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  1. I’ve only got an S. I’ll most likely be getting the new Xbox though and upgrading the TV to 4K late this year or early next. So I’ll give Skate 3 another go then ☺️
  2. I’m warming to Skater XL and getting some nice lines going. The grinds and slides feel really nice. I think it’ll get a fair bit of play. It is so bare bones though it’s quite embarrassing that they’ve given this a full price release. I knew what I was getting, but I feel for people that didn’t. I tried Session(still had 30 mins left on the trial)again and I definitely prefer this. The soundtrack is better on SXL too, suits my tastes more than Session.
  3. I bought Skater XL this week after Session didn’t seem to click with me. I’ve only just had a chance to play. I’m on Xbox. It feels a little more natural coming from years and years of Skate. I think I’ll have fun with it, but after having a few beers and thinking about this and Session it makes me feel like a Russian heroin addict, with EA Skate being the drug I need and Session and Skater XL being some janky Krokodil type substitute, that I’m just going to have to pump into my veins because Skate 4 is a million years away. I don’t think we knew how lucky we were with the EA Skate series. I think I’d just take a re make of Skate 2 right now.
  4. It looks and sounds lovely. I love the style of it. I’ve only played half an hour on the Xbox(via game pass)but tempted to double dip and also buy on the Switch. There’s a demo too, so I’m going to see how it plays with my (aging) joy-cons first.
  5. Farmville4K Xbox exclusive!
  6. EA turned the servers back around a year ago so that may have seen the prices rise. Also, we’ve been starved of skate games in the last ten years. Now we’ve got 4 coming out!
  7. Arms is great in waggle mode with joy-cons, so I don’t think it’s a technical limitation of them.
  8. Seems to be some skatepark ramp action in Skater XL.
  9. They’ve been gradually adding things and have a big update planned after the Xbox release. It’s getting released as part of the game preview programme(PC and Xbox will be the same build),so it’s more or less an alpha/beta game. We need to look at it like we did with PUBG. Though saying that I’m not sure it’ll ever be as fully featured as the Skate series. They seem to be focusing on making a raw skating simulation, where the emphasis is finding a line and getting it perfect, capturing it and sharing it. Almost like make your own fun. They do plan to add multiplayer though and there are challenges on the PC version.
  10. After 10+ years since Skate 3 I’ll be buying Skater XL, Session and THPS. It’s like waiting for a bloody bus
  11. It’s been delayed until the 28th, with a new Switch release date yet to be announced
  12. Get KK Metal on! It’s so cool when they sing that
  13. The fit and proper test has always been a load of shit anyway. No one fails it.
  14. So does this have another update when you boot the game like the last one did? I’m away from home with work again this week, so it should download the update via Xbox live automatically, but I don’t want to boot the game up when I return home at the weekend to see that I can’t play still for hours!
  15. I had to give up, someone must have been doing a big speech on their phone!
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