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  1. Just fired this up, I'd forgotten what a great game it is! Also, the Boss Music is up there with the bestest video game music ever.
  2. Hmm.. completely missed the other kinds of artwork I needed to add! A definite case of user error! Ta
  3. Emudeck is driving me nuts. For some reason, when i add custom artwork for roms it won't scrape automatically and save them they look find in rom manager but in the Steam deck view they don't update! Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. I’m reading the data east and Taino HC101 guides at the moment, some great obscure games. I’ll post a few once I’ve played them.
  5. IMO the computer cores are where mister really stands out. For the most part they are exactly like firing up and using the original computers. The Amiga core with Mega AGS just seems so much better than every emulator I’ve tried before. (obv the arcade and consoles are also awesome!)
  6. Fired up Trackmania United this evening and it suits the Steam Deck perfectly, the interface is shitty and looks crap but in game is nice and crisp and responsive and its a perfect pick up and play game. One thing that does annoy me is that I can’t find a way to filter my library to uninstalled. It’s a pan when looking for things to install.
  7. I'd never heard of this but this game is brilliant, its absolutely batshit mental and great fun to play!
  8. Yeah I know, I have a guncon 2 too, for some reason didn't have much luck with the composite breakout scart adaptor I bought though
  9. I picked one up. Partly for light gun but partly on the off chance I can get my Negcon working too.
  10. I have one from here: https://www.blunderbuss-designs.co.uk/one-zero-mammoth I have an older model and just bought the case and built it up myself as I had most of the parts. It's very nice, and I like the simpleness of it. bottom right on this photo. TBH, once you factor in all the bits you are > £200 easily. I hardly ever use mine, keep meaning too though.
  11. I’d happily buy your Miyoo if you wanted the ££ to put towards.
  12. Any also any recommended sellers on Ali Express? The officall store on their seems to be out of stock most of the time.
  13. I really like this, especially once you get past the first boss and it changes things up.
  14. It’s a HORI fighting edge https://www.profightstick.com/hori-fighting-edge-review/ It’s a lovely thing. The metal top is all nice and cold and inviting
  15. Quarth (AKA Block Hole) Used to play this a lot on gameboy when I was a kid, only recently realised its also an Arcade game! https://thekingofgrabs.com/2021/10/07/quarth-arcade/
  16. Some great looking games to try out so far, Psycho-Nics Oscar already a favourite as I love Turrican. Demon Front (Basically a Metal Slug clone) https://thekingofgrabs.com/2022/03/22/demon-front-arcade/
  17. Not sure how obscure this one really is but Osman - unofficial sequel to Strider released in 1996. Hard as nails. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/osman/
  18. Failed to find an existing thread on this (and literally never start threads) so.... I often aimlessly browse Mame and always come back to the same old favourites. It'd be great to find some new (old) things to play for a change without having to play Arcade Russian Roulette. What are folks recommendations for obscure, lesser known arcade games (from any era) which are worth a play? This could be because they are great games or just more of an interesting curiosity? This is very much inspired by a recent retro gamer article which led me to Uncle Poo, a very entertaining little game where you use the power of farts to defeat bad guys. https://www.gamesdatabase.org/game/arcade/uncle-poo And a game called Juno First which got a mention here: Juno First seems brilliant! It's like a mash-up of defender, Galaxians, Robotron and Tempest. I'll definitely be dipping into it again. https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=8261
  19. Haha, you got me there! It's not really my cup of tea TBH.
  20. Off with Covid this week so took the opportunity to clean-up my CRT setup. Stored away my 14" PVM and Trinitrons for now.
  21. Thought I'd randomly share a video from my (2nd) cousins band, he's the drummer.
  22. I see Chainsaw Man Part 2 has kicked off - two issues out so far. I've read both and they are good fun. And berserk is back too! I wonder how long they'll take to wind that down to a close - its still good but it peaked a long time ago IMO.
  23. I couldn’t see the Miyoo in this offer , unless I’m missing something?
  24. You probably can't say but any idea how to find this?
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