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  1. https://www.hotstock.io/uk Have an app that allows you to set up alerts/notifications. You’ve still got to be super quick though. If you’re in a contract with EE it’s worth keeping an eye out on their website at the add to plan section. I managed to get one this way after struggling for weeks. Good luck everyone
  2. I’m very tempted to double dip just for the art book
  3. I used an app called HotStock to try get my X. https://www.hotstock.io/uk Although I ended up getting one from EE in the end and added it to my monthly bill.
  4. Dan

    Nintendo Switch

    I think the Wii and DS did so well as they appealed to ‘non-hardcore gamers’(that old chestnut ). For example my mum had both, who’d never had consoles before or after. Like many she wanted to try Wii sports and Wii Fit, Brain Training etc. So many people had a Wii under their TV’s that would never call themselves a gamer or maybe even class it as a hobby/pastime Suddenly the Switch is having a similar time, maybe helped by ring fit adventure? The majority of people that have a Switch will have never played 3D World, MK 8 etc so it makes sense to release them again and makes loads of money.
  5. I wouldn’t say no to a 3D Land Switch remaster!
  6. I’ve lots of Nintendo clutter, including a gold Ocarina of time 3DS gold case(sealed) and some lovely mario playing cards. It’s really not clutter
  7. It showed up. Around 4pm! Recently moved house and had forgotten the postman is so late found here!!
  8. My sSimply order didn’t show either. Though I didn’t expect it too. Next day delivery on first class is a gamble with RoyalFail round where I like
  9. You won’t regret it! It’s instant pure fun!
  10. I used to just leave this game on the title screen on the WiiU when I was doing housework. No one does title screens like Nintendo! Absolutely lovely game.
  11. Sending Wednesdays would be fine surely? Ah well, I can wait until Saturday!
  12. I agree, I’m excited to play again, but to the newcomers; you’re in for a treat I last played this with my little boy when he was 5. I had carry him around(literally!) a lot of the time or he’d float around in a bubble. I’m looking forward to playing with him now to see how he’s come on. He’s better than me at Fortnite now, so I’m expecting a bit of a challenge!
  13. Simplygames have sent mine today. I don’t reckon RoyalFail will be so efficient to deliver to me for tomorrow. Didn’t they used to send stuff mega early?
  14. I messaged a scalper earlier on on eBay this afternoon after the reality hit that I won’t be getting a series x for my birthday in February, calling him the scum of the earth. His reply was “supply and demand - Google it”. I bet the cunt was selling toilet roll last year. I guess it’s not illegal, but it just seems so wrong. I’m just glad I wasn’t in a position around Christmas that my little boy wanted one. I imagine many buyers are desperate parents.
  15. No only if this were back in day on PC. A fellow Muker would have been round within a day and posted a CD with the update on it Maybe you could set the PS4 up in your car and park outside McDonalds? (I’ve done this on my switch when on my travels, you can usually update Fortnite before you get your meal, or it’s a hefty update, choose the extra gherkins on your burger and you’ll be fine).
  16. You could travel back to the Mario 64 launch, whip out your Switch “completed it mate!”
  17. Dan

    Rocket League

    Thanks for this I’ve just added you. I’m Dan.
  18. Dan

    Rocket League

    That would be awesome thanks. My little boy would be delighted
  19. Dan

    Rocket League

    Switch or Xbox
  20. Dan

    Rocket League

    Has anyone got a spare Fennec body blueprint or car? My little boy is obsessed with getting one and people want silly money for them on the trading sites(plus I don’t have a clue what I’m doing on them! ). I don’t think I’ve got anything too cool to swap, but might have
  21. I was considering something smaller, maybe even a monitor, but from looking around 43” seems to be a sweet spot for 4K tv’s.
  22. I’ve actually been looking for a new tv my son’s room. I was looking at the 43” range, because it’ll be on a desk(he’s wanting to learn keyboard and mouse on Fortnite). It’ll (hopefully) in the next 3-6 months be hooked up to an Xbox Series X or PS5. I know I won’t get 4K/120 with nothing but HDMI 2.1, but would this tv in those sizes offer 2k/120 and 4K/60 well enough? The ambilight looks lovely and I think my little boy would love that, which his light up keyboard and mouse!). I know there’s a dedicated TV thread, that’s all talk of the lovely LG 4K/120 tv. Which makes me jealous
  23. Everytime I see you post I was tempted to say something, I can imagine the morale dilemma you must have
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