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  1. That's the RP3 not the RP3 plus at droix too. 


    It does get addictive I've been through a load of old models over the years, starting with the Dingo A320 back in 2009.


    I think the Miyoo Mini V2 is my favourite (which I bought off you Brad!), its just so cute.


    I also have an Analogue Pocket on order but I'm tempted to cancel that. Too much ££ for something which is very niche.

  2. I feel I need to share what I currently have too then :)


    • Modded Vita
    • Modded 3DS
    • RG351V (shortly to be sold on here)
    • RG353V
    • Miyoo Mini V2
    • RG353P - on order - so I can keep SNES/PS1/GBA to this device and GB/GBC to the RG353V
    • Steam Deck


    I love them all in their own way. I am really tempted to get either an RP3 plus or an Odin Lite (long wait on I expect) to cover off some other systems but really the Steam Deck probably fills that gap.

  3. I posted this elsewhere, but I think the game warrants a dedicated thread because it's a really good version of Tetris with lots of features.  The developer also deserves some love and money!


    It's available for pay what you want over at Itch.io





    A block stacking puzzle game for the Gameboy Advance, with focus on delivering responsive gameplay and satisfying visuals. It follows guideline rules, so all spins, kicks and setups should work as expected.





    Support discord here, where the author is taking feedback on improvements and features.




    Game modes

    • Marathon
    • Sprint
    • Dig
    • Ultra
    • Blitz
    • Combo
    • Survival
    • Classic
    • 2P battle
    • Training


    Not tried all these but this plays a brilliant game of Tetris and most of the modes I have played are excellent. I'm pretty hooked playing this on my Anbernic RG351V and Miyoo Mini.




    and a video:



  4. On 17/10/2022 at 22:49, Spleen said:


    Managed to get it to work in melonDS, in SteamOS mode too. 

    You can make it work the DSi mode, and to play DSiWare games they need to be installed to the nand. I managed to 'find' all of the files I needed around the internet and alter the view in melonDS so it was usable. 

    It's a pretty good game from the bit I've played of it, it's no Guru Logic Champ though. Ha. 



    I installed this on my modded 3ds. It’s ok but it’s lacking any of the charm of guru. 

    in other news Cattrap is a really good game boy puzzler. 



    Kwirk is great too, as mentioned above 


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