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  1. Oh yeah, and I know that this is "the shit" of gamers' seasons right now and all the other topics that can be seen are the fruity ones about new shit coming out but still, I want to know all new things just announced are welcomealmost.
  2. I am drunk and inspired by the news that Perfect Dark will be released on XBLA. This is the game that I have really looked forward to the most ever. Both inmost time spent since rumours till release and in the sheer feeling of anxiousness every time I remembered its existence. I was 14 atthetime of its release and it only let me down a little really. Taking toaccount all the hyperbole after thinking about GoldenEye and all the shit that an anti square root of [GoldenEye] it could do on a 64-bit piece of Nintendo man! so wut eez yours?
  3. Mario Galaxy. I want to play it but don't have any other use for a Wii. Hope there was a place to rent consoles.
  4. Actually, Doug said in his interview that they only regret the naming of their episodic content as "episodes" because that led paople to think of getting new stuff regularly instead of every one or two on three years. Page three's got (I guess) the newest tidbits on ep3. http://games.kikizo.com/features/valve-dou...nterview-p3.asp Probably old, but maybe someone missed it.
  5. Do you need a LIVE GOLD account to download it? I remember this having been the case with Ninja Gaiden 2 for example. And I just might buy some LIVE time, if this is the case, just to get my hands on the demo.
  6. Hi-res: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/33469.html But whatever.
  7. Oh, and there's a comparison video between PS3 and 360 versions on Gametrailers if someone gives a fuck about the differences... http://www.gametrailers.com/player/33470.html?type=
  8. I want to ask one thing: are there extra missions where you can plug in another controller and play with your friend in the same shared screen like in San Andreas?
  9. I sold it towards the end of the year! After Uncharted came out, I was finished with that. The only big game I missed out on is <some game released on PS3> but that's not my kind of game. I say it again and again... I played everything 2007 had to offer on PS3! I was done, and blah blah blah. It's like games are timeless for some people here. "I can't believe you sold it, Motorstorm LOL!".
  10. This game generation shall always be remembered as the one with this kind of name crossbreeding between the major competitors. I hope it will also be the last. It's just getting bo-wiing wiith all thiise threesixtaxis things. Good call on the controller itself, though.
  11. The idea of a prank game sounds pretty cool, though. IMO. EDIT: I'm not saying it should or could be done, but I like it. It's easy to bash ideas. You're okay, Capone.
  12. Lerschumbo

    Sex Box?

    Ego clash between FOX and EA? Popcorn!
  13. Lerschumbo

    EDF 2017

    Ooh, I'm getting pretty excited about this one
  14. The NES pad was pretty abnormal when it came out, too...
  15. Lerschumbo

    EDF 2017

    Is there a co-op mode?
  16. What are these other innovations (that Portal didn't innovate but got the credit for)? Just curious, not being bitchy, it's Xmas and all...
  17. Last night I saw a dream of getting a Wii from my mum for christmas. Just as I opened the present I woke up. EDIT: Oh, and it included Super Mario Galaxy too. :(
  18. Sell. You obviously don't need it now, and the quicker you sell it the more money you might get. When in a few years PS3 price has gone down and the number of games has quadrupled, buy it if you want to.
  19. Soong in "defending yet another PS3 title" -shocker
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