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  1. And get cheap credit (CDKeys/ElectronicFirst/etc.) to pay for the vouchers and you'll knock the price down further!
  2. This is not for this thread but to answer you anyway - the only game that interested me was Spider-man, and that was mostly not-gameplay and QTEs. LOTS of QTEs. And it's also coming to the PS4, which I already have. Completely put me off the game almost entirely.
  3. Anyone who doesn't do this doesn't deserve the game. Looks like I don't deserve it because... But my wife has been in all day and there've been no Amazon deliveries.
  4. I only ordered from Amazon because I had a shitload of store credit because of all their fuckups. So yeah, it was £50 but was also effectively free.
  5. Firstly, let me preface this with two points: 1) I don't intend this to be an inflammatory thread, and 2) after being pretty sure I'd get a PS5 at or soon after launch I now have no interest in one at all thanks to what was, in my opinion, a terrible display by Sony last night. What I'd like to know, in the nicest possible way, why you have pre-ordered or intend on pre-ordering, a PS5. And if you went digital, why. I'm interested in the reasons because I genuinely can't see any right now. I'm not looking to be convinced to get one, nor am I looking for justification for not getting
  6. I very much doubt it’s live.
  7. I very much doubt it's live.
  8. I heard that NES game was shit.
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