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  1. One of the reasons I bought a Deck was to stop having to buy Switch versions of PC games I already owned but didn’t play.
  2. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Switch sales are now just 1m behind the PS4 lifetime sales (116m vs 117m) and it's not Christmas yet. 118.7m for the Game Boy is next on the leaderboard.
  3. Ah, right. Is it, perhaps, only certain types of shop showing up? Like only those that sell sandwiches or hats or something?
  4. I’ve only got shops showing in towns I’ve been to.
  5. They’re only there if you’ve visited them, I think
  6. Yeah, they tend to cost more for fast write speeds, which you don’t need on a console.
  7. And this is the same as most recent Pokémon games.
  8. Well that was pointless downloading then. Thanks Obama.
  9. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes but not if you’re playing them at the same time.
  10. Christmas games: Callisto Protocol Midnight Suns NFS Unbound WRC Generations House of the Dead Remake My Universe: My Baby Dragon (Hype!) EDIT and: Crisis Core FFVII Reunion Warhammer 40000 Shootas Blood and Teef Dragon Quest Treasures Inscryption Hello Neighbour 2
  11. They're all already out though. What about games for Christmas?
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