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  1. Lostprophets' covers of Sweet Dreams My LA Ex and Cry Me A River are, shall we say, interesting?
  2. It was playing games late into the night with my friends that really got me into gaming, specifically the likes of Super Mario Kart, Goldeneye and LAN Command & Conquer, and there was a time that I'd only purchase games with a multiplayer option. In time I've also come to enjoy a good single-player game and have eventually started to work my way through Resident Evil 4 about two years late. But I digress... What I'm getting at is the wide ranging quality on added-on multiplayer modes. Some games are naturally designed for multi-player, with the aforementioned Mario Kart being a prime example, but what of those single-player games which have a multiplayer feature tacked on? Metroid Prime 2 is a very good example of the developer getting it horribly wrong. I'm a big fan of the game, but the multiplayer mode is weak at best and has barely had a play, which makes you wonder why they bothered in the first place. Conversely, you can get some real quality such as the criminally-overlooked battle mode in Pikmin 2. I've barely seen a positive thing written about the battle mode but I've spent countless hours on it and find it to be a wonderfully balanced exciting addition to an already superb game. Perhaps it's because the expectations going into it were relatively low given I'd heard nothing about it, but for me Pikmin 2's battle mode is a perfect example of real-time strategy on a console. Any thoughts?
  3. Chu Chu Rocket on the GBA. Too. Many. Puzzles.
  4. I've been a long time fan of theirs and would always stick up for them in the face of the 'boyband' comments because they have worked bloody hard to get to where they are, not just been manufactured, but from what I've heard from the new album I am slightly worried. I've seen them twice before and even though the last set I saw them play was too heavily Start Something-focused, they still put on an amazing show. Showmen is what they are, essentially. They are a band I would say you really have to see live to 'get'. However, as I say, I'm not sure if the next time I see them I'll be quite as impressed if this new album turns out as I suspect it may. There does appear to be a couple of decent tunes, but I hope the others grow on me.
  5. I'm surprised at you saying you were unimpressed by them live, because both times I saw them they were on top form and put on cracking shows. I'm not sure which Asian Man released record you picked up, but it again amazes me to see you slate it, particularly if the album is question is Goddamnit - their finest effort yet. If it was Maybe I'll Catch Fire, it's slightly more understandable, although give it a chance and it's a real grower. The self-titled album was also released on Asian Man, but to be honest isn't an album per sé, rather more of a collection of odds and ends, therefore not really showcasing the band to their full. I'm pleased to hear how much you liked Good Mourning, for me it's their 2nd strongest album and as you say, no filler to be seen. Crimson is also a decent album and I can see what you mean about slightly different styles within the album. It just so happens that as a fan of their older stuff, the likes of Mercy Me are what make the album in my view but there you go! Track of the album is I Was A Prayer by a mile though.
  6. A lot depends on the translation. Not sure who'd have done the translation for your copy, but a lot of the content is easily lost through poor translation. You're best reading the Kaufmann translations, or failing that in the original German.
  7. This man speaks the truth. Beyond Good and Evil is a simply superb book. Whilst a large portion of what Nietzsche has to say is absolute bollocks, the guy is really witty and I found myself chuckling along from start to finish. The way it's broken down into lots of small aphorisms makes it really easy to pick up too. Overall one of the best things I've ever read.
  8. I loved the series and the film, but I do believe you've just picked out the most cringe-worthy line out of it all. I'm a big fan of most of the humour but that one still irks me greatly when I watch the film.
  9. Yes! Another opportunity to relive the 1953 FA Cup Final. And there was me thinking that we'd been forgotten after all these years!
  10. Mike Park - For The Love Of Music The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow Mike Felumlee - 64 Hours
  11. OneDvBmbr

    Brand New

    So, it's now sometime later and there are 9 demo songs from their latest recording sessions 'out there'. Been giving them their first listen tonight and it's good stuff. Not quite as catchy as some of their other stuff but very good nonetheless. Go download!
  12. My flatmate recently said he'd never seen Die Hard. Needless to say, he is now dead.
  13. You mean Sheffield I take it? I also went, although I had already seen it at the cinema when it first came out. Obviously the Film Unit who were putting Serenity on were big Firefly fans, and the way they introduced the film with the message from, of all things, the episode 'The Message' and then the theme tune was pretty nifty, if a little (a lot) on the geeky side...
  14. All of them have to be better than fucking Lamarr though. He has to be the biggest tit on TV.
  15. Ban request: stephen129 It's one thing to post spoilers without spoiler tags of things in the latest episode but to post spoilers of things (without tags or some sort of warning) which haven't even been shown yet is fucking idiotic. If you know what happens why even bother watching you complete clown? Spoilers in tags from the latest episode should be how it's done, anything less is unacceptable I'm afraid.
  16. They are definitely worth seeing, yes. To be honest, it's not really my sort of music but I must admit I was blown away when I saw them live. For such a young and raw band their set was amazingly tight and the sound was fantastic given the small venue. Great banter with the crowd and some songs that you'll be singing the choruses too the first time you hear them. If these guys don't go huge on the back of their previous support of the Monkeys than I'd be very surprised. No doubt we'll get the usual "Oh they've just copied the AM and aren't anywhere near as good", but I saw Milburn long before I really knew much about the Arctic Monkeys and of the songs I've heard Milburn are the better band. Different strokes for different folks though, eh?
  17. OneDvBmbr

    No Filler

    Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit The Strokes - Is This It? Green Day - Dookie Amazing Device - The Quiet Room Lostprophets - The Fake Sound of Progress Ima Robot - Ima Robot
  18. I personally enjoyed Locke's "Bzzzzzzzz" moment with the dynamite more! The look on Jack's face!
  19. This is what really confuses me though. If the GameCube is dying a terrible death in the UK, and it would be fair to say that's an accurate statement, then where are all the cheap games? I haven't bought a GC game in ages, but there are a lot of titles I'd be willing to pay £20 for. How do GC titles hold their value when it's so damn unpopular? For instance, I've never been a Resident Evil fan, but I'd be willing to give RE4 a bash at the right price. However, when the cheapest I've seen it is £30...PRE-OWNED, then it's a bit off-putting. Is it just me who's having no luck finding the absolute bargains?
  20. Sheffield's 2nd best band at the moment. They just ain't as good as Milburn, they're really not.
  21. OneDvBmbr


    It's not a patch on Static Prevails
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