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  1. Get KK Metal on! It’s so cool when they sing that
  2. The fit and proper test has always been a load of shit anyway. No one fails it.
  3. So does this have another update when you boot the game like the last one did? I’m away from home with work again this week, so it should download the update via Xbox live automatically, but I don’t want to boot the game up when I return home at the weekend to see that I can’t play still for hours!
  4. I had to give up, someone must have been doing a big speech on their phone!
  5. Me too. Queued for well over an hour too. Gotta go to work now too Ah well.
  6. After buying Super Chariot ages ago for peanuts in a sale, I’d never bothered to load it up. For some reason, me and my 10 year old boy decided to have a try together. OH MY GOD! I don’t think we’ve ever laughed (and shouted!)so much playing a game before! So much fun.
  7. I’ve been so excited for Session for years! As a console only gamer it feels like I’ve been waiting for it forever and a day. it’ll be a nice problem to have when we’ve got three skating games to choose from, especially since it’s been an eternity since Skate 3 Hopefully this will play well online, I’m not sure if Skater XL and Session have any kind of multiplayer stuff planned?
  8. Maybe this will wake up EA and we’ll get Skate 4. Skater XL is due in July and Session maybe might get released at some point on Xbox(not holding my breath!). I’ll definitely get this, for old times sake, but the Skate series kinda ruined THPS for me.
  9. Animal Crossing Travel Guide I’m finding this app really useful. (iOS only) It was £2.99 or something, but it’s been well worth it.
  10. How the fuck do a few extra game modes equal 18gb updates. This is taking the piss way too often Just wanted to play a few games of gunfight.
  11. I’ve just updated via the Xbox one. Load the game up and. Now it says I need an 18gb update pack for multiplayer! Oh and I need updates or campaign and co-op as well. (I’ve never started to play either). Is this a big uff up?
  12. Glad it’s not just me. I even used my iPhone as a hotspot to check as I get faster speeds over 4G than my home internet and it still useless. Massive call of duty updates for very little extra content are even more frustrating!
  13. Are anyone else’s updates doeloading at a snails pace today? My connection seems to be fine, as does online play, but update downloads have been 56k rate at times
  14. Ah you visited Victoria Her house is so cool!
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