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  1. Is this good/playable on the PS5 nowadays? It's 20 EUR on Amazon, wondering if it's worth grabbing.
  2. Wow, the DS is 6ms bluetooth. Just ordered one - will eventually grab a PS5 but until then it'll make the MiSTER sing The kids can use my SNES / MegaDrive 8bitdo clones.
  3. What's the lag like between 8-bit-do and the DS5v2?
  4. Hate to say it.. but it's a better overall experience if you have a good mechanical keyboard. Which, given such keyboards are about 60 GBP nowadays, you should
  5. Oh, I didn't know that there was a reboot. Been reading about it - GoW 2018 sounds like a real game! Proper third person camera, RPG elements and Norse gods. Need to pick it up
  6. I gave up on GoW3 after an hour because on-the-rails hack-and-slash games aren't my thing. Is there more of a game there or is it a linear button-masher combined with edge-lord set pieces?
  7. They missed an amazing chance to give them all Zuckerburg's Metaface. Hopefully they'll release a director's cut and make it happen.
  8. Depends on the games you play - RPGs etc are fine under emulation - I prefer it. Any game built with tight timing is better on original hardware or FPGA with a low-lag controller. The Amiga is a funny one - I actually prefer playing on the MiSTER because I can use my awesome keyboard with it.. and I went on an Amiga splurge over the summer (bought 2x500+ and 2xA1200). I preferred a lot of PS1/PS2 games under emulation thanks to the upscaling + improved performance/graphics.
  9. I was the same before I had kids which is probably why I have so much damaged tech. Our (10k!) PVC floor has 5-6 chunks missing from it, all of them due to kids. We chose that bloody flooring explicitly because everyone raved about how indestructible it was specifically with young children Yeah, you almost certainly have on problems if you have two kids of similar ages. Add another one with a 6-7 year age difference and you're in exponential territory.
  10. Yeah I went el cheapo once I saw that the microSD was as fast or faster than the internal storage. So bought a 1tb and 256gb card. That and it seemed crazy to buy the etched screen only to lose the benefits with the protector. GLS are by far the worst of the bunch here.. but apparently they're going to come this morning so fingers crossed. Project has been killed O_O
  11. Thanks, their link was indeed wrong Are there any recommendations for screen protectors and/or other protection measures? I have a toddler and two other kids and they're experts in destroying things. We've had 4 iPad screens wrecked (two by me as I was using my iPad for emails/slack whilst working-from-home + looking after kids so they get juggled).
  12. I have a shipping number for my SteamDeck! Guess it should be here for the weekend.
  13. The SanDisk cards are on offer here in NL for Amazon Prime members (which I assume is everyone given it cost 3 EUR / month).
  14. Double-dipping, the crypto bro's already more than paid for their stock with the 2-3x pure profit pricing.
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