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  1. I reckon I’d be interested in a Xbox if it’s modded. Always meant to pick up a second for system link outrun
  2. So I swapped out the buttons on my 8bitdo Arcade Stick for some Sanwa and flipped the balltop to a matching Red. Looks much better IMO. Quite a nice little convenient stick with Bluetooth and a 2.4g wireless dongle. Very happy with it so far. I'd like to swap the stick itself but its a pain as it has an odd 8 pin connector. Also whacked a white balltop onto my NACON Daija. Swanky!
  3. I'm quite excited to watch the unboxing unfold on here! So many exciting old things...
  4. Just finished Monster. Wow! That was an amazing ride. I think it might be One of the best things I’ve ever read.
  5. Hey, could i take tabletop playground please?
  6. You’d need a 8bitdo usb adaptor or a usb Bluetooth adaptor to hook them up. As controllers they work really well with mister. I have a pc engine, mega drive and SNES pad for mine.
  7. The arcade stick for this looks really nice but i do not not need more sticks.. What's the astrocity come to inc shipping from amazon.co.jp? I assume that's the best play to pick one up?
  8. Bug fables anyone? Tempted by it as all the reviews harp on about it being great and a spiritual successor to paper Mario TYD. Not much chatter on here about it though.
  9. My kid is going through a lot of anxiety about death and dying at the moment, xmas day he cried a lot before going to bed. He's keen to watch this - the plot seems a little close to the bone to dying/afterlife though. What's folks thought on how much this is focused on?
  10. My Xmas treat to myself - the full set of Monster Perfect edition. Caned the 1st volume - its ace so far. I'd not read manga for years but having read Parasyte (Amazing and a really satisfying end) & Berserk (Brilliant and gutted to finally catch up to the latest chapter) its just so much more absorbing and varied than Western comics (generalisation I know).
  11. this is exactly what I did as i wanted to move to a larger sd card. I used the update all script with a little help from a load of prebuilt packs I found on archive.org. My roms were all over the place on my old build. update all Is just as good IMO, has some nice organisation options too - all the arcade ends can be browsed by year and manufacturer.
  12. decided to stick with the light bars? I have a mate who might be interested in that strip. How much?
  13. Super happy with my clear perspex case from misterfpga.co.uk. Perfect excuse to also splash out on the usb hub finally. https://misterfpga.co.uk/product/mister-case-acrylic/
  14. Quality evenings Demons souls'ing. Finished off Maneater, Old Monk, Raging Dragon, freed Biorr and Yuri and cleared the path to the 1-3 boss. Next stop 4-2 then 5-1. I'm finding the bosses much more easy this time round, I guess that's partly due to several years playing other Souls games - I definitely recall hitting a brick wall on PS3 on Maneater but it took me 3 attempts this time. I'm also pretty sure I gave up in 5-2 last time as I struggled badly with the swamp. Every time I played one of these games and try to do something different I always end up w
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