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  1. This doesnt really apply, since there was a different conversation in the business at the time, and Sony hadnt been radio silent for almost two years prior to that. I still think its going to be 450 just like the One X, simply based on how that was supposed to be the premium price for their premium console and I just doubt that that they are going to try and push that pricepoint much higher.
  2. So .. PS5 at 9.x TF as rumoured in the AMD leak?
  3. Yeah but I think if theyre going to put any amount of work into upgraded textures or whatnot, going by what they (or Take Two) has said about this previously, they are going to expect to be «rewarded for their efforts». Thats from when they launched GTA V on this gen as far as I remember, I dont have the quote at hand. Im not surprised if Take Two is one of the companies that end up charging for this on next gen even though Microsoft would urge them not to.
  4. I wonder how Rockstar are going to deal with GTA Online, they made a ton of money from selling the main game twice. I wouldnt mind paying a nominal fee for an upgrade but Im more worried about putting more time into the online account if theyre going to reset your progress with another remaster.
  5. No I missed this one. But it was kind of relevant to some of the news today.
  6. Never played Two Point Hospital, and looking forward to trying this out.
  7. It should switch to Atmos when you plug it in, and back to the default non-headset option when you unplug it. Thats not much help but it should work like that. Theyve updated the Access app a lot with more options, but I dont know if you still need to download the separate Dolby Atmos for Headphones app? I tried to find that now but its not on the store anymore so maybe they baked that into the Access app Maybe try a hard reboot?
  8. About halfway through (early chapter 8) and Im just glad I competely missed everything about it at launch since Ive had a really great time with it. I can see how the game must have been in a very different shape at launch with all of the stuff that has been added in the Royal edition. Just figured out youre supposed to do the character episodes as they leave the party in the main game. So Im off to do Gladiolus’ part and the game is going to take a fair bit longer to finish than Id anticipated. Just watched Skill Ups review of it which helped put things into context; I didnt know it had been in development for so long and started out as a follow up to 13. Which was horrible. This is a return to great form at least for me, will be interesting to see how they design 16 after this. A more accomplished world map would be great, and fewer fetch quests.
  9. I think theyre both going to end up around 450 at launch. One problem for Sony in deciding on this is, that by aligning their price with the Series X, it gives Microsoft an opening to undercut them with the Lockhart by maybe a great margin. If thats a thing. So they are stuck between a rock and a hard place in trying to make this balance.
  10. I might have confused that with what it cost to build a PC with similar performance to the One X at the time.
  11. Ive been wondering why they think this is such a high bill of materials? Shouldnt it be considerably higher if the rumoured specs are to be believed? Or even if its going be anywhere near competitive with Series X in terms of performance? The One X cost more than £1000 to make, and they sold that for 450 at launch. I dont think the Series X will be any cheaper to make and from what Spencer has said its not unlikely that they are prepared to take a similar hit on this and launch it at 450. Im just curious as to why the cost for the PS5 seem to be so much lower than this.
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