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  1. I'm musing on upgrading to a Quest 2, has the general feeling here been that's its a worthwhile upgrade?
  2. So I dug out my old Green Gameboy Micro and want to fix a scratch on the faceplate that runs across the screen. What's the best stuff to get to try and clean it off? I have a couple spare unofficial plates I can test on first so I don't completely crap it up!
  3. Any advise for getting scratches out of a Micro faceplate? Not deep ones but visible when its in use.
  4. Some nice progress on both the PS1 and Saturn cores:
  5. I own a RG351P which I hardly use but I'm still hankering after a RG351V just for some sweet DMG form factor
  6. It’s gonna be Mortal Kombat I reckon but I’d love it to be robocop, he’s said it’s one of his favourite arcade games and he’s planning to convert it
  7. Is this one of those games which works better on IOS? Tempted to pick it up on IOS as its 4.99 Also just realised this is a full version of this: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1241700/There_Is_No_Game_Jam_Edition_2015/ (also free on IOS) I play that years ago - it was bonkers and great.
  8. Looks like there's an Amtix A5, 60 page regular magazine coming from fusion books. https://www.facebook.com/groups/544045216009073/permalink/1104412566638999/ I love the Amstrad, so many awesome memories.
  9. this is a nice case: https://misterfpga.co.uk/product/mister-case-acrylic/ quick to fit a clean looking - the only issue is that the SD card is a bugger to remove. I post a pick a few pages back: and here
  10. This is quite a handy reference guide for actually using the cores in Mister. https://github.com/adreeve/MiSTerManual/
  11. Rescued a Dell monitor from a skip this morning. there were two but the other one was face down and buried more deeply. screen glass isn’t scratched but it’s well mucky and got a bit of light rain on it. I think I’ll give the outside a good clean and leave it in the conservatory to dry out for a good while.
  12. It is really nice but the upgrade was an impulse thing (I'm an idiot for spending). I probably should have waited more than 1 day before buying a £100 case to stick the buttons into . It takes some getting used too, just been testing it on fightcade and SFV. Definitely easier and quicker to pull of QCF and so on but it breaks your brain a little with some of the more complex manoeuvres Yeah, I like the clean look, i bought a perspex cover for it so I could stick a print underneath it but i think I might just leave it as is. The metal feels really nice on your palms too
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