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  1. well I’d love neon abyss and exanima if they are free - but also conscious I grabbed one of your codes the other day!
  2. So then I now have a steam deck, thanks to @Lochenvar it’s a lovely thing, does anyone have any recommendations for a screen protector? Wouldn’t bother but kids!
  3. Yeah that’s the one. Works fine with my hori fighting edge so should work with this.
  4. I have the brook convertor for DC/Saturn - works great with a stick. I’ve not tried with my 8bitdo stick though. I can give it a go later.
  5. ignore me, that was a typo! I've used it on xbox with a brook adaptor
  6. the fact you can go wired and also 5G/BT in both switch and xbox mode makes it really flexible to connect to different devices too
  7. I have one of these which I've modded with Sanwa Sticks and buttons. It's good out the box anyway but very easy to mod/tweak. You can see it here:
  8. Me too, just as I’d discovered an exciting new area too!
  9. I have both these setups. They are both great but serve slightly different purpose for me. RGBPI is yer fill yer boots jack of all trades, Mister just feels like a more refined just works experience. Certainly for computers Mister is far better IMO.
  10. I might be up for that. Which deck did you pre-order?
  11. They are only ever going to go up in price too. I have a Sony PVM 14 inch PVM. It’s very lovely
  12. watusi


    kotaro not one for the kids then? 9 and 12 year old are keen to watch it.
  13. It looks like I might be in the first batch, so long since i ordered I couldn’t remember. If nothing else this will be an interesting curiosity. did they charge cards when pre-order was placed or when shipping? I can’t recall or find anything on this.
  14. I’ve had both and the 351 is definitely a worthwhile step up even if just to ensure consistent stable Performance
  15. I didn’t get that either, its a bit disappointing that subscribers have missed out that.
  16. Nah, there's a simple guide here: https://vampier.net/PSX/
  17. Not really, lotta money tbh! The spinner feels nice but its a bit janky in arkanoid IMO In other news it looks like someone has hacked this: Hopefully at some point a public mod will make it out
  18. Randomly came across this but i think its ace. Fuzz Jam by the Lazy eyes.
  19. I got a pack of 50 cards with mine, came with the edition i bought. Not seen any printable ones though
  20. Cool, its a lovely book.
  21. Cool, I have quite a few bitmap books, they are lovely but they do seem to very between too picture heavy, too word heavy and that lovely sweet spot. This seems more in the middle. Whilst I'm here the geek line series of books are awesome: https://www.geeksline-publishing.com/home/47-super-nintendo-anthology-gold-edition-9782380170207.html https://www.geeksline-publishing.com/our-books/49-pc-engine-pc-fx-anthology-classic-edition-9782380170214.html https://www.geeksline-publishing.com/home/20-playstation-anthology-collector-edition-9791093752334.html https://www.geeksline-publishing.com/home/26-gamecube-anthology-classic-edition-9791093752426.html https://www.geeksline-publishing.com/our-books/34-anthology-64-classic-edition-9782380170108.html https://www.geeksline-publishing.com/home/37-nes-anthology-tanuki-edition-9782380170023.html Not cheap but a huge amount to read and lots of amazing photos of old things. I have the PSX, gamecube, SNES and PC-Engine ones - wasn't a fan of the N64 edition but then I'm not a fan of N64.
  22. Good book? Been musing over whether to pick it up
  23. Rather unexcitingly they cancelled and refunded it and I ordered it again. Arrives Tuesday, I took the opportunity to buy the edition that comes with the trackball. Quite like the little instruction cards to slide in the top bit. Disapointingly the trackball controller seems wired weirdly. Doesn’t work properly on windows or Mister FPGA. The spinner is a scroll wheel, the trackball a mouse. The buttons non-functional. At least for now.
  24. Well it seems I accidentally had mine shipped to a made up address in Japan which I used to order some digital thing years ago. oops!
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