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  1. The first scene is literally the final scene from Shenmue II again.
  2. You can fish... but for pokemon. Which you then battle. You don't eat them.
  3. This is disgusting. PETA were right all along.
  4. But in Pokemon lore Pokemon aren't eaten! This is barbaric. (Edit: that doesn't confirm they eat them anyway, just they have been eaten by someone or some thing at some point)
  5. Regarding the credits, not having them alphabetically seemed a bizarre choice. No wonder people couldn’t find themselves.
  6. Backers got the physical version early. It's not Kickstarter/Fangamer/Ys fault retailers broke the street date.
  7. What seafood do they eat in the seafood restaurant, seeing as there are no fish or shellfish in Pokémon land?
  8. This is totally unreal. I keep expecting to wake up. Having MY ACTUAL NAME in the credits, albeit along with another 60,000 people is insane. If I'd have told 18-years-ago-me that I'd have my name in Shenmue III I'd have worried about my future sanity.
  9. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah alright Daddy Warbucks.
  10. I'm sure the other games have had a Name Changer Man you can speak to to change names though?
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