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  1. Most I ever spent was £60 on Donkey Kong 64 when it first came out
  2. The music in the dungeons disapoints me... there is very little of it and its played very quietly. Im not sure if this is to create a chilling atmosphere, but the OOT dungeons had amazing soundtracks, with the forest temple being a stand out.
  3. They are loving the 360 at the moment. How many more months until they dont give a score of 9 or 10.
  4. Probably MMORPG. But that is probably because Ive never put in the effort to try them. Ive never had a true online experience, but I have never had an xbox console and I dislike PC gaming. PS2 and Gamecube hardly pushed online play. Another reason is because I think once i experience MMORPG's I will come out underwhelmed.
  5. Can someone tell me if the dancing boss stage has random move sets, or if the moves are the in same order each time you play? ive watched the youtube video so many times that I can mimmick it without even looking...
  6. Will multiplayers have time to apply the wrist strap inbetween players turns? I dont want 12 people in my room, passing the wiimote around frantically and then having to either fumble with the strap or not use it and thus be prone to damage.
  7. My few dislikes about TP: The puzzles seem to be less inventive in TP. I thought the Death Mountain dungeon was boring and had a similar style to as the Mines in Metroid Prime, but MP's being much better ofcourse. Most of the minor enemies that roam the land are bland and unoriginal.
  8. Elveon recently caught my eye, and I think it is coming out in 2007 for both PC and 360.
  9. Both magazines are showing biased scoring. Edge seems to favour the wii and the ds, and GamesTM gives X360 games glowing reviews, which are probably higher than they should be. Unless both magazines stop being biased, I will read neither.
  10. Zoonami have yet to release a game. Surely Funkydilla qualifies for canned status, although they could use the concept in a next generation game. Game Zero, a rumoured game for the Gamecube, never came to anything.
  11. Edge 126 had a feature about promising looking canned games. The list includes (accompanied by edited snippets from the mag); Internal Affairs (2000-2001) - a stylised, hand-drawn looking PC game. An episodic game which involved tracking down terrorists in a 12-mission character-based driving and action game. Indestructibles (1995 - 1999) - Design your own supehero - follow path of good or evil game. Development by Bullfrog, but inspired by Peter Molyneux's concept known as My Incredible Superhero Team (MIST). A virtual gamesmaster would have set missions on the fly for players to complete. Difficult concept, and even more difficult under EA's standards once they took over Bullfrog. Perfect 10 (2001 -2002) For the DC. Influenced by Crazy Taxi, and sharing a similar, but even more colorful graphical style, this game was bidded as pulling birds in a beachside town. Each girl you pulled was rated, and you had to pull the perfect 10 (top-rated girl) by improve your fashion sense, car, driving skills etc. Arena (1998 - 1999. For PC. Developed by crappy carmageddon team, the graphics looking good at the time. The game was about Roman gladitorial combat. An innovative feature at the time would have been manipulating the muslces and movements of the warriors, rather than pressing buttons to generate end results. Stampede! (1998 - 1999). For DC. I love the concept of this game! This game, much like perfect 10, has a similar graphical style to crazy taxi. It is a herding game. The only picture in the Edge magazine is of some ostriches at a beach side. Main reason for being canned was due to endless internal reshuffling at developers Infogrames. Other titles include the already mentioned Take The Bullet (1998-2000), which IP has been sold to Dundee-based developer Visual Science (who is not currently working on the project); Exo the only canned game to appear on the cover of Edge, and with a noirish tone was considered to be the Halo of ps2 (the colorless style reminds me a bit of what Killzone became); Call Of The Dragonfly for xbox, among others. The PC game 'Prey' is also listed, which had a lifespan dating back to 1995. As for the Gamecube, during the consoles development stages, Ive never seen so many game screenshots emerge in magazines, that never made it into games; Meowths Party Stage Debut Raven Blade A Pamela Anderson Game A Game about theft (forgotten its name but think it began with the letter 'P') Kameo and many more which I cannot think of. They were all in old issues of NOM mags which ive chucked away.
  12. Do the wii previews have depth, or is it just an extended catologue of all the known wii games in development right now. And if they are going to speculate on mario kart and donkey kong development, then they should of included kid icarus and marionette too.
  13. When you set up the wii, is it best to sort out all the online connections first? Because the first thing I want to do is play the games that I buy, and sort out the live 24 thing later on.
  14. I preordered mine from an independent game store in town. If they physically had the unit in stock, could they serve me tomorrow? Independent stores arent monitored alot, and are usually ignored in stuff like trading and distribution disciplines.
  15. 10 for gears is unfortunate. If this is 10, then Games TM better increase their margin for when Mass Effect comes along.
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