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  1. o/\o VS3 ver. 2002 is shit, but also awesome at the same time. My bargain of this generation at just £2.59!
  2. I also saw this on good old North West Tonight. Made me chuckle. Mother appalled at the behaviour of other kids yet seems to find no problem with her not-even-teenage son playing what is a very adult game. Go down on her hard ELSPA! (Cue many sexual jokes...)
  3. Mike Felumlee solo stuff is superb relaxing music.
  4. Probably Requiem For A Dream. I'd heard many good things about it, so when I saw it on DVD for £4.99, I thought I'd give it a bash. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great film, but it's not one I'm in a rush to see again. I'm not sure I could face it in all honesty. Left me feeling rather queasy.
  5. Had another bash at this earlier and upped my shine count some more Bianco Hills The Hillside Cave Secret I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I witnessed the Game Over screen for the first time ever in Mario Sunshine (rather nice, btw!) as I plunged to my death on four occasions! In my defence though, it was only because I was trying to get the 1-up near the end with a back-flip jump. Did it first time after re-loading to restore some pride! Ricco Harbour Blooper Surfing Safari 2nd time lucky on this one. I picked the wrong Blooper, and forgot you could jump parts of the course first time round, but on my second go I knocked this one off no problems. Gelato Beach Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret I always thought this was the 2nd shine on this level, and thus accidentally headed to the mirrors first, before realising my mistake. I'd also forgotten how damn annoying those Duck things can be. Getting shot up in the air consecutively is not fun. Once I got into the void level I managed to do this one first time. This is probably one of the easier void levels from what I recall, with plenty of solid platforms in between the sand ones to get a breather. As well as the three official shines, I also collected a few more in the hub of Delfino Plaza, such as the beach one, one for 100 coins, the guy who throws you, and the two crate challenges. I also got an extra one on Gelato Beach by squirting a dune bud which revealed stairs with a hidden shine picture to unveil at the bottom. Will continue my Sunshine re-experience tomorrow. Shines: 14 Blue Coins: 21
  6. o/\o I got this a month or so ago for the bargain price of £2.59. You're right, it is shit, but I still enjoy the game and at that price nothing was gonna stop me "Today's best goal....RAINBOW"
  7. Ban request: 3 year old on Daddy's computer.
  8. Oh, I'd agree. There are certainly far worse cameras out there, and hence why I merely said 'niggles'. At the end of the day, it's doesn't ruin the game experience. As you say, the problems I have are when I want to position the camera behind Mario, but directly behind him is a solid object. This causes it to shift back to its initial position. Slightly frustrating, but nothing too much to worry about. At least we get some say in where the camera goes as opposed to some of the awful automatic camera uses I've seen in other games.
  9. Played this last night and racked up my first 3 shines (excluding the airport one). Road to the Big Windmill I played around a little here before heading for the shine. I've not played this game for over a year, but got used to the controls again very quickly, although the camera seemed to annoy me more than I remember. I tried countless times to bellyslide under the waterwheel before deciding it was impossible because of some invisible wall. I then headed for the shine, but not before being hit by many ghost things. I was having some trouble pulling off that spinning water move! Anyway, got the shine eventually and left Bianco Hills, possibly my least favourite zone in the game. Down with Petey Piranha Dammit, looks like it's back to Bianco Hills again! Less goop around this time, so fewer worries about them damn ghost things leaping at me. I headed straight for the battle with Petey this time, but fell off once on the path up to the top on the bit where you have to hover round the big stem. This was caused by a frustrating camera angle, which it wouldn't let me manually correct. Second time lucky though, and Petey was dispatched very quickly to get my second shine. Gooper Blooper breaks out Ah, this is more like it. What a superb level. Things to climb on and bounce off everywhere. Especially had great fun with the flipping panels, although accidentally pressed the wrong button trying to activate a horizontal panel and fell down into a confrontation with my favourite ghost creatures and a mini octopus. Made my way over to the crates where the big octopus boss is hiding and having played the game before, knew exactly what to do. This knowledge still didn't prevent me being knocked off into the goop below by one of his tentacles. Thus ensuing a race back to normal water to prevent an embarrassing death! Had to take the long route back to the boss where I promptly finished him off So, there's my first 3 shines and this is definitely a game I'm enjoying replaying, despite niggles with the camera. Forgot how much fun it can be just sliding around on your belly and spraying the locals!
  10. Where was it at? Octagon? All the best gigs in Sheffield seem to be in the summer whilst I'm not there! FFAF are playing in early July aren't they?
  11. Dammit! The one time I'm actually around before everything is gone and there's either nothing I want or I already have it! I only bought the Donkey Konga pack about a month ago too Guess my 5,590 stars will have to keep waiting...
  12. Chu Chu Rocket. Best handheld puzzle game. Ever. TRUFAX
  13. Perhaps not, but it's just put me right off the game. I may go back to it at some point in the future, but I've got a lot of other games on the go at the moment that won't bore me to tears like that damn triforce malarkey will.
  14. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker So, you want me to collect 8 maps for the 8 triforce shards? And then you want me to go and collect the 8 triforce shards? Fuck. Right. Off.
  15. Way of the Rodent issue #64 has gone up in the last few days with a rather amusing commentary of Wipeout Pure for the blind. Cracking stuff and it's a part of their upcoming radio show, which I have to say I'm now looking forward to! Wipeout Pure for the blind
  16. Zelda: Wind Waker - There is no fucking way I'm chasing round after maps to triforce pieces and then the damn triforce shards themselves. You can fuck right off! Viewtiful Joe - Always seem to run out of time on the train, even though I know it's do-able. I will go back to this one after my exams I think Advance Wars 2 - Got pretty far into it, but these 10 star difficulty maps in the campaign are killing me. It's just...too...hard! Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - It took me months and months to kill Ridley in the the original but I've come up against a brick wall even sooner this time around. Again, once exams are sorted I'll have another bash.
  17. Crimson is out today people. Go forth and purchase. It may not reach the heights of their early stuff, but as usual with Trio it's still damn good. Standout tracks for me are Mercy Me, Dethbed, Settle for Satin and Smoke.
  18. These trapper bastards from Eternal Darkness pissed me right off.
  19. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day is very easy to learn. It was the first song I ever learnt to play on guitar
  20. The timer wasn't challenging though, was it? Who honestly played it right until the 30th day to get the last ship part? At the most it should take 20 days.
  21. How so? I enjoyed the first one immensely, no doubt. Yet the sequel has given me so much more. Far greater longevity, much more innovative bosses, awesome 2 player battle and then there's the charm of the Piklopedia. Just brilliant.
  22. Pikmin 2 - Just paid back the debt and watched the absolutely brilliant FMV sequence which followed it. I can't believe just how much of an improvement this is over the original. Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution - I've played this pretty much non-stop ever since I bought it about two years ago. As the owner of only a GC, this is the best football fix I can get, and the Japanese commentary is just awesome. Chu Chu Rocket (GBA) - Best puzzle game ever? It can't be far off. Will I ever complete the insane amount of puzzles? I'll bloody give it a go. Timesplitters: Future Perfect - I just can't get enough of cat racing! Or monkey curling! Nothing particularly new, but solid enough shooter in my book Burnout 2 - I much prefer it to B3:Takedown, but then as a GC owner it's a bloody good job! Still racing Big Surf Shores constantly to beat my mate's total time of 4:53:00 which is proving rather difficult. I guess using the Custom Roadster isn't helping my cause, but the car is so damn sexy. Who needs the control of the Supercar?!
  23. Pardon my ignorance, but just who is Mark E Smith? To me it seems like they've just grabbed a tramp off the street.
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