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  1. I let Sherb move out of my island too. I agree he was a bit of a whinger and when he said he was thinking about going I gave him the nudge in the hope of getting someone better. Hard to believe he’s one of the most valued.
  2. Open for the last half hour if anyone wants to sell. 517 bells. Code is 6SGC2
  3. Open again. 517 bells. Code is... Edit - closed again. Can open again after 9pm if anyone’s desperate.
  4. I was AFK for too long so it’s a new code now. Edit - closed now. Can open later tonight if people need to sell.
  5. Thanks, very kind! You didn’t have to.
  6. Actually, can open up again now while I’m on a conference call. Will be AFK but people can drop in. Feel free to also take any fossils. Dodo code is B5X8K (lost session so this is new) To recap turnips are 517 bells.
  7. Back to work now but I can open later and provide a Dodo code.
  8. Nakatomi is open to friends while I eat my lunch, so until about 1:30. 517 bells.
  9. I’m really struggling with that too, but enjoying it at the same time! I just can’t pull off the very last (I think) move. I always just miss the jump by a tiny margin even though I think I’ve done everything right. Will maybe try to take a clip later when I have another go.
  10. The Gene storyline always is just one scene at the start of a season though. I guess that will change in season 6 at some point.
  11. Played a few of the courses tonight and really enjoyed the ones I played. Nice balance between not being too hard but still making me feel like I’ve achieved something. Good stuff!
  12. Mine are 194 today but Nook’s Cranny is upgrading tomorrow so tempted to sell this morning as if the price drops this afternoon I’m probably stuffed when it comes to my own island.
  13. I just hope it isn’t overly Cunk-heavy as that character has been overdone now.
  14. I need to get back into this. I only really did the story mode (which I loved and completed) and maybe a handful of online courses. Just found it really hard to select courses I could easily enjoy as there are so many OTT ridiculous ones that people have made which I just don’t have the ability to do.
  15. I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought this mixed case from Thornbridge. It’s advertised as a vegan friendly case, but I’ve had most of these before and thoroughly enjoyed them and 18 beers for £32 and free shipping (available on everything over £20) seems like a good deal to me. Should last me a few weeks and got a few Tiny Rebel and Northern Monk left in the fridge to tie me over until this case arrives.
  16. I do like Tiny Rebel and have been enjoying Clwb Tropica and Shake Down which are both stocked in my local Sainsbury’s. Think they stock Cali Pale too.
  17. Starting to get fed up of the supermarket beers now so getting twitchy to place an order of something different. Ideally would like to support the local Sheffield breweries and there do seem to be a few delivering.
  18. 34 for turnips this morning! Those Nook shits.
  19. If you don’t mind, would be a lifesaver!
  20. Getting desperate with my turnips. Should have sold at 185 earlier in the week and those little arseholes are only offering 65 this morning.
  21. Turnips 171 this morning for me, which is tempting. I bought quite high at 110 though. Decisions, decisions...
  22. On now for the next 30 mins or so at least. Dodo code D4GH7
  23. OK, I’ve bought it. Need to find a time when I can get it to you!
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