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  1. Looks like they are compensating people who have been unable to play this on the iPhones. I logged on to see if the problem was solved, and after connecting the game to xbox live I received a mail with a whopping 500 gold nuggets. Not bad. I spent them on a pack of 100.000 coins and upgraded all of my cards. Finally able to buy some of the daily cards from the store.
  2. I definately had a checkpoint there. I did it by
  3. That part was reasonably tough. Small area. You should be using Jack, at least the Freeze spell when its up. And I cant remember if you have Stim with revive yet?
  4. i got that too, and had to do 3.2 over again. You can check the completed status for the campaign acts in the Stats menu. The achievement popped up once I did that.
  5. You can literally put the pad down just as you zone into the last dimension. I tried a few times to nudge the thruster but then I read somewhere that you can just let to go of the controls, and it worked.
  6. The next 6 months on Gears - according to a Coalition post
  7. something about dedicated ray tracing cores
  8. The Making of Gears 5 - a DF tech interview with The Coalition Eurogamer
  9. Yeah I dont disagree with that. Thanks for replying, footle.
  10. Thats the second time you say this, and the second time I ask you: what other games do you have in mind exactly? Other than Red2 I cant think of any console game that looks and plays as good as this, but Im not an expert.
  11. I played all of them recently, and Dels AI is just as stupid as Doms in Gear UE.
  12. Campaign done. Took me around 25 hours on Experienced difficulty, which was generally easier than I expected but got really fucking tough in some places. Mostly tough grub encounters, the bosses weren't that hard thankfully. Some sections, like those leading in and out of the boss area in Act 2 and the last arenas in Act 3 are some of the most intense fights Ive ever experienced in a videogame. If anyone is having trouble with the last boss, Jack is a great addition, but the companion AI doesnt seem to have evolved much from Gears 1. The revival timer is pretty short and it would be nice if you could at least trust them to come running asap when you go down but they dont seem to bother half of the time. You can actually use Stim to revive yourself in case they dont come, I discovered that halfway through. And I have mixed feelings about the open world questing. While I really enjoyed riding on the skiff, Im not sure if it is the right thing for a Gears game. I used to appreciate them as rollercoaster rides where you didnt have to worry about what direction to go, or what skills to upgrade. At one time in Act 3 I got stuck with a save in the old City Ruins in the north, where I had to make it down to the turntable in the far south, through the windflare, and make it through the entire indoor encounter at the train station with elites, a couple of Scions and a Warden, before the game would save again. I had to repeat this maybe 7 times before I got it right. Incredibly frustrating. Having said that, its still an incredible achievement and one of the best videogames Ive ever played. And that ending .. god damn. I knew some shit like that was going to happen.
  13. Im having mixed feelings about the open world questing in acts 2 and 3 as well.
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