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  1. The game can be run in ultrawide mode by editing this address: 0xB29978 21:9 - 26B41740
  2. Yes, currently it needs a PS4 on firmware 9.00 or below to use. Though there's signs of a new exploit in the pipeline as several 9.51 firmware required games have recently been dumped in the PS4 scene.
  3. Unofficial patch released to enable 60FPS - https://illusion0001.com/_patch/Driveclub-Orbis/ It's not 60fps locked, it probably drops single digit frames in certain situations (PS4 Pro), still, it's so much better and smoother than the original 30fps filth.
  4. GT Sport on base PS4 can run 38 cars on track at 60fps So there's enough power for them to calculate an extra 18 AI and physics, they can surely use these resources to improve the tyre model? Live for Speed physics running on a crappy cpu smashes Gran Turismo silly. There's some interesting videos on that channel - and looks like there's a few planned GT7 tracks listed in one of the forest videos; Cape Ring Daytona (with rain) Deep Forest Driving Park 2 Driving Park 3 Eiger Goodwood Revival Grand Canyon Grand Valley Highspeed Ring Midfield Road Atlanta Tokyo r246 Trial Mountain Unnamed track (with snow) Nice to see Road Atlanta in GT Do we reckon all the returning tracks will receive a Trial Mountain layout butchering?
  5. This. Hardcore bikes and the Isle of Man Who at SCEE were scanning the track last year? Was it Evolution, Rushy?
  6. Very easy to put together. It's just three cables going from the board to the USB module. The firmware upload takes 10 seconds, and a few minutes to make a little box or something to put it in. It also requires a running computer / Rasiberry Pi to work as the adapter, wheel and DS4 all need to be connected to channel the signal/inputs through the adapter to the PS4. Maybe things will improve in the future, but as my PC and PS4 are close by it doesn't bother me. I'm just glad I have a fully functioning wheel to use on PS4 without having to pay over £200, I can finally buy Project Cars.
  7. Finally got around to putting this adapter together. I chose the Arduino Leonardo board as it was cheaper than the Teensy and available from within the UK, it also came with connection cables. The board and USB module cost me £9.04 in total from ebay. And I must say it was well worth it, my PS4 finally supports the Logitech G27 - no lag, true force feedback, 100% flawless, this thing is legit. Logitech's shafting time is officially over!
  8. Are we finally going to see GT on PS4?
  9. SCEE were scanning the Isle of Man last August, people assumed it was for the next Gran Turismo, but could it be...? :omg:
  10. A French chap has developed a piece of software and an adapter that emulates the G29 wheel, using your DFGT, G27 or G25 wheel: http://gimx.fr/wiki/index.php?title=DIY_USB_adapter_for_dummies I've just ordered all the parts to try it out, but from the video it looks pretty good.
  11. The mobile companion app (iPhone / Android) has been release in certain countries: - Four different locations or geography types will be available, including the familiar Eifel location from GT5, the Andalusia region in Spain, along with the introduction of a new Death Valley location. - Players will have full control of the shape and layout of the course, including the ability to set road width and the banking of corners. - Roadside items such as plants, trees, buildings, signs, tents, and grandstands can be placed around the circuit. - Curbing can be placed in custom areas along the edge of the track (though this functionality wont be available in all of the geographic locations). - Once the track has been saved and loaded into GT6, players will be able to test drive their track, or use it in Arcade Mode, Open Lobby online events, and share it with friends via the in-game Community Features. You can trace circuit maps to create the circuit in-game:
  12. The best GP4 database here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BpvZhRt-FPHP2U4LyY714WN_s1TyoaCqzLZOJl2-o6Y/edit#gid=0 Loads of mods (including 2015 cars) and tracks. There's also a full 2015 mod in the works that will have all in season changes and the tracks by an Argentinian modder. GP4 will live forever As for F1 2015, I just can't trust Codemasters anymore, maybe once it hits the second-hand market at a reasonable price I'll check it out?
  13. Looks like they've reversed their desicion to exit the console busniess: Now the question is, with this new wheel will they bother to support the their old wheels on PS4?
  14. The only way Logitech wheels will work on PS4 is if the developer puts generic USB support into their game and allows you to manually configure your device. Of course this comes with drawbacks, and those are no force feedback effects, the lack of shifter input with the G series wheels. The developer of War Thunder did this but so far no racing game developers have shown any sign of wanting to follow. It's a shame because I won't be buying Project Cars for this reason, and it was the reason I didn't buy Driveclub. The smooth input of a forcefeedback less wheel is miles better than using a control pad, so those that own a Logitech wheel need to hit up Twitter and ask Namco, Slightly Mad for generic USB support to be added in the PS4 version so we can use our Logitech wheels.
  15. The owner yanks the plug so he doesn't have to pay extra for more server bandwidth.
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