I'd forgotten how explosive the first few episodes were.
  5. Just got myself set up on this in case any of you are playing. My code is: 5068-9462-0988 PM me with your friend code if you're still playing it and maybe we can have a game sometime.
  6. I've just got a dongle and got myself online. My code is: 3479-8072-3889 I'll start adding people from the first post but not sure how many of you guys are still playing...
  7. I only just got myself set up online and I'm playing it quite a bit. OneDaveBamber - 051627-046161
  8. Platium GameCube? Wasn't there a red one over here too?
  9. OneDvBmbr


    Yup, it was just you!
  10. Lostprophets - Liberation Transmission I've been a long time fan of this band ever since their first record and I even thoroughly enjoyed their first major label outing with Start Something, which I thought was superb no pretentious all-out rock record. However the latest album is vastly inferior to anything they've done before. Barring one or two songs which hold their own it's a poor record with meaningless lyrics, weak vocals and does nothing at all new. A liberation it is not. However, for all of my complaints about the record, I saw them on their tour of the new album in July and despite it being the third time I'd seen them I was still mightily impressed. They know how to put on a show that's for sure. I'm just worried that their future records won't entice me to go see them again.
  11. Loved 2.5 Especially liked the nod to the Brian Blessed scene in CV 2.7
  12. OneDvBmbr


    I went to see them near Stuttgart on Wednesday night and they were very impressive. Muse are a band who I've never liked enough to buy anything buy them, even though in my opinion they've never released a bad song as a single. They're also a band I've always respected, and so when the opportunity arose to go see them then I couldn't really say no. Even though the venue was probably a lot smaller than most of the other legs of this tour, it was still a fantastic stage show, and the slightly smaller venue meant that even being halfway back I was still fairly close up. Highlights for me were Feeling Good, Plug-in Baby and Knights of Cydonia, although KOC was a strange one to open with.
  13. OneDvBmbr

    Brand New

    Untitled 3 actually has been re-recorded and is 'out there' under the name Coca-Cola. It is the B-Side to Sowing Season. However, whilst the tune remains, all of the lyrics have been changed and as a result is a rather disappointing song. For me, the two demos that have been recorded properly for the album are a great display of how a raw song can be well transformed into a polished tune. I wasn't particularly a fan of either Demo 6 or 8 but Sowing Season and Luca I really like. I'm giving the album a lot of playtime, and the only thing I'm slightly disappointed at is the fact there are two instrumental tracks on an album of 12 songs.
  14. I watched this in the cinema here in Germany and I was very intruiged as to what the Germans would make of it. For the most part, I think they enjoyed it, but there were a couple of moments where it was only me and my English-speaking friends who were laughing. I'll leave it to your imagination just which bits. I thought it was superb though, and this coming from someone who's never really enjoyed the TV programme. People on the street doing impressions still piss me off though.
  15. OneDvBmbr

    Brand New

    I'm really getting into it. As has been said, it would have taken a lot to be better than Deja, but this is still pretty special and has probably tipped the balance on my decision for seeing them in Munich in January. Standout tracks for me so far are: Degausser, Limousine, Not the Sun and Archers.
  16. OneDvBmbr

    Brand New

    Four songs from the album are 'out there' and sounding pretty good. Shaping up to be a decent album. I'm currently 50/50 on whether I see them in Munich in January or not. Anyone who's seen them before willing to push me in one direction or the other?
  17. Fry: "Now say 'Nuclear wessels'!" Walter Koenig: "No!"
  18. I don't think it's pushing it at all. At least the GameLife kids have passion for their subject matter and put it across in an honest fashion. These two idiots are trying their hardest to be funny, but failing miserably in being entertaining or informative. I want my nine minutes back.
  19. Oh my fucking god that was awful. I'd like to be constructive but that was one car crash of a show. The one saviour was the question mark at the end because I'd feel like chucking it all in now if I knew that was definitely going to be inflicted upon me again. I advise your friends to give up. Now. Even the GameLife kids were better than that.
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