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  1. ha! I spotted this guy but reached for my phone too late. Best face ever.
  2. Well this seems to run really well! Nothing to do apart from set up a key for escape so that you can exit the games. Tempest 2000 and Super Burnout run perfectly as far as i can see.
  3. So there's a new really excellent Jaguar emulator just been released. https://www.richwhitehouse.com/jaguar/index.php and it seems to work well on SteamDeck!
  4. Yeah same here, seems to run very very well!
  5. That's the RP3 not the RP3 plus at droix too. It does get addictive I've been through a load of old models over the years, starting with the Dingo A320 back in 2009. I think the Miyoo Mini V2 is my favourite (which I bought off you Brad!), its just so cute. I also have an Analogue Pocket on order but I'm tempted to cancel that. Too much ££ for something which is very niche.
  6. I feel I need to share what I currently have too then Modded Vita Modded 3DS RG351V (shortly to be sold on here) RG353V Miyoo Mini V2 RG353P - on order - so I can keep SNES/PS1/GBA to this device and GB/GBC to the RG353V Steam Deck I love them all in their own way. I am really tempted to get either an RP3 plus or an Odin Lite (long wait on I expect) to cover off some other systems but really the Steam Deck probably fills that gap.
  7. the thing that annoys me re: the custom images is that break the support for the F button. I just see it staring at me going, you know i don't do anything now don't you!
  8. Just picked up an RG353V too. Pondering between ArkOS, stock and Jelos. Seems to be a vague opinion that stock is much improved this time round and that ArkOS and Jelos and much the same as each other. Which way to go?
  9. and sold out - presumably to scalpers. £26 at base.com was the next cheapest i could find https://www.base.com/buy/product/klonoa-phantasy-reverie-series-nintendo-switch/dgc-klonoans.htm?gclid=CjwKCAiAmuKbBhA2EiwAxQnt7_udKg2RuyPfB60caA1QYv8_WdE5y7ZgnrvjpU03wF7s6QzmxQYmIRoC0vcQAvD_BwE
  10. Oof, was that for the pocket and dock? I have one on order but i keep wavering as I have a miyoo and a RG351V
  11. This has just been updated with a new Tetris the grandmaster mode. Still lovely
  12. My mate was moving house and gave a big pile of games and an old spectrum! they smell old! Not managed to rig anything up yet to test
  13. I just tried this, seems quite handy and simple to use. Also installed the gamesmenu script which parses all your none arcade games and creates a menu to launch games direct from the main menu without having to load the core first.
  14. I really liked Luna Nights, definitely worth picking up. It’s very fast paced. Will have to give Deedlit a go
  15. I posted this elsewhere, but I think the game warrants a dedicated thread because it's a really good version of Tetris with lots of features. The developer also deserves some love and money! It's available for pay what you want over at Itch.io https://akouzoukos.itch.io/apotris Support discord here, where the author is taking feedback on improvements and features. https://discord.com/invite/jQnxmXS7tr Game modes Marathon Sprint Dig Ultra Blitz Combo Survival Classic 2P battle Training Not tried all these but this plays a brilliant game of Tetris and most of the modes I have played are excellent. I'm pretty hooked playing this on my Anbernic RG351V and Miyoo Mini. and a video:
  16. decent quality or best to wait till tomorrow?
  17. Gutted I didn’t get tickets for this. It looks awesome and totoro is my daughters favourite. hopefully they’ll extend it or it’ll go on tour.
  18. Just picked this up. https://akouzoukos.itch.io/apotris Yes its Tetris, but its a really excellent GBA version.
  19. There's a switch version called slither loop. It's not bad but the controls are a bit wierd! It's still slitherlink though so good fun
  20. I installed this on my modded 3ds. It’s ok but it’s lacking any of the charm of guru. in other news Cattrap is a really good game boy puzzler. Kwirk is great too, as mentioned above
  21. An autocorrect error. A VPK file for vita. Maybe I simply have the wrong format file for the emulator.
  22. Tried this but couldn’t get the emulator to pick up any vok files. What’s your secret sauce?
  23. https://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/2010/10/snapdots_dsiware News to me, I need to play this!
  24. Guru Logic champ on GBA is wonderful japanese only but easy to navigate
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