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  1. The timer wasn't challenging though, was it? Who honestly played it right until the 30th day to get the last ship part? At the most it should take 20 days.
  2. How so? I enjoyed the first one immensely, no doubt. Yet the sequel has given me so much more. Far greater longevity, much more innovative bosses, awesome 2 player battle and then there's the charm of the Piklopedia. Just brilliant.
  3. Pikmin 2 - Just paid back the debt and watched the absolutely brilliant FMV sequence which followed it. I can't believe just how much of an improvement this is over the original. Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution - I've played this pretty much non-stop ever since I bought it about two years ago. As the owner of only a GC, this is the best football fix I can get, and the Japanese commentary is just awesome. Chu Chu Rocket (GBA) - Best puzzle game ever? It can't be far off. Will I ever complete the insane amount of puzzles? I'll bloody give it a go. Timesplitters: Future Perfect - I just can't get enough of cat racing! Or monkey curling! Nothing particularly new, but solid enough shooter in my book Burnout 2 - I much prefer it to B3:Takedown, but then as a GC owner it's a bloody good job! Still racing Big Surf Shores constantly to beat my mate's total time of 4:53:00 which is proving rather difficult. I guess using the Custom Roadster isn't helping my cause, but the car is so damn sexy. Who needs the control of the Supercar?!
  4. Pardon my ignorance, but just who is Mark E Smith? To me it seems like they've just grabbed a tramp off the street.
  5. The singer for this 'The Fall' outfit looks a bit worse for wear. Just what is he mumbling on about? Someone get him another drink!
  6. Karl Kennedy's 'The Alan Fletcher Band' are playing Wednesday 25th May at Walkabout in Sheffield according to some leaflet I got. Word out to all my fellow Sheffield people. He'll also be meeting and greeting and answering questions too!
  7. I've not got Elevator yet, but I do thoroughly enjoy Make Up the Breakdown. For all you enjoying Hot Hot Heat, there's another band, who are a bit like them, but in my view, about 10 times better. They are Ima Robot. Check 'em out!
  8. Here's some I'd recommend: Avenged Sevenfold - Heavier than what you write down, but some superb stuff Funeral for a Friend - Not spectacular, but pretty decent all the same Glassjaw - Maybe not quite as melodic as you'd like, but one of the best bands EVER Hundred Reasons - Shatterproof isn't a great album, but you may like Ideas Above Our Station Incubus - SCIENCE, Make Yourself and Morning View are very impressive. Avoid A Crow Left of the Murder like the plague Lostprophets - Start Something may be a bit poppy for you, but The Fake Sound of Progress is very nice
  9. As regards to those who say Goldeneye has aged badly, I'd disagree. I played this with a friend the other week and I had a blast. The graphics, whilst not brilliant, are still fairly easy on the eye and didn't cause me many problems. The framerate in single player was solid, as it was in 2-player multiplayer. There are problems when you up the number to 3 or 4 players, but that's to be expected on the 64 I think. However, we then proceeded to load up Perfect Dark and that wasn't as enjoyable. It didn't seem to run along at anywhere near a consistent framerate and was rather choppy. Quite headache-inducing too. Even so, long live Goldeneye
  10. For a comprehensive Alk3 release it is as follows: Goddamnit Maybe I'll Catch Fire Self-Titled - Actually has some of their earliest recordings. More of a collection of demos and odds & ends than an actual album From Here To Infirmary Hot Water Music Split Good Mourning BYO Split with One Man Army and then... Crimson. I've only heard Time to Waste so far as I'm waiting for the final version. I am very excited about it though. From Here To Infirmary is their 2nd weakest album in my view, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of Good Mourning and the splits they've released too. Hence, I can't see this one disappointing. Oh, and for those new to Alkaline Trio, I'd recommend getting FHTI first, then GM and then the newer stuff. Goddamnit is actually my favourite album, but FHTI is probably the easiest one to get in to, if you know what I mean...
  11. We have a winner! Well, in various guises of Pro Ev to be precise. The main culprit is actually WE6:FE on the GameCube, but PES2 on PS2 and PES4 on Xbox have also been responsible for the red mist descending!
  12. It's a multiplayer game. A good one at that, but as I've outlined above, a high-tempered and at times frustrating one.
  13. One of my mates is one of the worst for game-rage. In his time he's gone through about 7 controllers by smashing them against the floor, including an original Xbox controller. I mean, how sturdy are those beasts and he still managed to crack it in two! He also kicked a chest of drawers bare foot, and broke the door off. His final act of rage was trying to push me through the window. Thankfully, he's calmed down a bit since then! Any guesses as to the game which caused this rage?
  14. 1. From Russia With Love 2. Goldfinger 3. Goldeneye All the Moore films are so cringeworthy that I just can't enjoy them. Stop raising your fucking eyebrow! As for most underrated? I'd have to go with Tomorrow Never Dies. Not the best Brosnan film, but still quite clever with some nifty gadgets to boot. Best Bond girl easily has to be Barbara Bach in The Spy Who Loved Me.
  15. Expert 7 on SMB really was something that I thought was impossible, but after sitting down one night and going through it over and over for a couple of hours I finally did it. Had another go straight after and did it again. That right there was the elation after knowing it wasn't a fluke. After watching some of those incredible SMB videos going round the net I set myself a new challenge. Not to do Expert 7 quite as fast as they do, but certainly to miss out the first section by jumping straight onto the platform on the right, and I finally cracked it the other night. Orgasmic is not the word!
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