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  1. It's a brilliantly written mag and has passion that is completely lacking in the other Nintendo mags, but ... ... it is definitely too expensive at £4.99 especially considering the paper quality is so poor; it gives the magazine a cheap feel. I would rather have a lot better quality paper than all the gifts, but I suppose they think they need bundled stuff to compete. The paper quality is a lot worse than nRevolution which is £2 less
  2. I reckon that MS will cut the price of the 360 Pro/Premium to below the mass market price of £200 around spring, just in time for the arrival of GTA
  3. Incredible amount of cash now spent on gaming There's been a slowdown in consumer spending this Christmas, but people are still spending big money on consoles and games http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?i...p;in_page_id=34
  4. Looks like a key that has been wrapped in wrapping paper
  5. What's Banjo holding? It's some sort of clue to the game I'd wager
  6. This has put me right off http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRXbdL56V9E...sistance.co.uk/
  7. When you look back now what seemed like (debateable) mistakes for Nintendo (bad relationships with third party publishers, N64, Cube) where in fact them just taking a breathe, or downing a bit of medicine for this unbelievable comeback They're looking like they will dominate in the UK like they never managed before with a home machine
  8. Riise marked Ronaldo very well, but going forward he is very poor. His distribution is terrible more often than not, and in general without Agger at the back or Alonso to pick up the ball from our central defenders we relied too much on hoofing it Kuyt has a heart of gold and works himself into the ground, but I just don't think he's good enough. In games like this you can't afford to have players who aren't quite up to scratch because the team gets found out. As an attacking force we look like we're relying too much on Gerrard or Torres to do the business
  9. They've just released this press statement
  10. A tracking of the idiocy of Phil Harrison (bless his soul)
  11. Instead of posting anymore worded analysis the thread should just become one big graph off
  12. The grimness for the PS3 in the states is summed up by this graph
  13. Nah it's a trend Make a graph of it and I'll prove my point
  14. It's the beginning of a new sales trend I think
  15. The US is important because it's the world's biggest videogame market and therefore lots of game publishers (including the Japanese) make decisions with that market in mind With the PS3 doing so poorly in the US relative to the competition it's going to be hard for Sony to keep hold of any big budget third party franchises. Hence all the rumours of MGS4 heading to the 360, and the PS3 losing Devil May Cry as an exclusive franchise. What's more interesting is Japan with the PS3 doing a lot better against the Wii, it may start to outsell the Wii soon and close the gap. This might lead to more Japanese quirky stuff heading for the PS3 2008 is going to be fascinating (or hairtearingly annoying if you don't like talking about sales figures)
  16. True to a certain extent, I'll be getting a PS3 eventually for LBP and the ICO team games I'm also hoping for lots of HD Japanese quirky brilliance, and that's why I'm pleased that the PS3 is starting to sell a lot better in Japan; because at the end of the day sales will influence the quality and variety of games on a format Okami, for example, could have easily been done on the cube, but I expect it came to the PS2 because it had a huge installed base. The size of the user base does matter even for leftfield titles
  17. Wonder if Nintendo will keep producing 1.8 million Wiis a month into 2008 That's over 20 million a year and surely they won't sell that many
  18. Defence was an absolute shambles Just one of those days when things went wrong everywhere Reading played well to be fair and deserved it really, but Rafa got his selection wrong. Sissoko and Mascherano aren't a good central midfield partnership - neither is a playmaker Kewell made such a difference when he came on as well and I think he should have started Two season defining games coming up ...
  19. What a pisser Got to beat Marseille and Man Utd now
  20. Amazing how the tables have turned In the early years of the PS2 it was hard to get hold of one at Christmas because of levels of demand, while the cubes would sit collecting dust Now a souped up Gamecube is selling out faster than probably the PS2 managed, while the PS3 is available everywhere and is bundled with this that and the other to shift it
  21. Terrible that this is all happening because things are really starting to come together on the pitch
  22. Sony are good as finished in the US going by those figures, a good third place is the best they can hope for now Least they're now selling some decent numbers in Japan, they need to build up some momentum there and hopefully start to close the gap on the Wii. Otherwise their favourite third party publishers might get a bit twitchy
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