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  1. well my order went in and then the bank texted to say they'd declined the payment. The order is still there though, who knows what will happen!
  2. There's a setting to control whether volume control is active volumectl=0 for off volumectl=1 for on
  3. I hope you didn't do what I did last night which was to hook up a keyboard and accidentally press the mute button? It took me over an hour to work out what was going on!
  4. There's always this if you already have an arcade stick. https://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/62472958/ Works perfectly for me
  5. This is going to hit my wallet a bit and also seriously damage my relationship with my wife
  6. Well I bought it, looks like it was the last one in stock too so good job i took the plunge!
  7. watusi


    I read Monster before this, that was incredible. I think Monster just pips 20th Century Boys but both are absolutely amazing.
  8. watusi


    I've just finished reading 20th Century Boys. It's amazing for the duration.
  9. How's the book? I was never a BBC Micro man but the book looks quite interesting
  10. So then... Saturn Arcade Racer and/or Twin sticks - worth a pop?
  11. Not quite an arcade stick but it used to be. I picked up a razor attrox of the forums, put the sanwa stick in my 8bit arcade stick, put the brook board in my hitbox and installed my ultimarc spinner into the case - looks pretty good IMO! increasing the hole by 2-3mm so it would fit was a pain in the arse though.
  12. This is all because I bought it 2 days ago from CDkeys for £40
  13. So then, Pc or PS5? Seems some ickiness around using some Ps4 fightsticks on PS5.
  14. Yeah, really good company. My hitbox was from there, its lovely and weighty.
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