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  1. I'm assuming that my 5950x won't need upgrading to max the 4090 out, although I'd probably need a better PSU and larger case.
  2. Honestly nVidia just looked at what Apple are charging for their phones and thought: yeah we can do that too.
  3. I have that with GTA and the RDR games. Still at least one of each deserves the top scores considering just how much love they get.
  4. There are a lot of SNES, MD, PC and Amiga games which deserve one. Classics like Day of the Tentacle, Flashback, Sonic 2, UFO Enemy Unknown, Magic Carpet, Cannon Fodder, Lemmings, Worms, Chrono Trigger, Yoshi's Island, SMB3, Super Metroid, Dune 2..... all of those are 9s or 10s.
  5. Boring but correct.. it's a bit like Messi in football, if BoTW is in the competition you might a well give it the first place.
  6. Dizzy Prince of Yolkfolk is deffo taking 2nd place.
  7. Ahh, I use a DualShock and 360 controller for most things but grabbed a cheap wireless SNES and Mega-Drive clone for the MiSTER.
  8. Aren't the xbox pads good?
  9. Leave my Monster Hunter alone.
  10. From the C64: Creatures 2 Mayhem in Monsterland Impossible Mission Elite and Exile were both already mentioned, and were both amazing games at the time.
  11. I mean the combination of that + having the race director decide on what happens on the restart. Which in this case was literally deciding who won the championship.
  12. What an absolute joke. With rules like that it's literally Mario Kart, not a real motor sport.
  13. Same thing here - I used to love F1 but quit watching it when Schumacher was allowed to take out Hill to win the title. It's not a sport when you allow that to happen. This race was fantastic until Verstappen pitted on the safety car. The second he came out it was clear he had won. The only thing I don't understand - why didn't Mercedes pit Hamilton? His tyres were ancient, and didn't he have a new set of slicks ready to go?
  14. Probably the same as a lot of us - busy with work, family, not a lot of time to game. Still lurk around because, hey, when you've been part of the community for almost 25 years... if I just look at my case, rllmuk is my longest running group of "friends".
  15. Ryan


    We must have read a totally different series. I loved it. It tells its story more visually than verbally, and I appreciated that.
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