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  1. Did anyone actually buy this? I see it’s down to £32 on Amazon now which is vaguely tempting.
  2. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/lone-wolf-cub-koike-from-dark-horse-books Lone Wolf and Cub (and others) bundle on Humble Bundle if anyone's interested.
  3. Just started this, its excellent - and more than a little unsettling!
  4. This mini ITX board for the DE10-Nano is out to order now. https://www.d3fmod.com/mini-itx-ironclad-plus/ £143 with shipping to UK. Very tempted even though it doesn't really add anything over the setup I've already got!
  5. I've just fired this up and tried a couple of games. I've not tried to prior version but... Tempest 2000 - menu seemed slow but the game itself played really well. Unfortunately it crashed out after a couple minutes. mouse crashes it. AVP - crashed after menu Zool 2- playable but slow Super burnout - doesn't load. Not there yet but shows promise if it continues to be worked on. I only really care about tempest 2000 tbh, if this was stable and I could use my spinner on it I'd be a very happy boy!
  6. https://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/59327520/ I’ve used this an 8bit stick and a hori one.
  7. there’s always the brook adaptor if you already have a stick
  8. is there a handy guide for x68000 setup? I know it needs a secondary SD card setting up but that about it!
  9. This looks intriguinging. https://www.mortaca.com/rgb-mister/ Came across on on the RGB PI discord. I have the same cable for the PI3 and its a really nice simple good quality thing.
  10. Shite, i had to buy this again. 3rd times a charm!. What a beautiful game!
  11. you have to pair the controller with the brook adaptor so they won’t conflict, just need to sync it back to the Xbox one when needed. I might flog my ogx360 as it seems surpless to requirements now. Agreed its a better option for more than one controller.
  12. Much like others, I was not prepared for how much better the new screen is. It’s amazing!
  13. Mine has arrived alongwith Metroid, a hard case, some stickers, a posted and a keyring!
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